//The horse tamer Santi Serra – Gustavo Mirabal Castro

The horse tamer Santi Serra – Gustavo Mirabal Castro

In the entertainment world there are numerous shows that are presented using horses. For these animals to have the refined skills and abilities to participate in a choreography they must be very well trained. These horse trainers have enormous physical skills and great empathy with the horses which allows them such a connection. That is why in this article we are going to deal with the horse tamer Santi Serra.

The horse tamer Santi Serra was born on July 25, 1988. His birth occurred in Manlleu in Catalonia Spain. This man is very privileged since he grew up surrounded by horses. From a very young age he could experience contact with the horses and there was a connection. So there is born that gift he has to address these animals.

He also had the support of his parents and his brother and of course with the horses of the family. This made him mature and grow from the point of view of experiences. Later when I was fourteen years old I participate as an animator in a rodeo event.

In his career he has trained horses of raids, jumping, racing. In the course of the rodeo events, the ability to be an animator was born. He was then hired to participate in various events

Santi Serra - 2015 Longines Hong Kong Masters

His dream: a freedom horse show

On one occasion it was Santi Serra’s turn and the spectators looked somewhat discouraged so that at that time he put into practice what time before him had come as a vision in a dream.

To put his dream into practice, Santi took out his chair and nodded at the horse. In this way when performing the exercises, the horse only gallops without being able to stop. Thus Santi decided to give freedom to the horse. Seeing this, the public was moved and the horse after two or three laps on the track stopped braking. Indeed, the reaction of the public was screaming and clapping. It is the horse manifesting as the same.

From then on the horse tamer Santi Serra decides to start with a freedom horse show.

Get to Know Equestrian Artist Santi Serra

Beginnings of Santi Serra at the horse show

For the year 2005 taking full advantage of the Arabian horses he had at that time. He stopped to observe them very closely in freedom, there he could observe the dynamics under which they perform in terms of leadership and their reproduction.

Later in 2007 he managed to make his presentation with Kyfruc in an event together with Texas his dog of breed border collie. The latter considered the most intelligent dog breed in the world.

Santi Serra recognizes that his success is partly due to his father because this man inspired him and taught him love and respect for animals. To his father for providing that unconditional mother support and supporting him in the unconventional idea of being a horse tamer.

On the other hand his brother John Serra is the right hand, it is the non-visible face of the company but the one that is behind the smallest detail at the highest and most difficult of all.

Finally, to whom he owes all his career to his allies at home in training and at shows, that is to say to his horses …

Santi Serra in a horse show
Santi Serra in a horse show

Sercam Shows

In Sercam Shows they give great importance to the shooting, spot. This company believes that giving a sensitive image through an animal is very important. For what it seeks to convey respect, bliss, good treatment and feeling in the public that takes it.

In relation to the times that the shooting can last, it is given importance because the main thing is to improve resources and reduce costs. For this they carry the animal very well trained and competent for the scene of the story board that is going to be shot.

In Sercam Shows they have the ability and the wide range that they work with any animal such as horses, dogs, donkeys, zebras, and falcons. Although its strong point is the horses

These have no limits on the actions as long as they do not cause the animal to suffer any kind of damage, bodily or psychological.

Santi Serra ’s love for horses

The parents of the horse tamer Santi Serra have been Arab horse breeders. Why this man grew up surrounded by horses which leads him to see them from the eyes of love. In effect, he perceives them with great nobility and beauty, that is, they are animals that give off a pure feeling.

The special horse of Santi Sierra is Nika for what he considers to be the best mare he has. This account has 13 years, of Arab race, is strong, intelligent and with great character. Discipline and perseverance were key to achieving the dressage of this mare.

Santi Serra ‘s favorite horse

Santi Serra expresses the following of his mare Nika

“Es una de las mejores del espectáculo: es una actriz, con sus movimientos, su agilidad. Hace tres años la nombraron la primera entre los cinco caballos mejores del mundo del cine la publicidad y el espectáculo”

“She is one of the best in the show: she is an actress, with her movements, her agility. Three years ago she was named the first among the five best horses in the world of cinema, advertising and entertainment ”

In relation to dressage they try to speak the same language of the horse. Santi Serra indicates that you cannot pretend that the animal becomes human. Therefore, what needs to be done is that man becomes an animal in this way he will be able to understand it better through his body language.

Only in this way will he be able to synchronize in a proper way with the horse. Also, observe their language their behavior and little by little they will accept the presence of the tamer or whisper of horses.

Without a doubt, the use of force to tame an animal should be avoided as much as possible. That is obsolete, since the tendency is natural dressage and this is the most appropriate.

Santi Serra over horses
Santi Serra over horses

Santi Serra at the VI edition of Madrid Horse Week IFEMA

The goal of Santi Serra is to spread the message in this event. Without abuse, with welfare and play, you can get what you want from animals. This event has the participation of Mika, the group of Arabian horses, Lusitanians and their beloved golden collie dogs.

The sponsors of the event at the Madrid Horse Week led by Santi Serra is under the sponsorship of the Alfonso X El Sabio University hospital.

Regarding communication with his horses Santi Serra expresses the following:

“Lo que tengo es un idioma con ellos, para que ellos puedan entender y saber lo que tienen que hacer”

“What I have is a language with them, so they can understand and know what they have to do”

As we mentioned before the ability to understand each movement or gesture of the horse is essential that the tamer knows how to interpret and there is adequate feedback. This is the gift possessed by the horse tamer Santi Serra.

Madrid horse week - Santi Serra

Santi Serra and the power of natural dressage

It is a very special skill that Santi Serra possesses to perfectly understand the behavior of horses as well as other animals. These trains them both for their shows and for the filming of films.

The most important thing of all is that it is done through natural dressage, so it does not cause any kind of physical punishment to the animal.

Likewise, the love that this man has for horses makes him do his job in an impeccable way and with high standards of excellence.

Among his horses are Arab and Lusitanian, as well as a zebra, a donkey, two dogs of the bordier collie breed that he has in his stand of actors.

Natural dressage and empathy allows us to make the best of horses and ourselves. Bet on natural dressage and take care of horses.






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