//The present and future of the role of the horse
Role of the horse

The present and future of the role of the horse

The present and future of the horse

The horse is as old as the human itself. This majestic mammal of great size has served as a faithful companion of the human’s adventures. Likewise, the horse has worked hard since this species exists.The role of the horse was very clear.

In principle as a means of transport for people for long distances. Undoubtedly this animal went through them in less time, which made the activities of man more productive

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But as man evolved, changing customs, assuming new lifestyles. It brings as a consequence that the horse is being seen in another way.

The horse has gained prominence in other fields of human activity and, of course, has served as inspiration for many artists throughout world history.

The way of seeing the horse has changed since today it assumes different roles from a guide horse to a painter horse. This makes us change the way we perceive this animal.

What are the changes in the role of the horse?

The role of the horse is not only a means of transport, it could even be predicted that this role of the horse will soon disappear with the exception of distant areas where these animals are essential.

While in large cities and the role of the horse as a means of transport role is not exercised because different organizations of animal protectors have engaged in an arduous struggle to locate in better conditions equines that provided this type of services.

The current society can see the role of the horse within a choreography, a horse dancing, a guide horse of a person with visual disability. In this order of ideas you can also see a horse as a cotherapist. In short it would seem that the uses of the horse transcend the old ones. Although still the protagonist of the different disciplines of horsemanship, how could it be otherwise.

Cargo Horses
Cargo Horses

Evolution of the role of the horse and its care

Due to the change of perception of the current man in relation to the role of the horse has also brought with it a series of changes in terms of the care of the horse is concerned.

Before humans focused on providing basic food to the animal and even reached its reach. As we have advanced, the owners of the horses are much more aware of the specific care that this animal requires. Hence, professions such as veterinarian, ethologists and others have emerged. This in order to monitor the health of the horse both physically and mentally.

Vet cares to a horse
Vet cares to a horse

In addition trades of saddlers and blacksmiths to make the saddles, accessories and horseshoes appropriate to the type of horse. As if that were not enough, the invention of special shoes for horses has emerged.

If we look deeply we can notice numerous advances in science and technology to promote the welfare and comfort of horses. In addition to this have also created a vitamin supplements in order to strengthen the health of the horse.

Even for people who do not have adequate space in their houses, there are so-called shelters.

This is a place where they take care of the horse and adapt to the needs of the client. As we see, the care of equines has evolved along with the role of the horse and has improved considerably in its scale of evolution of the 20th century and has continued in the last two decades of the new millennium.

The role of the horse An animal of many races and singular attributes

Today the horse according to the perception of modern man can become a beloved animal. In these cases, the owner is aware of the minimum that this requires. This means that the horse went from being an animal subjected to forced labor to an animal that transmits elegance, style, imposing, in reality the list falls short.

Fortunately the horses that suffer abuse and humiliation has diminished enormously since the human has been sensitized very much in the vision that it has in relation to the role of the horse.

The evolution of the horse has brought with it a great diversity of races. These are differentiated by their size, coat, behavior, and affinity for certain specific tasks. There are some that are more given to the other skip to dressage.

There are some horses that have special abilities as guides or co-therapists. Then among diversity of races and the qualities that these beautiful animals can have is very diverse.

Man can choose the specific race according to what he wishes to develop with the animal. For example miniature horses are trained as horse guides for people with visual disabilities. While an Andalusian horse is perfect for dressage and choreography. Then there we will see what was mentioned above.

The nature of this beautiful animal links us in a special way with mother nature showing us its most sublime qualities. The bond that is created between a horse and a human is very special.

New trends in the role of the horse in society

In the measure that the human and the horse evolved in time also their perception of reciprocal way. This step from being an animal cruelly exploited to a beloved animal protected by society.

One of the points that made this happen was the emergence of the competences of the various riding disciplines. In these competitions the horse could win prizes and considerable amounts of money. On the other hand, families that used to spend weekends in areas outside the city could have a horse in a country house. Consequently enjoy trips through the prairies with your beloved animal.

One of the new trends in horse breeding focuses on covering a specific market. As an example of them we have the singer and businessman Vicente Fernandez in the reproduction of miniature horses these are used as pets.

Within these tendencies also means were developed to transport the horses by land in a comfortable way for these. Being some cars specially designed for this purpose.

In relation to experts who care for horses has been innovated with equine dentistry, ethology, equidinamia among others. That is, depending on the needs and the role of horses, new professions have emerged that help improve their quality of life.

In summary…

Horses today transmit an inspiration of strength, courage, loyalty and freedom. It shows us that we should have more contact with nature enjoy the simple and forget about the daily stresses.

The role of the horse in today’s society is multifaceted, since it can be developed in different riding disciplines. In addition, the role of the horse is also important in the performing arts, in the area of ​​health, as pets, as stallions for the improvement and improvement of other races.

These animals give humans a lesson that almost any skill can be developed. If they, as non-thinking beings, can do so many things, it is an indication that humans as a perfect machine can go very far.

Finally the community of the equine world made up of experts, innovators both in the professions and in the trades should continue joining forces so that the role of the horse evolves and shows us the full potential of this beautiful animal. This seeks to promote the good treatment and care of these noble animals that God gave us.






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