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Mindfulness with horses

Mindfulness with horses

The benefits of Mindfulness with horses

Since man exists on earth, he is a living being that feels and suffers. That is to say that the human being has moods which are variable according to the situation that he is living in that moment. Therefore emotions can be joy, anger, sadness to mention a few. To deal with emotions, various techniques are applied, such as practicing yoga or meditation. Today we will talk about one of them called Mindfulness with horses

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As the human being evolves they also tend to somehow make a more assertive handling of emotions on a daily basis. There are multiple tools in vogue for pioneers in practice and today one of the most striking is Mindfulness in general. From it has arisen a branch in which the Minfulness with horses. It  is applied but additionally using equines in its practice.

While contact with animals is very pleasing to humans, it can even be therapeutic. It is not in vain that animal-assisted therapy is used to approach humans of different ages, with various physical and mental illnesses. In this type of therapies, patients benefit directly from the presence of the animal. Now Mindfulness is also used with horses

The Mindfulness according to Parra Delgado 2011 expresses the following:

“It consists of being fully aware of the internal and external stimuli that arise in the present moment, with acceptance, with equanimity, without judgment, without expectations or beliefs, with serenity, kindness and self-pity, thus open to the experience of here and now.”

Mindfulness with Horses

How animals are incorporated into mindfulness with horses

Now this tool complemented by the presence of the horse makes an ideal therapy for people to enhance emotional intelligence. If the patient really takes advantage of this therapy, with the horse will be taking a space for connection with the present in harmony. Therefore, he will be able to manage emotions in an assertive manner.

The presence of the animal allows to add a focus so that the patient can concentrate on the “here and now”

Therefore, this will not only improve from your person, but will have a positive impact on your immediate environment.

Scope of Mindfulness with horses

In relation to the experience that Garrido therapist has had, we can see some scope of this tool to improve our lives. Well, if we manage emotions with balance we will have a more harmonious and full life. This allows the enjoyment of the present ie the here and now.

Mindfulness according to Garrido:

“Consists, simply, in paying attention to what arises in the present moment, accepting everything that happens as it is, without judging, without trying to change anything, accepting things as they are. More than a practice of concrete meditation, it is a mental state, it is a profound change of our consciousness, a transformation of the way we experience the world, our life and ourselves. “

The presence of animals allows us to dilute our thoughts about the future and the past and focus on the magnificence of the horse and our moment with it. In this way the horse is an enabler of mindfulness as the same horse lives in a state of mindfulness.

Mindfulness with horses
Mindfulness with horses

Mindfulness, the natural state of horses

One of the differences that exist between animals and humans is that animals are not worried about a myriad of reasons. On the contrary, animals live in the present, enjoy their space and their pack if they live in a wild way.

That is why mindfulness is the natural state of the horse. It is a mammalian animal that lives in the present and enjoys it. These animals do not pretend to modify the world, they adapt and live looking for fraternity and calm at every moment.

Their only attempt in life is to be well they and the flock to which they correspond. They have the certainty that Mother Earth will provide them with what is necessary for their existence. On the other hand, in human beings, this is one of the biggest problems, because they are always worried about the future or anchored in the past.

Animals live and flow with the present that is all. Definitely this is an example that we as humans should follow from animals.

Development of compassion through Mindfulness with horses

According to experts in the subject of emotional intelligence, they consider that mindfulness helps to treat depression and to expand compassion. In the sessions of therapy with horses and in the formation of the affective bond of the person-horse, the ideal thing is for the person to become fully aware of their emotions.

This means that you must live them, without fear, without inhibiting them, since it does not help at all. Therefore, the person must internalize what he feels, what factor causes that emotion to surface. Sadness is not bad, nor anger only that you should not stay long in this.

An example of this is when a loved one dies there is very normal that that type of emotions emerge. The ideal is with the days this is decreasing but at the moment you have to feel them

Another emotion is of joy a celebration, the hullabaloo of good news. Therefore, there are no good or bad emotions just that you have to experience them in an assertive way. If you see it from this perspective you can generate a process of change.

Mindfulness with horses
Mindfulness with horses

One of the scopes developed by Mindfulness with horses is that it develops empathy and compassion. It should be noted that empathy is the ability to feel what the other feels, while compassion is to assume the commitment and tools to alleviate the pain of the other.

These are key aspects of emotional intelligence. If these aspects are put into practice we will undoubtedly make a better world. A world more full of peace and love of given and harmonious people as well as more happy families and marriages. This translates into better countries and a world in which we all see each other from the eyes of love.

Sessions of mindfulness with horses

In a session of mindfulness with horses, people have direct contact with horses. This makes it a rewarding experience in and of itself. In addition, the psychologist leads the session and the equine specialist interprets the horse. There the horse is able to perceive what the person is feeling.

The end of Mindfulness therapy with horses is to help people. For the essence of this therapy is the connection with its own nature, the emotion, guided consciousness and the great intelligence and nobility of these amazing animals.

In case the horse has the ability to read body language as well as the mood of the human being. One of the main advantages of this is that it does not judge, nor does it have prejudices of any kind. His ability as a teacher to read what happens inside us. It’s like scanning the participant’s limbic system.

In this sense, horses function as principal companions. From this point, the team of specialists in charge and the horse will accompany the person in the journey of change that he wants to undertake. They will travel this path to achieve the goals that bring balance to the life of this.

Creating emotional bonds with your horse
Creating emotional bonds with your horse

The sensitivity of animals as medicine for the soul

As we have mentioned before, horses and dogs are fundamentally sensitive to detecting our emotions. It is very difficult to hide our state of mind from these noble and intelligent animals.

For this reason there are organizations that use animals to provide psychology and coaching services. Through activities directly related to horses and dogs trained for this use the animal potential to interpret us. This is done under the advice and supervision of experts such as the psychologist, the equine specialist, the horses and the person

In this way Mindfulness therapies with horses are strengthened and developed, thus achieving a positive change in the people who decide to take this path for their healing.







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