//New normality Post coronavirus
A new paradigm

New normality Post coronavirus

Currently we are living a situation that has taken us by surprise and that is that the coronavirus is here to stay a long time. Consequently, we have to face a new normality. Although we must admit that we do not like it, we must take all preventive measures.

The coronavirus carries 10,004,643 confirmed cases until Sunday, June 28, of which 499,296 died. In Latin America it is where it is affecting in greater proportions.

Although the countries of Europe are already doing the de-escalation phases, they should remain alert to the possibility of a coronavirus outbreak, as has happened in Beijing – China.

The new normality Post coronavirus makes us rethink how we are living, how we perceive the world. It also makes us review our belief system, that is, how we personally assume this difficult situation.

Preventive measures to combat coronavirus

Let us remember that the coronavirus is still present in our lives and that we live a reality that we must face.

For this we must act intelligently, and with empathy to protect ourselves all.

The main measures to take into account are the following:

  • Good hand hygiene is essential, so wash with soap and water should be applied. Hydroalcoholic solutions with virucidal capacity also work.
  • Maintain a safety distance of one and a half meters with other people.
  • Proper use of the mask.
  • When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with your elbow flexed.
  • Use disposable tissues and throw them away after use.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, as the hands facilitate transmission.
  • Disinfect surfaces of frequent and common use
  • Avoid contact with people who have symptoms.
  • Avoid crowds.

By following all these steps to the letter you can keep the coronavirus at bay. Although the new normality post-coronavirus is already being experienced in some countries, the ideal is to maintain these preventive measures for a long time.

Wash your hands frecuently - the new normality
Wash your hands frecuently – the new normality

Maintain good physical and mental health in the new normality Post coronavirus

It is no secret to anyone that the coronavirus has affected the world population, in that sense there is a vulnerable population from the point of view of mental health.

That is why it is common for many people to be depressed, with anxiety attacks or end up somatizing with some illness.

People who have an underlying diagnosis of respiratory conditions, diabetes, or high blood pressure are more vulnerable to contracting the virus. For this reason these people should remain at home and if possible maintain telework for a time.

The main thing is to maintain good physical and mental health in the population. To do this you must keep your mind busy.

One of the recommendations is to exercise at home, eat healthy, establish a work routine. Although you should also leave time to watch a movie, play a video game, cook a dessert among others.

Activity and sport for physical well-being
Activity and sport for physical well-being

Technology and its role in the new normality

Information and communication technology better known as ICTs have played an important role in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Although this does not stop here, from now on ICTs will be man’s best ally in his day to day.

Telecommuting is here to stay, both companies and twitter have raised the possibility of long-term work from home for their workers.

On the other hand, learning tools in virtual environments come to conquer educational spaces at all levels.

E-commerce through virtual stores that offer their products and services with home delivery is the most demanded today.

Telehealth and telemedicine also because doctors can spend their queries online.

As we can see, technology has taken a gigantic boost, being the most favored industry in this crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Information technologies in the new normality will be key to maintaining social estrangement and reducing the chances of contagion

Telemedicine: The new normality
Telemedicine: The new normality

The new normality brings us a change …

The coronavirus leaves us a lesson and the new normality considers important changes in how our dynamics were from day to day.

Changes move us out of “the comfort zone” and makes us rethink the way we lead life.

For this reason, we must cultivate relationships with family and friends, to show more empathy with others.

Well, life is ephemeral and this pandemic has already shown us that it does not discriminate between rich, poor, white, black, famous, among others.

This new normality tells us that we must work for a better world and for this we must start with ourselves.

A new paradigm
A new paradigm

The new normality came to stay

The new normality post coronavirus should not be neglected, on the contrary we must continue to apply preventive measures.

From this situation we learned that health is a treasure, that sharing with the family unites us and strengthens us.

Learning something new in free time, without a doubt this time has represented an opportunity to grow as a person.

Soon this situation will be part of the past and we can return to enjoy the air, the sea, the mountains as before …





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