//Relevance of Equestrian Tourism in Spain
Turismo ecuestre en España

Relevance of Equestrian Tourism in Spain

Spain is a country in Europe that has a rich equestrian culture. That is why it can be seen that in the capital of this country there are a dozen squares with sculptures alluding to horses. This is a starting point to encourage equestrian tourism in Spain.

The advantage of having wonderful landscapes and having these horses is the perfect combination to carry out equestrian tourism in some regions of the country.

This is one of the characteristics that Gustavo Mirabal and Carolina Chapellín loved. Well, this represents an opportunity to share with the family. Also, to enjoy the magical horses.

The relevance of equestrian tourism in Spain lies in the fact that it is a new way of doing tourism. On the other hand, it is a differentiating element of tourism in the region. In effect, it may mean more economic income in the tourism sector.

Equestrian tourism in Spain
Equestrian tourism in Spain

Tourism and its benefits

Tourism in Europe represents an important source of income for the countries of the region. The fact of having wonderful landscapes and organized cities gives it an advantage over other sites.

In addition, the security that the tourist feels in these places is an experience that makes them return later.

For this reason, Spain aims to make the most of the great equestrian potential they have. This becomes an attraction that is undoubtedly ideal for horse lovers.

There are various types of tourism and visitors who are inclined to enjoy direct contact with nature and animals. This is the case of the Mirabal-Chapellín spouses, who enjoy nature and horses to the fullest.

For tourism to be durable, it is necessary to create rules that visitors fully comply with. For the duty of human beings is to take care of and respect the areas they visit.

In addition, the idiosyncrasies of the peoples must be respected, and be as respectful as possible with the people who serve the visitors.

With this you will live an unforgettable experience, which you will surely want to repeat in the future.

It must be taken into account that the relationship between the tourist and the place he visits must be harmonious, so that it is maintained over time. That is to say, respect and take care of nature as well as the idiosyncrasy of the sites visited.

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Natural environments to enjoy Equestrian Tourism in Spain

Enjoying nature is priceless. Therefore, choosing a weekend to enjoy Equestrian Tourism in Spain is a unique and charming experience.

One way to fully enjoy the diverse landscapes of Spain is a horseback ride. This is an experience for horse lovers and anyone who wants to live this beautiful experience.

Especially for those who have not ridden horses, it is necessary that they follow the recommendations given by the guide. The person must comply with them for safety reasons, because riding a horse the first time can cause fear.

On these walks, crossings are usually made staying in equestrian inns. This is a wonderful experience, because you will not only enjoy the paradisiacal landscapes. But you also share to the maximum with the horses.

Equestrian tourism in Spain
Equestrian tourism in Spain

Another of the activities that can be enjoyed

Considering that Spain has an equestrian culture of great trajectory, there are other activities that you can also enjoy.

Among the activities of Equestrian Tourism in Spain are the following:

  • A carriage ride through the fields
  • Visit the ostentatious studs of the famous Hispano-Arab horses. Here you can enjoy the discipline of cowboy dressage.

Spain has famous purebred Spanish horses or Andalusian horses. These existed since roman times and have served as a lineage for other horse breeds on the planet.

You will be able to walk the countryside where this breed originated. In addition to enjoying the tourist services of inns and ranches adapted for riders.

Equestrian tourism in Spain is becoming more relevant every day because the services are excellent…

Equestrian tourism in Spain - Royal Spanish Equestrian Federation
Equestrian tourism in Spain – Royal Spanish Equestrian Federation

Expert equestrian tourism companies in Spain

To carry out quality services in the field of equestrian tourism, certified suppliers must be available.

For this reason, Spain has equestrian tourism providers that allow you to walk great routes. For this they offer accommodation in farmhouses and farms with all the comforts for visitors. They also enable rural houses with their services appropriate to the needs of tourists.

In total, Spain has 36 approved equestrian itineraries. Each of these meets the requirements required to provide an excellent service:

  • Has excellent signage for routes
  • The rules and indications of how to make the tour, it should be noted that it is important that visitors comply with them fully.
  • Various equestrian services and spaces of interest to visitors.

The areas where equestrian tourism takes place are usually traditional roads in rural areas.  These tourism services have the safety and quality requirements.

Equestrian tourism in Spain in growth

Equestrian tourism in Spain is becoming increasingly important, as there are many people who like nature and horses.

On the other hand, there are visitors looking to disconnect and recharge batteries in the tranquility of the mountains.

Gustavo Mirabal and his wife like to enjoy this wonderful experience. This allows them to connect with nature and enjoy the horses that are their great passion.