//Ardennes horse breed

Ardennes horse breed

In the equine world there are many breeds of horses. Each one with its uniqueness that differentiates it from the rest. However, they converge on a common point, because they are beautiful, noble animals that have given human beings company, transport, fun. This among so many positive aspects that these beautiful creatures of nature can offer us. That is why in this issue we will discuss everything related to the Ardennes horse breed.

Origin of the Ardennes horse breed

Ardennes or Ardennais, is one of the oldest breeds of horses in the world. It originated in the Ardennes area of France. But they can also be found in countries such as Belgium and Luxembourg. They are heavy bones with thick legs and are used for traction work.

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Its history goes back to ancient Rome, and throughout its history it has been added other bloods in the Ardennes. The first Ardennes was imported into the United States in the 20th century and the first of these specimens was established in the 1920s. These horses have been used throughout history as war horses, both as for mounted cavalry and for towing artillery elements.

Physical characteristics of Ardennes horses

  • It measures approximately 152 to 163 cm tall and weighs between 700 to 1,000 kg.
  • Its conformation is wide and muscular, its body is compact, its legs are short and thick, with strong joints.
  • Possess a coat can be brown, gray, or palomino.
  • Wide face, expressive look, pointy ears and wide open nostrils
  • In addition, they have a wide neck, wide and sunken chest and strong, short and light limbs. As well as, a homogenous and solid body.
  • The life expectancy of the horse is about 30 years, but some specimens can live many more years.
  • He has the strength of a gentle and willful temperament.
  • It is very resistant, it can survive in unfavorable climates with little food.


  • The ironwork is indispensable if the animal goes through hard roads, which has many stones.
  • In hard roads, the hooves are not only worn but also break and hurt, which can cause limping.
  • Only the ironwork makes sense if the horse has to go hard, with stones.
  • The horses that spend most of their time in the paddock do not need to shoe them, but sometimes it is important to fix the hooves.

Uses of the Ardennes horse breed

Formerly, cold-blooded horses were used in cargo transport, but have been replaced by machines in most places. Warm-blooded horses, however, perform their function as great athletes in speed or jump races. At present, the Ardennes race horses, being cold-blooded, are raised today as a food destined for the human consumption of meat.

The Ardennes in the wars

The Ardennes has always been characterized for being a very resistant animal. It can survive in unfavorable climates with little food and water. However, this enormous ability to “manage alone” does not make it an animal indifferent to the presence of the human being, far from it. On the contrary, it is very easy to tame and handle and supports the weight of the shooting harness without showing any anger or violence.





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