//Creole liveliness, the dark side of Venezuelan talent
Alberto Arvelo, Gustavo Dudamel, Mimi Lazo, Edgar Ramirez y Rene Solelo - from left to right - Birthday of Rene Sotelo

Creole liveliness, the dark side of Venezuelan talent

Venezuelans around the world are demonstrating their talent more and more every day. We have seen Venezuelans become political, scientific, business, and social leaders around the world. That is why today we will know the Venezuelan talent that leaves the name of Venezuela high, and its dark side that has hindered the growth of Venezuela, the Creole liveliness.

The Venezuelan exodus in search of better opportunities has led to demonstrate the enormous human capital that Venezuela has. Perhaps the lack of use of this talent in Venezuela is the great pending task.

Idle talent without productivity becomes a danger. Putting it into production according to its own interests and the need of the country is a logical step. But in Venezuela the “lever” or influence peddling has always been much more important than desire and talent. This has relegated talent to places of frustration that can become the wrong force. If we talked about Star Wars we would be talking about the dark side of the force… That is Creole liveliness.

As we know that in Venezuela, we are facing an accumulation of poorly channeled talent. Well, let’s talk about the Venezuelan talent that has dispersed around the world leaving the name of its land high.

We leave a video of a Venezuelan talent who has left the name of Gustavo Mirabal’s country high in Spain.




Venezuelan talent scattered around the world.

Venezuela is on everyone’s lips in these times. We can see them win competitions and become leaders in the institutions where they work. Below, we will see some of the names of Venezuelans that are resonating in the world:

Venezuelan in the professional works

  • Sumito Estevez (Venezuelan Chef): He is currently in Chile and works at the Center for Gastronomic Innovation of INACAP. He has participated in several gastronomic businesses in Venezuela and abroad and was Founder of the Culinary Institute of Caracas.
  • Enrique Limardo (Venezuelan Chef): Chef of the restaurant Imperfecto, located in Washington DC, this chef achieved a Michelin star for this fabulous restaurant.

Venezuelan talent in science

  • René Sotelo (Venezuelan Physician-Surgeon): world leader in lamparoscopic surgery has trained dozens of doctors around the world. He has performed more than 2000 surgeries around the world. He received validation of his medical degree in the United States due to his exceptional talent (without showing papers o certifications). A Venezuelan talent that leaves Venezuela high.
  • Ernesto Medina (Pure Sciences – Tropical Ecology – Venezuelan Biologist): He is the Venezuelan scientist with the highest number of references, which says a lot about the work he has done. This biologist graduated from the UCV is a world reference in Tropical Ecology and has won several awards among which are the Lorenzo Mendoza Fleury and the national science award. A great representative of Venezuelan science. He is currently working from Puerto Rico and maintains his collaboration with Venezuelan universities and institutions.
  • Evelyn Miralles (Venezuelan Technology Specialist): Evelyn Miralles is a computer engineer from the UCAB pioneer in virtual reality. He works at NASA. She is the chief technology officer of the virtual reality program used to train astronauts. She has been recognized as one of the 20 most influential Latinos in the United States in 2015 and 2016.

Venezuelan talent in the arts

  • Gustavo Dudamel (Music, conductor): At 41 years of age, Gustavo Dudamel is considered one of the most innovative, original, and talented classical music conductors. With only 19 years of age he became the director of the Simón Bolivar Symphony Orchestra, the most important in Venezuela. He has won 4 Grammy Awards and is currently director of the Paris Opera.
  • Edgar Ramírez (Venezuelan Actor): This social communicator from the UCAB, has been nominated for the Emmy Awards, the Golden Globe Awards. He is our Venezuelan actor in Hollywood
  • Rafael Cadenas (Venezuelan poet). This Venezuelan poet is the first Venezuelan to receive the Cervantes literature prize. He has also won the National Prize for Literature in Venezuela, the Prize for Literature in Romance Languages of Guadalajara and the Federico García Lorca Poetry Prize. His trajectory speaks for itself.
  • Leonardo Padrón (Venezuelan Playwright): This playwright has transcended the novels of Venezuela and is currently with a successful miniseries on Netflix making the name of Venezuela resonate around the world.
Venezuelan talent: Alberto Arvelo, Gustavo Dudamel, Mimi Lazo, Edgar Ramirez and Rene Solelo
Venezuelan talent: Alberto Arvelo, Gustavo Dudamel, Mimi Lazo, Edgar Ramirez and Rene Solelo

Venezuelan in sports

  • Rubén Limardo (Venezuelan fencing athlete): This Venezuelan fencer has won gold medals in Olympic Games, World Championships and Pan American Games. A fail-safe talent.
  • Yulimar Rojas (Triple jumper): He has gold medals in Olympic Games, World Championships, Pan American and South American Games. But above all he currently holds the world record in triple jump with 15.74 m and the Olympic record with 15.67 m

But talent needs a moral compass as we will see below.


Talent without probity is a scourge.

Without a doubt, talent is a source of skill. But the important thing is that all these Venezuelans have used their talent with ethics as a compass in their lives.

The most famous Venezuelan in history, Simón Bolívar, liberator of 7 nations, said “talent without probity is a scourge.” Therefore, we will talk a little more about the effect of dishonesty in everyday life.

When we have talented and influential people, but without honesty, that can lead us to elect populist dictators, for example.

On populist dictators we could have the case of Mao Zedong, the Chinese leader who with an eye on his revolution ended up being responsible for 30 million people.

In this same line, there is Adolf Hitler who with his charisma led Germany to the abyss. Adolf Hitler was responsible for a world war and the deaths of 6 million people.

We also have the example of people like Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of Theranos. An intelligent and talented woman who spoke multiple languages, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Stanford University and who obtained numerous patents throughout her life and that of her company. He promised a revolutionary reagent-free testing technology that never existed and that brought his company and his person to the top of the bioengineering field. She was recently convicted of fraud and sentenced to 11 years in prison.

In this way talented people can become scourges of people and society. Many times, the psychopathic personality has been talked about, and how some psychopaths with great abilities have committed atrocities.

Undoubtedly, “talent without probity is a danger to society.”