//The Canadian Horse – A National Pride
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The Canadian Horse – A National Pride

Throughout the planet there are hundreds of breeds of horses, each of these breeds adapt to their ecosystem. Canada with the beauties of its landscapes is home to beautiful horses that can even be seen in famous equestrian series such as Heartland. That is why today we will talk about the Canadian horse, a pride of this beautiful country.

The Canadian horse is recognized and declared the national horse of Canada. The Canadian Horse was named the National Horse of Canada in 2002. This iconic Canadian horse has been representing this beautiful North American country for 19 years.

In this article we will address what is related to the Canadian horse.

The Canadian Horse

Origin of Canada’s Iconic Horse Breed

The Canadian horse is an icon of the North American nation. This country breed comes from the horses originally sent to the New World by King Louis XIV of France at the end of the 17th century.

From there the horses settled in the region by hand of the settlers. Their descendants are the equine icon of this great country as is Canada.

On the first voyage, in 1665, only two stallions and twelve mares survived. Although, later more specimens were sent in subsequent shipments.

These horses, more than forty in total, were mainly Bretons and Normans, although some also carried Andalusian blood.

During the early years of the nineteenth century, Americans took a huge interest in these French-Canadian horses. This was because traders needed to meet the growing demand for good harness horses in United States.

The Canadian horse has influenced the development of numerous American breeds such as the Standardbred, the American Silla horse and the Morgan.

The Canadian horse has been recovered from being on the verge of extinction at various times. Today there are more than two thousand five hundred horses of this breed.

Canadian Horse
Canadian Horse


Canadian horse endurance

Without a doubt, one of the particularities of the Canadian horse is its great power and firmness. Its potency and firmness are such to the point that it was nicknamed:

“Little iron horse”

It is also noteworthy its ability to thrive in Canada’s environment and climate, which are usually inclement.

Another favorable aspect of this breed is that it has the will to work especially in agricultural work in activities such as: driving, plowing and felling.

As we can see, Canada’s iconic horse is a source of pride for its inhabitants.

Characteristics of the Canadian horse breed

Here are the physical characteristics of Canada’s iconic breed:

  1. The Canadian horse has a weight of approximately 500 kilos.
  2. Canadian horse is a graceful horse with stocky and defined quirks.
  3. His legs are well spaced, while the chest is deep and wide.
  4. The withers are slightly elevated and thin, while the back is straight, broad and dynamic.
  5. In addition, the shoulders are well muscled, oblique and long.
  6. The legs are harmonious, slim, large and muscular.
  7. The tail and mane are long and flowing, and the tail is high.
  8. Strength and endurance are the main characteristics of this breed and it is the reason why it is a favorite in most of the producers of this country.
  9. Stallions should weigh between 476 and 612 kilos while mares should weigh approximately 450 to 560 kilos.
  10. The desired height is 14 to 16 hands. As a general-purpose animal, the Canadian displays a well-stocked body.


Regarding the behavior of the Canadian horse, it is very willing, noble, easy to maintain. These are characteristics that make his behavior ideal for him to play roles in the discipline of show jumping, raid and training.

In addition, for agricultural work it is ideal, although currently it is mostly bred for hitching.

This breed of horses is quite sensible and good for recreational riding. For this reason it is considered that for equestrian tourism it could be an ideal breed.

For horse lovers this has an ideal temperament to have it on the farm or farm.

Canadian horse feeding

Canadian horses like other breeds need forage for several reasons:

  • Long-stemmed fodder helps move food through the digestive tract normally. Horses have evolved as shepherds; their digestive tract adapts perfectly to it and they spend most of the day grazing when they can. If a horse does not have enough fodder to graze, he will spend his time developing other behaviors, such as weaving or walking.
  • Good quality fodder supplies all the calorie and protein requirements of most horses. They are also a significant contribution of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, magnesium and other minerals.
  • In addition, fodder is a source of vitamins B, vitamin A, D and E, ideally, horses should have fodder in front of them at all times.
  • Cereal grains and commercial mixes are food for energy. Cereal grains such as oats, barley, and corn. These are considered concentrated as in concentrated energy sources.

The Canadian horse only needs a supply of protein and some additional vitamins and minerals to balance what might be missing in the hay.

Canadian Horse
Canadian Horse

Uses of the Canadian horse breed

The Canadian horse is highly valued as a trotting horse. Its differentiating element from other breeds of horses is their strength, will, curiosity and resistance to extreme climates.

Most Canadian horses are bred for the hitch, but they are very versatile horses.

These specimens are ideal for horse riding activities such as equestrian jumping, raid and training.

Also, for work on the ranch.

The animal is very easy to handle. The Canadian’s strength and docility make it ideal for farm work, ranch work, driving, hunter / jump, packing, and endurance riding.

Heartland: The Canadian Equestrian Series

This Netflix equestrian series titled Heartland has millions of followers throughout the Americas Region.

This production shows various breeds of horses that in one way or another pass-through Heartland and through the healing hands of the horse whisperer Amy Flaming.

There the whole family is involved in the subject of horses, and they even offer equestrian tour packages managed by Lou Fleming.

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In some episodes, wild horses are even shown in the Alberta area or in neighboring towns.

So this series is a showcase to show the beauties of Canadian landscapes and their beautiful horses.

In summary

The Canadian horse, beyond being a resistant and energetic horse, is an extremely versatile horse.

In addition, it represents a nation as it is considered the iconic horse of Canada.