//Top apps for businesses and entrepreneurs
Apps para negocios y emprendedores

Top apps for businesses and entrepreneurs

Technological tools with great support for business today. There are no companies that can function properly without the support of computer systems. In addition to the help of technology, there are many apps aimed at finance, businesses and entrepreneurs.

These applications have several functionalities, from business management to leadership tips. Some of the functions that we will find in these apps for businesses and entrepreneurs are:

  • Support in the management of finances
  • Carry personal and business expenses
  • Create the business plan
  • Apps to facilitate collection
  • Personal assistant apps
  • Apps for inventory management and sales

Without a doubt, there are many areas in which Apps can help us organize ourselves. But it is also up to us to be organized and systematic when using these apps.

Today we will make a summary of the best apps for finance, business, and entrepreneurs. Without more to add let’s know how these apps can help us and which are the best apps for finance, business, and entrepreneurs.


Apps to help us manage the finances of entrepreneurial businesses

Undoubtedly one of the most complex elements for businesses and entrepreneurs is financial management. This is due to the complexity of handling multiple accounts, debts, sources of income, among others.

In addition, apps allow us to always record the changes we make in our capital. But some of these apps are so good that they allow us to synchronize our banking information with just one click. Without a doubt, technology and apps are supporting entrepreneurial businesses.

Next, we leave you the best applications for the management of finances of businesses and entrepreneurs.

Top apps for businesses and entrepreneurs
Top apps for businesses and entrepreneurs

Wallet: Budget Expense Tracker

Wallet: Budget Expense Tracker is a powerful app that will allow you to keep a record of up-to-date expenses and a flexible budget with all the banking information. Allows you to track budget and expenses in real time.

You will be connected to all your bank accounts thanks to its partnership with more than 4000 banks around the world. In addition, it will allow you to use various currencies according to your need.

In addition, it has a multitude of graphical reports to facilitate understanding the financial statement. You can export the information to different formats to facilitate its handling.

And if that were not enough, it can be used to make a collaborative budget with your partners or family members who participate in the business.

It is one of the best rated apps in its segment and applies all its intelligence to help businesses and entrepreneurs.


Personal assistant apps for businesses and entrepreneurs

Cloze Relationship Management: This small CRM is the perfect app to carry your contacts and your meeting agenda for businesses and entrepreneurs.


Apps for inventory and sales management

Applications for inventory management and sales are key to the proper functioning of a company. It is well known that not all companies require inventory, especially companies focused on the information and knowledge society lack an inventory in ordinary terms. But it is important to know the availability of resources in the present and future and their occupation.

Thanks to knowing the availability of resources and products we can guarantee the attention of the needs of the clients. And with this we can sustain the sales that are the heart of a company. Without sales we have no customers and without customers there is no revenue. Maintaining this virtuous circle is fundamental to the sustainability of the company.

That is why today we will know excellent apps that will help us control our inventory and keep track of our sales.

The best apps for businesses and entrepreneurs
The best apps for businesses and entrepreneurs

My business:

My business is an application developed by “Goolaxo”. This great app covers many of the main aspects of business management. According to its developers, “my business” is an app to achieve the “total management of your business”.

It has several sections to keep track of the things that happen in the company, such as:

  • Inventory: In this section you can add products. This section has support for barcode readers to facilitate inventory management. It allows you to keep track of a minimum inventory alert to replenish the inventory before it runs out. Inventory can be exported for inventory cut-off reports.
  • Services: You also have the option to manage services which do not have an inventory as such. This allows the necessary flexibility, which other apps do not have, for all types of businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Sales: Cash and credit sales can be loaded and have functions to schedule collection alerts. This way you can track your customers’ payments. In this section you can also create receipts with the company’s data to deliver them to your customers and comply with legal obligations.
  • Suppliers: Suppliers are registered here with their contact information and products.
  • Clients: There we can have a database to be able to manage our clients and choose marketing strategies.
  • Employees: In this section we can keep track of our staff to be able to manage it correctly.

We can only say that “My Business” is one of those integral apps that all businesses and entrepreneurs should have.

Mail and message management

Cloze Call and Text Sync: This application is the perfect complement to Cloze Relationship Management. Clone Relationship Management helps keep you on top of meetings and seamlessly plans your schedule. This application synchronizes all calls and text messages between the devices that have the client active with the Cloze CRM.

Calls and messages are synchronized as soon as they occur and will be available across all active devices. Messages are synchronized by contacts so that all contact information is organized.

Apps for businesses and entrepreneurs
Apps for businesses and entrepreneurs

Apps to boost businesses and entrepreneurs.

Seeing all the apps that can help us improve our business and help entrepreneurs, we must say that technology is a great tool.

In short, these apps can help you:

  • Synchronize bank account information
  • Keep track of day-to-day expenses.
  • Bring a flexible and collaborative budget among those involved.

However, it should be noted that the functions of many of these apps overlap. In addition, having too many apps can overwhelm those who run their businesses. That is why we must look for ease of use and the selection must be made considering the apps that we already have in use.

That is why we consider that this article is just the beginning of a series of articles to help businesses and entrepreneurs improve. We must look for ways for SMEs to become strong because SMEs are the basis of a strong and healthy economy.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro, financial advisor, is committed to strengthening entrepreneurship and small and medium-sized enterprises. Its objective is to support the to strengthen the business fabric and competitiveness, especially in Latin America.