//Social media in Quarantine

Social media in Quarantine

The year 2020 has been totally atypical of what we are used to living. That is because the covid-19 or coronavirus pandemic changed our dynamics and the way we see life thought Social media in Quarantine.

Behaviors have also had an important turn as face-to-face activities have moved to virtualization.

Education, the form of communication and electronic commerce have entered the virtual context. In this sense, the Social media in Quarantine have played a very important role.

The important thing to comply with preventive measures such as isolation is to avoid catching coronavirus. However, the benefits of technology help us to remain connected and communicated with our loved ones and friends.

The daily life of human beings has changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Education has become distance education, whether 100% virtual or semi-presidential. Confinement put parents at the forefront of their children’s education.

In turn trade has become almost entirely e-commerce. This has resulted in a huge paradigm shift where delivery logistics has taken a key role.

The tourism and air transport industry has been among the most affected. Many want to do sightseeing and can’t but the rest are afraid to get infected. Health has been imposed on the enjoyment of travel.

We should also consider that part of the population that devoted its retirements to travel is the most vulnerable. Virtuality has taken our lives by storm.

Throughout this article we will see the importance of Social media in Quarantine and their contribution to various areas of life.


Social media to power

The situation of the coronavirus has resulted in us focusing on the use of various social networks. This is how we can see that social networks such as: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, show us people giving their advice in various areas of knowledge.

An example is seeing a live on Facebook or Instagram of a nutrition specialist or a coach giving tools to better face the current situation.

This has also served in the workplace as tools such as zoom, Skype or Google Meet help us to attend meetings by videoconference.

As well as those professions or trades you can find almost everything in the vast world of social networks.

Social media in Quarantine
Social media in Quarantine


Social media in Quarantine: A powerful tool to connect and communicate.

In times of quarantine, travel has become impossible due to the restrictions where we live. It should be noted that in several countries preventive quarantine is still maintained.

For this reason, social networks have played a very important role in keeping us connected despite the distance.

But this goes much further, since Social media in Quarantine have also served to telecommute what today is called teleworking. In addition, in the field of education, Social media in Quarantine have been teachers’ best ally.

This ranges from WhatsApp groups to those that use the most advanced tools to address the content of their students.

The dynamics apply from primary school students to those who are studying at the fourth level, masters and doctorates.

Without a doubt, Social media in Quarantine have been a blessing in the lives of millions of people.

Another advantage of Social media in Quarantine is that they are free, so their accessibility is open to most countries.

The long quarantines have been more bearable thanks to technological advances. That is why through smartphones, social networks and video platforms, people can be communicationally active.

Social media in Quarantine and commerce

Social media in Quarantine have played an important role from the perspective of electronic commerce. Well, through various platforms, people offer goods and services to the population.

In order to carry out the transaction, delivery applications have been created. So we can see that food, clothing, medicine and technology services have their direct distribution channel to the buyer.

The new normal shows us that the dynamics of teleworking, videoconferencing and electronic commerce will continue.

Without a doubt, this situation has led us to reinvent ourselves and the Social media have their leading role.

Social media in ecommerce
Social media in ecommerce

The other side of the social networks in quarantine

Everything has a positive and a negative side depending on the look they are given

It is no secret to anyone that excess information can overwhelm people. For this reason, you have to be careful when handling Social media.

Fake news tends to go viral very quickly and many people take it to heart, therefore we have to be smart and check the news sources. This means that we cannot believe everything that is published there.

We are also responsible for what we publish, so we must be careful and verify the veracity of what we publish.

If we follow these tips we can have better control of the content we consume on the various social networks.

In summary

Social media in Quarantine have been a real incentive for people who have had to live the extended quarantine.

Also a call to the population to make proper use of Social media in Quarantine. These advices are for to live in a more tolerant and harmonious world.

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