//Brand “Gustavo Mirabal Castro”
Brand Gustavo Mirabal Castro-G&C Farm

Brand “Gustavo Mirabal Castro”

“Success does not come by itself, you have to work hard and not give up …” Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Discipline, perseverance and perseverance are the keys that have made Gustavo Mirabal a man and an integral athlete.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro - The Brand
Gustavo Mirabal Castro – The Brand

The origin of the Brand

It is a personal and family seal that has left its mark over time.

And is that his father, Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos, is a lover of horses.

As they say, what is inherited is not stolen.

It is precisely the passion for equestrian sports that has made the surname “Mirabal” the brand within this discipline.

Beyond the influence that his father Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos has had on him, Gustavo Mirabal Castro has distinguished himself from many athletes. Most only compete, but few create their own training center like Gustavo Mirabal did.

Such is the case of Mirabal Castro, who since childhood fell in love with equestrian jumping and has borne many fruits.

Inside and outside of Venezuela, his name and surname are known due to his multiple triumphs.

Venezuela in the world

“My dream is that the sport I love so much transcends the borders of Venezuela and that our national flag was recognized in the world equestrian,” said the athlete in an interview.

As a Venezuelan, what contributions do you consider you have made to the country?

“Bringing Venezuelan equestrian sport to world recognition in competitions or as a sponsor supporting my Grand Prix riders is a way to contribute to the country and to enlarge Venezuela.”

For Mirabal, the fact that the Venezuelan tricolor was waving in the most important competitions in the world, through their victories at amateur level or supporting their riders, somehow “always Venezuela said here i am“.

Why is it said that you are one of the most representative people in the equestrian world?

“The truth is that this is an exaggeration, in which case you could say that I am a person known in the world of equestrian jumping. In Venezuela, I can be one of the most representative people in my sport because of the national and international contribution. “

Gustavo Mirabal - The Brand
Gustavo Mirabal -The Brand

Short biography

@MirabalCastro as you can find in your Twitter account started competing since age 10.

The walks to the stables he did with his father, at 9, marked what would be their purpose in life.

From that age he began to participate in amateur competitions which gave him the necessary warm-up to become one of the riders with the best record in that category.

To Gustavo Mirabal Castro, knowing the equestrian sports from the place of the rider allowed him to open his way again.

Learning from below, like the greats, Gustavo Mirabal was screened to embark on his new life as an equestrian entrepreneur by founding G & C Farm.

G & C Farm was a paradise located in the United States, which in turn has become a benchmark for horse racing internationally.

Thanks to the success achieved by his horses and the riders who have joined Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Achievements with G & C Farm

Throughout time, G & C Farm achieved a very good reputation in the world of equestrian sports.

This organization worked with the Colombian Mark Bluman, as well as the Brazilians Nelson, Rodrigo and Helio Pessoa.

This farm was also a champion in the exhibition competitions.

He developed the Venezuelan riders Luis Miguel Martinez, Gustavo Arroyo, Luis Fernando Larrazabal and Pablo Barrios.

Especially his support for Barrios, led him to the top 25 in the world ranking. For the year 2015, Gustavo Mirabal established a partnership with the Spanish Olympic athlete Sergio Álvarez Moya.

Brand Gustavo Mirabal Castro-G&C Farm
Brand Gustavo Mirabal Castro-G&C Farm





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