//Who is Carolina Mirabal? | Gustavo Mirabal

Who is Carolina Mirabal? | Gustavo Mirabal

Carolina Mirabal is a Venezuelan woman, business administrator, former Miss Delta Amacuro and the wife of Gustavo Mirabal. An intelligent, talented, familiar and hardworking woman. Carolina Mirabal is a worthy representative of Venezuelan women and that is why today we will tell you who is Carolina Mirabal?

They say that behind a great man there is always a great woman. At least in the case of Gustavo Mirabal Castro this is absolutely true. Carolina Mirabal, the wife of Gustavo Mirabal is a great woman.

This worthy representative of the beauty of the Venezuelan woman was known for the first time when she participated as Miss Delta Amacuro in the miss Venezuela contest of the year 1994 with only 18 years. Those who know her say that she possesses a magnetic and powerful personality. By making ourselves known in this way we know that at least beauty is not lacking. However, this wonderful woman not only possesses great beauty but also a great personality and intelligence.

The graduate of business administration was always clear that the Miss Venezuela contest would only be an experience that would open doors for her. But Carolina Mirabal didn’t want to be judged for being a beautiful face. That’s why he developed integrally obtaining a career while developing in the sports field. Many do not know, but Carolina Mirabal is an excellent rider. He has even participated in numerous amateur competitions with very good results.

She is certainly a multifaceted woman who has given a lot to talk about. But today we will tell you about the Carolina Mirabal that few know.

We have a lot to tell you about this excellent woman, mother, professional and wife. With no more to add, let’s get started.

Video of G & C LEROY ridden by CAROLINA MIRABAL from ShowNet!

Carolina Chapellín, before being Carolina Mirabal, a young Miss Delta Amacuro

María Carolina Chapellín before being Carolina Mirabal was a Venezuelan beauty queen. With only 18 years in the Miss Venezuela contest in 1994, representing very worthily the state Delta Amacuro.

Although she did not win the title of Miss Venezuela that year, her participation in the pageant led her to acquire recognition and notoriety in the country. And it is that the Miss Venezuela is one of the most prestigious beauty contests in Venezuela. It is considered an event of great importance in the country since its inception. But let’s know a little more about Miss Venezuela


Founded in 1952, it has been a platform that has catapulted numerous Venezuelan women to stardom both nationally and internationally. Many well-known models and actresses have come out of this contest.

The objective of the contest is to select the representatives of Venezuela for international beauty contests, such as:

  • The Miss Universe
  • Miss World
  • The Miss International.
  • Other beauty contests for which the different finalists are chosen

The contestants represent the different states and regions of the country, compete in various categories and are evaluated by a panel of beauty and fashion experts. In addition, their responses are also evaluated to see their mental agility and intelligence.

The Miss Venezuela has become a cultural phenomenon in Venezuela and is followed with great attention by a large part of the population. The objective of the contest is broadcast live on television and generates great expectation and excitement in the country. The Miss Venezuela has had a significant impact on fashion, the entertainment industry and the projection of Venezuela’s image internationally.

Venezuela has earned a reputation as “the factory of queens” due to the number of international titles it has obtained in major beauty contests worldwide. This contest catapulted María Carolina Mirabal into her role as a model, although it did not divert her from her goal of studying business administration, because she is not only a pretty face.

Who is Carolina Mirabal in the equestrian world?

The love for equestrian sport was something that Carolina Mirabal cultivated from a very young age

It was perhaps this hobby that ended up bringing Carolina Mirabal and Gustavo Mirabal closer together. The two met at a party with mutual friends. Maybe it wouldn’t have gone from there if the issue of horseback riding hadn’t come up. Suddenly there was a huge connection between the two and the rest is history. But that’s a topic for later.

Within the equestrian world she has not only participated as a rider but also as an equestrian entrepreneur. Remember that Carolina Mirabal participated in the creation of G&C Farm with Gustavo Mirabal. She was one of the masterminds behind the commercial and marketing architecture of the company. With her in charge of commercial and marketing area and her husband in the financial area everything was assured.

Her contribution was so great, at the marketing level, that some do not hesitate to equate her with her husband Gustavo Mirabal, with respect to her responsibility in the success of this equestrian company. Carolina Miraba knows the importance of contacts and image. All this is due to his facet as an ex-miss.

Her experience as a former miss and her studies in business administration were indispensable in the success of G&C Farm. Without a doubt “a great woman next to a great man”, and not behind…

She dedicated herself body and soul to developing the family business G&C Farm, she continued to dedicate herself to her true passion, the showjumping.

Carolina Mirabal’s great passion for Showjumping

Some would think that Gustavo Mirabal is the passionate rider within the relationship, but it’s not entirely true. They both love horseback riding, but for Carolina Mirabal horseback riding is a way of life. She is more passionate and therefore has never stopped practicing it.

