//Cannes and G & C Arrayan of Gustavo Mirabal Castro
Gustavo Mirabal Castro and Sergio Álvarez Moya

Cannes and G & C Arrayan of Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Sergio Moya winner of the Grand Prix of Cannes with G & C Arrayan, Gustavo Mirabal Castro ‘s Horse

The rider Sergio Álvarez Moya riding “G & CArayan” won the Grand Prix of Cannes, a five star competition framed in the Global Champions Tour. The Global Champions Tour is the most important equestrian competition in the world. In this way he became the first Spaniard to achieve the first place in this competition. Being the first great success of his association with the specialist in equestrian development and businessman Gustavo Mirabal Castro.

Thus, Álvarez Moya completed two runs without penalty. Exceeding the rest of rivals among those who were practically all the first classified in the ranking of the International Equestrian Federation.

Mejores momentos del triunfo de Sergio Álvarez Moya en Cannes

Longines Global Champions Tour

” My vision is clear…
Only the best for the best “

Johannes Augustinus Petrus “Jan” Tops

Founder and President of the Longines Global Champions Tour

The Longines Global Champions Tour (LGCT) is the most important annual show jumping series that comprises up to 15 rounds of competition hosted around the world. It brings together the top 30 riders in the FEI Jumping World Rankings.

The Championship spans three continents and takes in the world’s great cities including Paris, Monaco, Madrid, Miami Beach, Shanghai, Rome and Doha, Qatar. Spectacular world class sport and entertainment across 17 international events.

Longines is proud to be the Title Partner and Official Timekeeper of the Longines Global Champions Tour and to lend its name to each stage’s highlight trial: the Longines Global Champions Grand Prix.

It is the most important international competition in the equestrian world and the one that awards the highest prizes. In the 2018 edition, the winner of LGCT obtained more than one million euros in prizes. This without counting the income by sponsors, advertising, etc.

Undoubtedly the Longines Global Champions Tour is currently the most important equestrian event in the world.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro participated in amateur events of the Longines Global Champions Tour in which he was victorious in each competition. This assures us the level of quality and preparation of Gustavo Mirabal Castro as far as sports are concerned.

The Grand Prix of Cannes, G & C Arrayan and Gustavo Mirabal Castro

G & C Arrayan and Sergio Alvarez Moya
G & C Arrayan and Sergio Alvarez Moya

“I will always remember the night at LGCT Cannes in 2017 when Sergio won the grand prix with G&C Arrayan,”

Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Sergio Álvarez Moya’s victory at the Cannes Grand Prix is awesome. A five-star competition of the Longines Global Champions Tour represents the highlight of a successful partnership.

This victory put both Sergio Alvarez Moya and Gustavo Mirabal Castro in the fray. That experience sparked great admiration but at the same time unleashed the envy that up to the present is determined to damage the image of Gustavo Mirabal Castro.

For Gustavo Mirabal Castro, the victory of Sergio Álvarez Moya riding G & C Arrayan is one of his happiest memories.

The victory and his family

“We were there with my son, Gustavo, who did not know what was going on, but was looking at me and María Carolina jumping for joy, and of course he did the same.”

Gustavo Mirabal Castro family
Gustavo Mirabal Castro family

His family vein is recognized at the time he decided to share his victory with his wife María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal and son. The emotion that he describes while sharing the victory with his wife and son is moving

This attitude contrasts with those who try to discredit the family image of Gustavo Mirabal. People who discredit him while his closest relatives flee from a figure whose hostile attitudes ended up frightening them.

The facts and results and not the words are what show us who is who at the end of the day.

“I fondly remember the G&C FEI Nations Cup at WEF, especially the moment when I handed out the prize while seeing the Venezuelan flag waving,”

Gustavo Mirabal Castro

The excitement of listening to the national anthem and seeing the Venezuelan flag flying. It shows us a true feeling of national pride. And it is those people who leave the name of Venezuela on high who deserve to be called patriots. Those people who deserve to be rewarded with the recognition of a job well done.






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