//Gustavo Mirabal Castro, his name supports him

Gustavo Mirabal Castro, his name supports him

“He looks like Zorro,” they say in Argentina. But not the Zorro of the tv series, but the Argentine Zorro… how is that? Well, if you want to know here you can learn more about Gustavo Mirabal and the legend of El Zorro… A horse famous throughout Argentina and that today still makes some pilgrimage to Cascallares, a province of Buenos Aires…. That is why we can say that El Zorro is a great horse and Gustavo Mirabal Castro, his name supports him.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a Venezuelan to the test. Years ago, we were seen as the spoiled children of Latin America because of the good economic situation that the country had. But like all countries, Venezuela also has its crises. Before this crisis, Venezuela received all kinds of migration. Investors and people in poverty found in Venezuela a place to live and grow.

Venezuela has been a great recipient of migration. That is why the communities of Colombians, Spaniards, Italians, Portuguese, Chinese, Ecuadorians and Peruvians were abundant. Some despite the crisis do not leave because they consider Venezuela more than a receiving country a homeland. For others, the difficulties and new opportunities made them return to their respective lands. Despite this, it cannot be denied that Venezuela welcomed migration with open arms without questioning its reasons.

Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos, Father of Gustavo Mirabal Castro
Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos, Father of Gustavo Mirabal Castro

How has the situation of Venezuelans abroad changed?

Today many Venezuelans decided to emigrate looking for new opportunities. In many countries they have not found such an opening. However, it seems that the memory of Latin American, European, and Chinese migrants is setting the standard and opening doors for Venezuelans.

There is beginning to be a consensus around the world that the Venezuelan is a “guy who solves.” The Venezuelan is versatile and has great inventiveness. That is why we can say that Gustavo Mirabal is a man who reflects these qualities very well.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a versatile man and today his name supports him. But the first few years he migrated he had to build a name. Venezuelan migration had not yet shown our best qualities. Gustavo Mirabal Castro was one of our first “ambassadors” in the world and his name supports him.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro began forging a name in the banking and insurance sector working for Britannica De Seguros and Banco Construcción. Later when he started his firm he worked with the best companies in the country.

But for Gustavo Mirabal Castro, a restless and indomitable man, that was not enough. He was beginning his adventures in the financial sector when he began to plan his internationalization. His clients asked him for financial advice and recommended him with new clients in Florida, in the United States.

When he managed to get a volume of important potential clients in the United States, he left his law firm in Caracas in very good hands. However, Gustavo Mirabal Castro never ignored the activities of his law firm, his name supports him. This is how the multiplication of its functions and headquarters began. But this man was not satisfied with being a financial advisor but was also an athlete and businessmen as we will see below.

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Gustavo Mirabal Castro as an equestrian entrepreneur and sportsman, his name supports him.

Today there are few people who have not heard of Gustavo Mirabal Castro as an equestrian entrepreneur. His company G&C Farm earned a reputation as “the equestrian Disney,” as one journalist called it.

G&C Farm was the dream of every fan of equestrian sports and also of high-performance riders. With state-of-the-art facilities they could provide the best service to the horses to obtain the best results from them. But this was also accompanied by top-noted trainers and veterinarians 24 hours a day.

Some may wonder how a lawyer comes to become a financial advisor and equestrian entrepreneur. Perhaps the right question is how a horse lover gets to become a lawyer and financial advisor. And it is that above all Gustavo is a lover of horses …

Before having a profession, Gustavo Mirabal Castro was already an experienced rider. From the age of 9 he was riding horses and from the age of 10 he participated in competitions. Equestrian passion was in his blood because his father, Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos, was a great fan of horses. However, for Mirabal Bustillos his hobby was horse racing, while for Gustavo Jr. the hobby was for equestrian jumping, a quite refined sport. Despite their differences if anything connected father and son was their passion for horses.

This passion became from a very young age the dream of having not one but many horses. He even dreamed of having his own farm, which years later he would achieve, and in what way…

So, we can’t ask ourselves why a lawyer becomes an equestrian entrepreneur… The dream of a little horse enthusiast became to be a lawyer and in turn was a means to achieve his dreams.

But let’s know a little more about this facet.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro Victories
Gustavo Mirabal Castro Victories

An impossible dream that came true.

When Gustavo mentioned that he dreamed of having a horse farm, many laughed at him. But it was nothing but fighting harder for his dream. Only his family understood the indomitable determination of this young Venezuelan. In his blood ran the strength of the Venezuelan plain, of the liberators of Latin America and of the Andeans who dominated Venezuelan politics for years. There was no force that stood between him and his dreams.

So, when his father saw his eyes focused he knew he would make it, and it wouldn’t take too long.

The dream of a horse farm in other countries is not something utopian, but in Venezuela a country with great challenges and belonging to the so-called third world countries this was considered impossible by many.

But Gustavo had an indomitable character which made his father, Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos, one day call him and tell him… “you look like El Zorro”. Missed Gustavo did not understand the comparison until his father with a laugh told him… “No to that Fox you imagine.”

Gustavo imagined that he said it because of his strong sense of justice or his excellent preparation as a rider, but nothing could be further from the truth. His father was comparing him to “El Zorro” by Cascallares in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This was a horse whose character and record made him a legend… But let’s know a little about Zorro.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro's dream came true, and his name supports him
Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s dream came true, and his name supports him

El Zorro, an indomitable horse like Gustavo Mirabal Castro, his name supports him

A horse that surprised everyone. Every time he went to the ring everyone thought “today is the day he will fall”. Many bet against him and lost. And it is that “El Zorro” was unique in its kind. When we search for “indomitable horse” the dictionary should appear the image of “El Zorro” of Cascallares.

For 23 years this horse remained undefeated in the dressage circuits. The riders barely lasted a couple of seconds. Such was his fame that his dressage came to be witnessed by 30 thousand people. His retirement is unforgettable because this wonderful horse remained undefeated.

Its owner, Omar Passarotti, remembers it with great affection and even admiration. Among his favorite phrases he says, “he taught me not to allow anyone to subdue my freedom.” No one subdued “El Zorro” in his 23-year career and that is why Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s father called him “El Zorro Venezolano”.

Because, although his dreams seemed unattainable, the words of discouragement never reached him. No one could tame the heart of Gustavo Mirabal Castro who achieved his dream, and his name supports him today.