//Artificial Intelligence to monitor horses
Artificial Inteligence for the horse

Artificial Intelligence to monitor horses

There are multiple advantages offered by the advancement of technology in various areas of our lives. Horses benefit greatly from technological advances. That’s why today we’ll talk about the impact that artificial intelligence has on horse care

Artificial intelligence is used in many areas in order to improve and simplify processes.

In this sense, Artificial Intelligence to monitor horses is a perfect activity if the owner wants to have control of what happens in the facilities where the animals remain.

Without a doubt, this technology works in the current coronavirus moments where people find it difficult to move from one place to another.

The priority of people who own horses is the welfare of these wonderful animals.

Artificial intelligence-powered monitoring system for horses from Magic AI

A Start up taking the lead in Artificial Intelligence for horse monitoring

Today there are proactive people who think about facilitating people’s lives and for this they create solutions that go hand in hand with the technology on trend.

A company called Magic AI developed technology to help the welfare of horses. This artificial intelligence-based technology handles non-intrusive forms of health detection. In this regard, the company states:

“Magic AI developed algorithms that process and control video images and help to better manage animals”

The use of artificial intelligence is applied in many areas. It is also used in agricultural activities. This a few years ago sounded impossible and thanks to the development of technology today it is possible.

Indeed, a Seattle startup is managing artificial intelligence to monitor the health and condition of equines in the stables.

This is done remotely, from video broadcasts.

In this way, people can have an exhaustive control of the conditions in which the animals are.

Logo of Magic-AI: Artificial Intelligence for horse care
Logo of Magic-AI: Artificial Intelligence for horse care

Magic AI a security innovator

Magic AI adjusted a system with surveillance cameras that are installed in the stable. This goes hand in hand with a mobile application in order to monitor horses remotely.

In this sense, the owners of the animals can closely follow the health and conditions of their animals. At the same time, it monitors that the personnel comply with the activities related to the horses.

For this innovative idea to materialize, a complex computerized system with an on-site GPU is used.

The result of this is that the application provides video monitoring and emergency alerts in real time.

It is also configured to recognize the riders and staff of the facilities where the horses are located.

For this reason, you can send notifications if people from outside the facilities enter.

The inspiration for Magic AI comes through resilience and as a negative fact we can get something positive.

Well unfortunately one of Anthony’s horses died of colic, a condition whose symptoms are fairly easy to detect.

If you had this innovative application, you could have acted quickly.

This application that uses artificial intelligence not only monitors the health of the animal but is a true farm security tool.

App that uses artificial intelligence to monitor horses
App that uses artificial intelligence to monitor horses

Other advantages of artificial intelligence for monitoring horses

Among the advantages that Magic AI offers are the following:

List of health indicators so that the beneficiaries are aware of the health of the animals through the application.

This allows keeping a record of the frequency of all the activities carried out by the animal. Therefore, it can record the times with which the animals feed and hydrate.

It can also monitor the time they remain standing among others. Undoubtedly, the contribution of artificial intelligence to monitoring the horse allows the owner to closely monitor the conditions in which the animals are.


The company can also alert horse owners to signs that an animal is about to give birth.

Anthony expressed the following:

“We can see signs that are indicative of a birth, and you can watch the live of the delivery on your phone.”

Artificial Inteligence for the horse
Artificial Inteligence for the horse

Other applications for monitoring horses

Today there are many companies looking to lead the pack in relation to the competition, and in the area of technology this is very common.

For this reason, there are several applications that work with artificial intelligence to monitor the health and conditions in which horses are found.

One of the most distinguished is NightWatch, which acts similarly to Magic AI. However, it does not analyze the images. This is in charge of measuring the vital signs of the horse, so when they are altered it is already an alert for the owner or the person in charge.

In addition there are other applications such as Horsealarm or Equisense, which alarm about the proximity of a delivery. Without a doubt this can be very useful for the owner of the animal.

They also record the biometric data of the horse during a training, among others.

Artificial Intelligence for horse wellfare

The good news of artificial intelligence advances in horse monitoring is excellent

Without a doubt, this technology can improve the welfare of animals anywhere on the planet.

In these moments where people find it difficult to move due to confinement by the coronavirus, this tool has enormous utility.

Science and technology are advancing hand in hand with artificial intelligence and big data, and it’s good for the horse.





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