//A home for retired police horses
Police Retired Dogs and Horses

A home for retired police horses

Retired police horses are trained animals for specific activities to protect nations.

From there, there are animals that dedicate their lives to serving humanity.

Therefore, in the security area there are police dogs and horses.

Which together with police officers work in favor of maintaining security and peace in each society.

In this sense, these horses go through strong training to develop good work that can save lives.

Among the training activities, they can specialize in:

  • Detonations
  • Gases
  • Smoke
  • Firecrackers
  • sparklers
  • Narcotic substances.

Therefore the security of a nation is a complex issue and often difficult to handle.

Now, animals such as horses and dogs that serve a nation should receive care after retirement.

Many are abandoned, due to the absence of institutions that do not provide curative care.

Most of them can reach the street, with terrible conditions and no quality of life.

Although it is well known that there are legal regulations that protect the rights of animals, some are not fulfilled.

Bringing as consequence that the dogs and horses retired of the police do not have quality of life.

Police horses retired

Most important tasks of animals as protectors of society

It is important to note that the retired police horses have served their nation in work with police such as:

  • Make an appearance in marches or rallies in public places.
  • They are part of security when they accompany parties or public events.
  • The animals attend sporting events that require safety.
  • They are part of street safety
  • Protect citizens in vulnerable places
  • They are part of security operations
  • They make rounds in places like beaches, parks, fields, communities, among others.

So the work of these animals is to be grateful for a lifetime, thanks to their intelligence, ability and skills.

Thanks to the fact that the police make these routes, they can better visualize the sector, and do preventive or corrective work.

Horses in action - Retired Police Horses
Horses in action – Retired Police Horses

Campaigns for the protection of retired police horses

Every day people with greater natural consciousness meet to think of ways to help animals.

In as much they are grouped to look for strategies that allow to protect those animals that have served the nation.

These non-governmental organizations propose strategies in favor of helping the dogs and horses retired from the police.

Creating strategies and alliances from management to create optimal living conditions for animals.

Preventing them from becoming homeless and as a way to compensate for their delivery in favor of national security.

To this end, the Non-Governmental Organization Retired Dogs 112 decided to create a micromanagement or better known as crowdfunding.

Police Retired Dogs and Horses
Police Retired Dogs and Horses

What is micro-patron or Crowdfunding? How does it work?

Basically it consists of financing from the capital that different people or companies can give to create funds.

Consequently, the intention is to make a nature reserve to take care of retired police dogs and horses.

Therefore they use the Gofundme platform, which at international level facilitates the collection of money for these causes.

Thus, this Non-Governmental Organization seeks to protect these animals as a priority.

“Retired Heros”, in favor of retired police horses.

Thanks to the Non-Governmental Organization, “Retired Dogs 112” already exists as a project to house these animals.

Since the place is already wide enough to accommodate both dogs and horses.

Thinking about the conditions that this space must have in order to attend to these animals, the project must be constituted.

As soon as the funds are available, the creation of the place can be consolidated.

In this way, in the medium term the animals will have a place to rest their last days after so much loyalty.

Other organizations also work based on the removal of horses, such as Angel Whispers. We leave you a video of the work done by Angel Whispers.

Angel Whispers provides sanctuary Retired Police Horses

What about a retired police dog or horse?

Both dogs and police horses retired at the time were trained to safeguard the nation.

In this sense, the jovial life of animals spend providing support with their experience and intelligence in police missions.

Consequently they have no contact with a family that grants them love, affection, tranquility, in the warmth of a home.

Hence, their routines are exhausting in public places, only with contact between police officers in specific situations.

Fact that leads to ignore that other facet that you can experience in a family with love towards animals.

Once they provide the best time of their life, they are older, with some diseases and health complications.

And they must relearn to make new relationships with civilians in some cases that do not have the same dynamics.

It is complex for some families to adopt a retired animal, since it becomes more difficult to teach new habits.

That is where retired police dogs and horses that cannot be adopted by their caregivers end up abandoned.

Which is totally unfair to animal nature.

Animal retirement a new stage to relearn

For this reason it is essential to support these causes that allow these animals to have a place of shelter.

Because that new stage of life is understood with respect and dignity from the hand of caregivers.

These caregivers who in the medium term, will fully understand the needs of these animals.

Meanwhile, they will do a job from management to meet the needs of these animals.

The retired police horse is an animal respected for its bravery, heroism, and love in serving humanity.

A horse that is prepared for the police since its training is taught the skills and abilities to act.

Above all they have impregnated police character and seriousness, they have the protection of society in their animal life.

Police Retired Dogs and Horses
Police Retired Dogs and Horses

Policies and Legislation on Retired Police Horses

Some of the countries that have the support of police animals in their units have little clear legislation.

This makes the process that these animals face after a retirement more complex.

Usually their fellow (human) cops are the ones who end up looking for families or shelters for these animals.

This makes the dependencies work on projects to ensure the quality of life of the animals in retirement.

However, it is necessary to think about legal policies and documents that regulate processes in favor of retired animals.

In this way there would be greater concern for institutions that can do their best work without legal loopholes.

A better quality of life is possible for retired police horses!

Think about the common good and through concrete actions in the intention of non-governmental organizations.

Each one works for different purposes but framed in solidarity, love, respect fulfill an important mission in society.

For this reason, the Non-Governmental Organization Retired Dogs 112 as a project that believes in the quality of animals should be supported.

Such a position helps to achieve a better quality of life for dogs and horses retired from the police.

In this way the life of these animals that in their most precious years gave their best will be honored.

So it will remain a great initiative to build institutions that facilitate the protection of these animals.

So that they can meet their most basic needs such as the roof, care, food, expert assistance, love, among others.

Thus his passage through life will be done with dignity and respect permanently.





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