Gustavo Mirabal a few years ago made his retirement from competitions and with it from horseback riding in general. However, for Carolina Mirabal to stop practicing horseback riding is not an option. Whether she competes or not, Maria Carolina Mirabal practices all or almost every day.

For her, riding and showjumping is like breathing. That is why she has obtained very good results in the competitions. In addition, horseback riding is the exercise that keeps her in shape.

When asked about her secret to staying beautiful and young, she always mentions that one of the great secrets is sports. Horseback riding allows you to not only maintain healthy physical activity, but also brings a lot of joy to your life.

Carolina recommends that all women find a physical activity that not only makes them sweat, but that they are passionate about. To find time for yourself outside the roles of mother, wife and housewife is to find yourself. And this is the “fountain of youth” for Carolina Mirabal.

Who is Carolina Mirabal in equestrian world?
Who is Carolina Mirabal in equestrian world?

Who is Carolina Mirabal for her family?

Carolina was always the spoiled one of the house. With an adorable personality, she was one of the girls who put every adult in a pocket with a smile. And most importantly, it was authentic.

Carolina Mirabal’s full name is Maria Carolina Chapellin Bigott. She was born on August 3, 1976 and is a worthy representative of her zodiac sign Leo. Believe or not in the horoscope, the truth is that the charisma of those born under the sign leo is something that Carolina has always had.

Thanks to this she had many friends and thanks to this she managed to participate in the miss Venezuela pageant. After that beautiful experience she left many friends in the contest with whom she keeps in touch today.

In her family she is adored for being very affectionate and always being aware of everyone. Some say that he drew his great personality from his grandfather Luis Bigott, from whom they claim that he also drew the philanthropic vein. But do you know who Luis Bigott is? If you do not know then do not worry that here we will tell you.

Carolina Mirabal and her son
Carolina Mirabal and her son

Who is Luis Bigott and the origin of Carolina’s “philanthropic vein”?

Carolina Mirabal is the granddaughter of businessman Luis Bigott. This entrepreneur is none other than the founder of Bigott companies and Bigott Foundation. This respected businessman and philanthropist is one of the promoters of public education. As a good philanthropist he understood that the country needed an educated population and therefore presented a plan to Eleazar Díaz Contreras.

Luis Bigott was not only a businessman and philanthropist but a visionary because he promoted the creation of a Central Bank.

Luis Bigott while in high school began working in a cigarette factory. There he became familiar with the industry and its production processes over a 10-year period that ended in 1898. In that year he decided to find his own company, a small cigarette factory. In just 20 years it became one of the country’s leading cigarette factories. He was also a great promoter of tobacco growing. A few years later he managed to partner with the British-American Tobacco Company and with that he managed to consolidate his business.

To support the workers of his factory he founded a school. At that school he could study at the technical level in the agricultural and food area to give them a future. Also, within their lands he built houses so that they could live their workers.

Certainly, the philanthropic vein of Carolina Mirabal has its origin in his grandfather. However, little is known of this facet as it is something she wants to keep secret. He doesn’t like to brag about his contribution to society. She is fully committed to several childhood-related causes.

Headquarters of the Bigott Tobacco Company
Headquarters of the Bigott Tobacco Company

Who is Carolina Mirabal in academia? | Gustavo Mirabal

As we mentioned in the introduction, Carolina Mirabal did not wish to be judged as “just a pretty face.” The example of his grandfather Luis Bigott is a family legacy that marks all the members of the family. That is why her family encouraged Carolina Mirabal from a very young age to strive in her studies and to forge her “own path”.

Such was the example of her grandfather that, instead of opting for careers such as Social Communication or Dentistry, careers with a strong female presence, María Carolina Mirabal leaned towards business.

His business administration career made him admire his grandfather even more. When we ask him about his grandfather, his face lights up and he tells us:

“My grandfather was a great man. He was not only an entrepreneur, but an entrepreneur with a great social conscience. He wanted his employees not only to be his workers, but to feel like family. This meant that there was a great commitment from his workers and this commitment was reciprocal on his part. After studying business administration I understood everything that is required to build a successful company. That’s when I understood who my grandfather really was and I got to admire him even more, if you can.”

Carolina Mirabal’s grades were excellent, but she didn’t just have good grades. In addition, she had an excellent study group and her peers found great support in her. A talented woman in the business world is now very common, but if she is also beautiful and sporty she already begins to become an “exotic bird”.

We can say that María Carolina Mirabal is an “exotic bird” among women. It was this that caught Gustavo Mirabal’s attention and kept them both very happy and united.

There is still a lot to know about Carolina Mirabal

This woman is certainly multifaceted. We lack much to know and therefore we will have other articles to talk about the hobbies of her, her studies and especially the family of her with Gustavo Mirabal.

If you didn’t know who Carolina Mirabal now you know a little about this wonderful woman.