//Gustavo Mirabal Castro, let’s know him
Advice for Riders from Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Gustavo Mirabal Castro, let’s know him

Knowing Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a Venezuelan lawyer and rider. Which has excelled in many equestrian competitions internationally. From a very young age, he practiced horse riding, because his parents instilled it.

What is the equestrian discipline in which Gustavo Mirabal Castro specialized?

When Gustavo Mirabal Castro was only 9 years old, his father took him to the stables of the club where he practiced equestrian jumping. Immediately he felt attracted and dedicated himself to practicing sports.

It should not be forgotten, that the equestrian jump demonstrates power, speed, dexterity of the horse and its respect for the obstacle. Likewise, in the rider the quality of his riding, jumping on a series of obstacles, in a given order, of different heights, according to the category in which he competes. In this Olympic discipline the different categories are distinguished not only by the height of the obstacles, but also taking into account the ages of the riders.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro has contributed to make Venezuela known by horse riding

The dream of this great personage was that the sport that he so passionately transcends the borders of Venezuela. In addition to being recognized in the world equestrian. This is why Gustavo – Venezuela- Caballos is one word.

In this order of ideas, taking an equestrian sport to the world recognition, in which the Venezuelan flag was waving in the most important competitions in the world, is a real feat. This is how, somehow Venezuela always said present, because Gustavo Mirabal Castro was a sponsor on several occasions and other times competing at an amateur level in several countries.


Gustavo Mirabal Castro as a lawyer

Gustavo studied law at the university. He decided to select this career since it was the profession of his parents. These are quite successful jurists, which benefited Mirabal and opened many doors from the beginning.

After college, Gustavo Mirabal Castro began his professional career at Banco Construcción. He also worked in recognized institutions such as: British Insurance, C. A., Horizon Insurance, S.A. Little by little he was gaining all professional experience, to devote himself to crystallize one of his dreams: to have his own law firm.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro
Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Experience for the G&C Farm foundation

The work experience he had had for many years helped Gustavo Mirabal Castro a lot, within the complex world of horses. In the highest moments he was with many employees of different levels and operations in America and Europe simultaneously.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro has overcome the obstacles of equestrian jumps and those that life itself has given him

Mirabal does not escape the bad intention of unscrupulous people. Unfortunately, the media have done their unseemly work, trying to tarnish and discredit the image of this great rider. But the one that has eyes that see and realize that this Venezuelan is an example to follow for the youthful relay, that they have in riding their place.








If you want to know more about Gustavo Mirabal or Equestrian Word, go to:

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