//Gustavo Mirabal’s wife, Carolina Mirabal
María Carolina Mirabal - Gustavo Mirabal's wife

Gustavo Mirabal’s wife, Carolina Mirabal

Gustavo Mirabal’s wife, is an empowered, fighting and forward-looking woman she is Maria Carolina Mirabal. This couple have undertaken projects together and have supported therself as husbands they are.

For his part Gustavo Mirabal is an entrepreneur who has always been linked to law and horse riding so he has made great contributions to the equestrian world.

Gustavo Mirabal‘s Wife – Maria Carolina Mirabal is a selfless woman who plays various roles such as mother of family, entrepreneur, rider among others.

Her versatility as a woman led her to participate in 1994 in the maximum beauty event held in her native Venezuela. In this prestigious contest of Miss Venezuela María Carolina Mirabal participated in representation of the Delta Amacuro State at the age of 23.

One of the strengths that Maria Carolina Mirabal has is to transmit to her children the great love for animals especially horses. Well, together they took on G&C Farm’s equestrian project.

Over time G&C Farm became a reference space in sports, it should be noted that today it is inactive.

Gustavo Mirabal‘s wife – Maria Carolina Mirabal is always supporting her husband’s projects.

This couple with their children have had the privilege of getting up close and personal with different cultures because they have lived in different countries.

Without further delay we know a little more about Gustavo Miraba’s wife, Maria Carolina Mirabal, her origin and trajectory.

Maria Carolina Mirabal and Miss Venezuela – Gustavo Mirabal’s wife

In Venezuela, the country of beautiful women, all girls dream of being Miss Venezuela.

If for something Venezuela is usually recognized it is for the beauty of its women. Maybe it’s all because of the unique mix of races that took place in this beautiful country.

And it’s not just about the colonial era and the mix of Spaniards, Indians and Africans. In this mix we can also count on immigration as a result of the first and second world wars. The latter brought new settlers from European origins, especially Spanish and Italian.

Venezuela was always a country of contrasts and tolerance. Chinese, Spanish, Italian and Middle Eastern communities meet in Venezuela. Best of all, harmony is breathed in the environment full of contrasts and diversity.

Perhaps this is one of the aspects that has played a fundamental role in the formation of the beauty of Venezuelan women. To this we can add a special personal care that the Venezuelan woman has with her body and her appearance.

It is not for nothing that hairdressers and women’s beautification sites in Venezuela are thriving businesses even in difficult times.

The Venezuelan woman says “preferable dead than simple” and this tells us that in her priorities is her personal appearance.

It is not narcissism if anyone wishes to challenge this characteristic. It is that the Venezuelan woman so as a mother and worker puts efforts to take care of herself. There lies her merit because no matter what challenges she imposes she overcomes them and also looks spectacular.

So how did Maria Carolina Mirabal become a participant in Miss Venezuela? Let’s know a dream and a determination.

Maria Carolina Mirabal as Miss Delta Amacuro

As mentioned above, almost all Venezuelan girls dream of being Miss Venezuela.

From the attention they put into the event, the details, beautiful dresses and intelligence of women are key to the event. These were the keys for Maria Carolina to forge this dream since she was a child.

But the dream as a child became a possibility when adolescence made her a beautiful woman. His companions were dazzled by his beauty and constantly called him “the miss”.

She took it as one more game and certainly in adolescence self-esteem is not something that abounds. The physical changes young people undergo make them ashamed even if they are for the better. This was the case of Maria Carolina Chapellin, a beautiful girl who had become a woman and was bombed with compliments.

At times she came to think it was a bad thing to be so pretty. However, with maturity comes the recognition that each gift is good or bad as it is seizen.

Seeing women as women who had been Miss Venezuela had excelled in other areas beyond glamour, she discovered something. Maria Carolina Chapellin, not yet of Mirabal or wife of Gustavo Mirabal, discovered that Miss Venezuela “will open doors”

Miss Venezuela would not only open doors to the winner, but any woman who passed through Miss Venezuela could have more opportunities. With her intelligence she was determined to take all the opportunities that life gave her.

That’s how she decided to participate in a modeling academy that had a reputation for becoming a “miss machine.” There it was one of the sites where the organizers of Miss Venezuela performed the recruitment of Candidates..

The moment of truth… Miss or not Miss?

Gradually Maria Carolina Chapellin caught her eye, not only for her beauty but for her elegance and intelligence.

One day like any other, she was called to the modeling academy office. The instructor’s seriousness made him fear the worst, would he have done something wrong? They were going to get her out of the academy?

Few were the moments of tension because without further protocol they asked him:

“You’d like to participate in Miss Venezuela”

While that was her dream, Maria Carolina Chapellin at the time panicked. I was scared. What if they told you she was ugly, what if she didn’t fit in?… But that panic gave way to joy and there she knew she was ready to take the opportunity that life gave her.

“Yes. I’d like to”

She couldn’t imagine the hard physical training and strict diets she would have to follow. But when you talk about it, you reaffirm:

“Yes, it’s a tough workout. Some see Miss Venezuela’s women as delicate women. Nothing further from the truth. A miss Venezuela is a warrior. It’s a tough workout but it’s worth it, it prepares you for life and it opens a lot of doors for you”

Within a few months she was informed that she would represent Delta Amacuro state at the “Magno Venezuelan Beauty Event”. Her family supported her and from the moment Gustavo Mirabal saw her at Miss Venezuela she knew she had something special.

Years later they would meet and the magic of fate brought them together to never part again.

Gustavo Mirabal’s wife, An Amazing Woman

Gustavo Mirabal’s wife – María Carolina Mirabal is a talented woman with great versatility to address her different roles as a woman, wife, mother, entrepreneur, sportswoman among others.

Maria Carolina teaches her children to love their roots, traditions and culture. His paternal family has been rooted as since the Bigott Foundation they carry out multiple activities to strengthen culture in Venezuela.

Once again Maria Carolina Mirabal continues to support her husband Gustavo Mirabal in current projects and playing her role as a selfless mother with her children.

Undoubtedly this great woman is a follow-up example…





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