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Gustavo Mirabal is a Venezuelan who has lived his life intensely and passionately. A veil of mystery has spread over her life due to her friendships, family and relationships. No doubt no one has responsibility for the friends he has or the family that God assigned him. Likewise, Gustavo Mirabal has no responsibility for the friends and family that life brought him. Let’s meet Gustavo Mirabal and his journey around the world.

Human beings are born alone and we die alone. Only our actions define us and it will be God who will judge. That is why Gustavo Mirabal does not care about the gossip that is said about him. He continues to focus on his professional career, his facet as a businessman and his love for horses.

Gustavo Mirabal was born in September 1965 and his zodiac sign is Virgo. Although Gustavo Mirabal is not a believer in superstitions, astrology or any metaphysical power, he never believes only in hard work, in word pledges and in attention to detail, certainly when an investigation is done if his zodiacal sign did not define him, it is very much coincidence.

Perhaps he would say that since he did not look like his zodiac sign, his zodiac sign adjusted to his personality … That’s how powerful his belief is that our future depends only on ourselves.

One could say that Gustavo Mirabal is a living example of a perfect Virgo, even for perfectionists. But before detailing why it looks so much like his zodiac sign, we’ll tell you a little about how that story started that some people call “his life”.

How was Gustavo Mirabal Castro born?

As well as his early morning personality, Gustavo Mirabal was born at dawn. Lifting all his family to attend the arrival of a new member of the family. It would be a moment of immense joy because Gustavo Mirabal is the first male in the family. His father  was always pride of him and he decided to baptize him with his same name.

It was a birth without setbacks. Fast and clean … You could say that early, elegant, punctual and diligent. These are qualities that have always distinguished Gustavo and his friends can confirm it.

That was a time of family reunion and great celebrations. The name and surname of Gustavo Mirabal would be transmitted to a new generation.

Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos, his father, is a famous politician who stood out for his impeccable managerial capacity. This ability was demonstrated both in the Government of Miranda and the National Institute of Racecourses. It is not uncommon for Gustavo Mirabal Junior to take those qualities of manager and entrepreneur.

In those days, the Mirabal-Castro family received numerous relatives from all over Venezuela. The joy filled the house as few times and that is the joy we noticed in the smile that Gustavo Mirabal Castro always projects in the photos that can be seen.

The first approach of Gustavo Mirabal to horses.

Knowing the horses
Knowing the horses

On the day of his nineth birthday, Gustavo Mirabal, honoring his fame as an early bird, was awake and ready to start the job. His father knew of the love he had for horses and since childhood he had shown a fondness for them. But the horses are also scary and have a lot of strength and for that reason until then it had not taken him to know them.

That birthday would change.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro had decided that he wanted to go to the park to enjoy a party with his friends. His father had an ace up his sleeve and at that moment indicating his wishes he said:

– Would not you like to go look at the horses in the stables?

Gustavo did not fit in himself with joy. He almost left speechless except for its positive response and great joy and expectation that showed Gustavo Miriabal son.

He was surprised that they were going to take him to see the horses. His father explained that he was old enough to start riding, if he wanted to. Gustavo “son” was filled with joy and there began the path that would change his life.

Looking at the first horse

When he saw his first horse, Gustavo Mirabal was ecstatic. The words fall short when he talks about it but the emotion that transpires on his face when he talks about the horses says it all. When Gustavo Mirabal tells this story we can see in his face and in his words the child he was. And we can also see in the background that inner child that we all carry inside and that in his case continues to enjoy the horses.

When we talk to Gustavo Mirabal and he talks about horses we can notice love in his words. Horses were his first passion and to date they are still a very important part of his life although the leading role has been acquired by his family, wife and children.

The world of horses and show jumping competitions is a demanding and absorbing world. That is why Gustavo Mirabal Castro decided to give his amateur jockey a break. He decided to devote more time to his family to enjoy his wife and growing children. Maybe that need to transmit that same love for horses and the lessons that life has given their children.

Gustavo Mirabal and his wife in love
Gustavo Mirabal and his wife in love

His equestrian trips

Equestrian Trips Souvenirs
Equestrian Trips Souvenirs

One of his first trips dedicated to the horse business was to Madrid, Spain, when he had taken the step to internationalize. This destination attracted his attention given the amazing results that the Purebred Spanish is giving in the different equestrian competitions worldwide.

I could already see the future of these horses and my own. It was at that moment that his close relationship with the mother country and his horses began. I think that from there, in the heart of Gustavo Mirabal, Venezuela and Spain were united.

Beyond the historical disputes, which must remain in the past, the future of Venezuela and Spain goes hand in hand. Because they are countries that speak the same language, with a common history. That common history that contains culture and interests, but at the same time differences that have already been overcome, and teach us that through respect we can grow and achieve more.

The victory with G & C Arrayan

One of the anecdotes told between corridors and gives us an idea of positive character of Gustavo Mirabal, is said to have happened during the Cannes Grand Prix before the victory of G & C Arrayan.

Before G & C Arrayan apparently won, the horse was nervous. Flights to move a horse from one place to another usually have that effect. It is said that Gustavo Mirabal was sure that G & C Arrayan was ready to be a champion.

Some say that before the nervousness of the horse he was seen coming down to see the stables to give him encouragement. Some witnesses indicate that Gustavo Mirabal caressed G & C Arrayán to calm him down, looked him in the eyes and said some words in his ear, because horses are very intelligent animals.

What would be the magic words?

Maybe he told her some secret word that they used in their training to calm him down at times like this. Maybe he just came up so he could feel cheered up without saying anything. Certainly we will never know what he said but there is a waiter in the stables who swears he heard him say:

  • You know who I am, you know where we came from and now I promise, I Gustavo Mirabal, that you will be champion tonight. You just have to trust yourself

From that moment the face of Gustavo Mirabal and the look of G & C Arrayan projected the safety of the champion. Everything worked perfectly and one of the many dreams of Gustavo Mirabal came true.

When Gustavo Mirabal saw the flag of his country waving, Venezuela, the joy was indescribable according to the testimony given.

Maybe those are the moments when the certainty that children’s dreams can come true. To concretize that special moment his courage and perseverance took him.

Costara Gustavo Mirabal cost with his horses would carry the flag of Venezuela to the ends of the planet. He did it in Cannes and he would do it in the future but with greater zeal and projection whether in the equestrian world or in the business world.

The management skills of Gustavo Mirabal

Gustavo Mirabal Castro
Gustavo Mirabal Castro

His management skills were from the beginning key not only to manage his own life. This was what allowed him to stand out among the large number of exiled Venezuelan rich.

His trips, whether for pleasure or business have allowed him to meet and do business with a large number of exiled Venezuelan rich. Those Venezuelans who have had to leave, either by necessity or by prevention, to undertake beyond their borders. They are those Venezuelans who have escaped to protect their wealth and possessions in the face of the economic debacle of the beautiful oil country.

Those exiled rich Venezuelans whose wealth they already possessed or who have managed to accumulate thanks to talent dazzle us. They are the Venezuelans that has been distributed in Miami, Madrid, Buenos Aires and other big cities of the planet and with their success they make us feel proud to be Venezuelans. The talent multiplies and finally multiplies its riches.

The success of Gustavo Mirabal has cost him his anonymity and with it being the object of unhealthy envy and gossip. But real men cannot but give themselves to realize their dreams. That is and will be the legacy of Gustavo Mirabal Castro, hard work as the basis of success.


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