//Wooden rocking horse: Origin and history
Wooden Rocking Horse - Classic

Wooden rocking horse: Origin and history

The horse is an exciting, inspiring animal, creator of imaginary legends in children’s minds … So many toys have been generated around the figure of the horse. Today we will talk about one of the most iconic, the wooden rocking horse. Even grown ups can enjoy toy horses like you see in the next video.

Finns compete in annual hobby horse championship

This amazing equine can make the youngest of the house think that they are great cowboys or that they gallop over a beautiful sorrel in the forest.

The scenarios are endless when a boy or girl climbs a wooden horse, whether it is swinging or has only a stuffed animal head and the rest is a stick.

Rocking horse

Like everything in life this also has its origin and is that the horse as a toy has been refined over the years.

And there are more and more things that are manufactured with horse designs.

Today we are going to tell you about how the rocking horse originates as well as which are the various equine toys.

Toy horses have been present “always” in the minds of almost all children and at least once they have played with one.

It is no wonder that the little ones rejoice when they give them a horse-shaped wooden toy. Even more so when you can ride on that, just like with the rocking horse

Rocking horse toy for kids

Origin of the rocking horse

The origin of the rocking horse goes back to the year 1610 in England.

Many attribute their manufacture to the construction of huge wooden horses with wheels that were used to train medieval cavalry.

Also to the shape of the cribs that swing from one side to the other.

Wooden Rocking Horses
Wooden Rocking Horses

In fact, the oldest model of the rocking horse is exposed today in the Museum of Childhood, a section of the Museum of Victoria and Albert, in Bethnal Green, in the East End of London.

This toy was not known before the seventeenth century. And much less it did not have the form that it has at present.

It is from the eighteenth century that this toy begins to come out, with the head covered with dark calf leather.

The elaboration of the toys was done manually and over time, in the 19th century they began to be part of the Victorian industrialization.

Even from that moment, the rocking horses begin to be manufactured for girls.

Recall that the woman during history has been very marginalized.

Later they begin to conceive the rocking horse as something that also makes adults happy and they begin to reflect in this sense.

The rocking horse, the favorite of boys and girls

With the passing of the years the rocking horse gains more acceptance and preference. So much that big and small enjoy to see it, to touch it and to play with it …

In Normandy, during the first half of the 20th century, the rocking horse was the most common toy.

In fact in very rural environments, families demanded the local carpenter to make one.

Rocking horse became the favorite toy …

The models manufactured at that time had a seat and were offered to the child when he reached the age of one year or a year and a half.

Even in the rural families of Quebec, it was usually the father of the child (or his godfather, or his grandfather …) who manufactured a rocking horse equipped with a chair during the long winter nights.

These objects are very rarely offered in shops.

The important thing here is the tradition that is generated with this toy. As we can see it is happening from generation to generation.

And every time creating the rocking horse was a challenge for the men of the family. Who gave themselves to the task of creating them.

Since the 19th century in Poland, this is the most used toy, created, sold and represented in various ways.

Whether with wheels or anything else that is invented, the idea of ​​the horse and its form of balancing is present.

Scientists say that the movement of this toy helps the psychomotor growth of children as it helps them discover the balance and keep it from falling.

As well as to have a coordinated body movement.

So much so that throughout history many are the painters who in their works captured the image of a child on his rocking horse.

As you will see below:

Charles Lavallen Jessop (boy on rocking horse) by Sarah Miriam Peale 1840
Charles Lavallen Jessop (boy on rocking horse) by Sarah Miriam Peale 1840


Boy with Hobby Horse (1815) by Henry Sargent
Boy with Hobby Horse (1815) by Henry Sargent


Stanislas Potocki on rocking horse - 1798
Stanislas Potocki on rocking horse – 1798

Toy horses and rocking horses

It is interesting to know where the idea came from to create these wooden toys, that is the reason for this post, however, we can not leave out the fun we achieve with them.

These little horses cause joy and draw a huge smile on the face of the boy or girl who receives it.

The imagination is something amazing and whether a child or adult receives a rocking horse as a gift, it is always a reason for smile and adventure.

In any case they imagine that they are the best riders.

Now it’s time to know the different types of horse-shaped games that exist in the market.

Today you can see the plastics, ultra resistant, the rocking horses and of course the classic stick horse with a stuffed animal head.

Horses toy types

The wooden horses have evolved over time. They are now a worthy element to have at home as an ornament. Wooden toy horses a reminder of childhood or for new generations.

Its size depends on the use that is required.

There are the miniature horses for those who have collectibles at home. Also there are rocking horse and the rocking horses with wheels. Also it is the one that many of us get to know: the wooden stick horse with a stuffed animal head.

The latter is the one that children put between their legs to ride in the multitude of fantastic worlds that coexist in their mind. The advantage of this in particular is that children can take it anywhere to play because it is light and fits anywhere in the car.

Rocking horses are the most restricted by their size. However if there is enough space, it will be a reason for more joy for your little boy or girl.

Jean Monet on his Hobby Horse (1972) - Claude Monet
Jean Monet on his Hobby Horse (1972) – Claude Monet

Rocking horse models

These are the various models of toy horses that exist today in the market.

Horses made of wood and cloth (stuffed animals)

This model is perhaps one of the most chosen for the smallest children.

This is due to the fact that the stuffed cushion protects better the possible blows that can occur small.

It is recommended that children play with these toys always under the supervision of an adult.

Kids Rocking Horse Toy to ride on review

Baby Clementoni Disney rocking horse (Plastic horse)

These are perhaps the least popular among the popular ones. However, they usually offer other things that make them a great toy.

Particularly this one speaks in Spanish, helps to learn English, letters, numbers. It makes it ideal for the little ones.  Therefore, it covers more gaming needs,

Small foot company (Rocking horse)

We are facing a model of the most classic, in wood decorated with paint and varnish. The advantage of this seesaw is that it has a chair with a backrest that prevents the child from falling. The shape of the rocker skate is very good for the adult to balance the child with the foot.

Famous Softies (rocking horse with wheels and sound)

This horse in addition to offering the quilted seesaw as a plush cowboy style, has sound.

The rocking horses are a reflection of the important role of the horse in human society. His presence through the centuries tells us the story of the link between men and horses. Those beautiful figures of wooden rocking horses will survive forever in our minds and our hearts.






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