//The Pure Blood Lusitano: Power and nobility
Pure Blood Lusitano - A Ciara Doone Rush Photography (https://doonerush.co.uk/hero-the-pen-llyn-lusitanos)

The Pure Blood Lusitano: Power and nobility

Each animal has its own nature, and hence the virtues, so is the Pure Blood Lusitano.

With a cultural origin, it is one of the oldest horses on the animal kingdom.

They were initially called “the children of the wind.” Among its virtues the following have always predominated: Elegance, resistance, bearing, strength and great temperament. The Pure Blood Lusitano is a particular animal for horse riding.

Indeed, the Pure Blood Lusitano are ideal for activities such as “rejoneo” (bullfight on horses), dressage and of course horse riding.

This important species has managed to transcend in many countries of the world some of them are:

Mexico, Brazil, France, likewise, the United States, Spain, Holland, Italy, Germany, among others.

Consider that the Pure Blood Lusitano has been prepared for the activities of the “rejoneador” (Bullfighter on horseback).

So he is also frequently seen in high livestock.

It is an animal that requires great preparation and perseverance to achieve excellence in equestrian sports.

It is clear that the Pure Blood Lusitano is really elegant and insightful.

Lusitanos Montemayor

A little history about the Pure Blood Lusitano

The name of this species comes from a village of the Iberian Peninsula, called Lusitânia.

It is important to note that in the world of horses they exist in some countries of greater tradition. They are even in books with information where the whole family tree of breed animals is raised. In that sense, by 1960 this horse was included in the Portuguese Genealogical Book.

From there the importance and scope of this horse spread throughout the world.

Within the roots of the Pure Blood Lusitano, two types of horses with specific characteristics coexisted.

A Pure Blood Lusitano
A Pure Blood Lusitano

Ancestors of the Pure Blood Lusitano – The “Garrano” horse

The first of the horses that gave birth to the Pure Blood Lusitano was developed in places where there were mountains. One of its characteristics is that its lower extremities were short.

Likewise, the ears were also small, at one time it was used in daily activities of these populations.

This first horse is identified in Portugal as “Garrano”.

Ancestors of the Pure Blood Lusitano – The Iberian horse

In the same way the second horse that also coexists is the famous Iberian horse.

Among its features it can be noted that it is larger, and the shape of the head is prominent.

It should be noted that this horse emerged from the mixture between the Iberian horse and other horses in Africa.

Others suggest that the Arabian horse has to do with the origin of the Pure Blood Lusitano.

The Pure Blood Lusitano
The Pure Blood Lusitano

Some characteristics of the Pure Blood Lusitano

Among the specifications of this great animal, the following should be considered:

  • The Pure Blood Lusitano weighs around five hundred kilograms, its body has a rounded shape.
  • Likewise, its height varies according to the sex of the animal in the case of the females they reach a meter with fifty-five centimeters.
  • In the case of Pure Blood Lusitano male horses, they can measure one meter and sixty centimeters.
  • Depending on their coat, they can vary between gray and reddish color and different shades of each.
  • On the other hand, the horse’s temperament is characterized by his nobility, great energy, and goodness in his training.
  • Within this perspective, it is an animal that can easily adapt to rigorous training within riding.
  • In addition, it is an animal that has bravery, strength, and spirit.
  • By virtue, the animal’s chest has a medium amplitude, of great musculature.
  • Among other details it can be emphasized that tendons are very well defined in each limb, among other details.

Due to its characteristics, the Pure Blood Lusitano is a powerful and noble horse at the same time.

Anecdotes behind the Pure Blood Lusitano

There are vestiges of the existence of this race in prehistory. It is the case of the Pool in Malaga, Spain.

These samples of history marked a pattern to accentuate the existence of the horse in the Iberian Peninsula.

The Pure Blood Lusitano and its rider
The Pure Blood Lusitano and its rider

Famous breeders of Pure Blood Lusitano

Each breed of horse is very different from another and requires special care according to its temperament and nature.

Many times caring for and preparing these horses demand extensive training and experience by the caretakers.

Undoubtedly, the caregiver’s job is first and foremost to guarantee the quality and living conditions of the horses.

Among the main caretakers of Pure Blood Lusitano that exist, we can mention:

  • Jorge Hank.
  • José Antonio Fernández Carbajal.
  • Abelardo Morales Purón.
  • Jose Antonio Aguilar Velasco
  • Arsenio Raposo Cordeiro.
  • Manuel Tavares Veiga.
  • Fernando Sommer.
Lusitanos Aguilar Velasco


Care and quality of life of Pure Blood Lusitano

It is important to note that Pure Blood Lusitano require the same care as other horses to maintain quality of life.

Their intelligence, docility and elegance depends a lot on the care they receive from their caregivers.

For this, it is essential to maintain excellent hygiene of both the animal and the stables where the equine rests.

Mainly you must attend to the hygiene and constant review of the animal.

Depending on the quality of life of the animal, you can successfully develop your abilities, physical and cognitive skills.

In this way, you can perform better in each sporting activity where it usually takes place the most.

When considering the hygiene of the Pure Blood Lusitano, it is pertinent to review the products to avoid skin irritations.

Similarly, care should be taken not to splash the animal’s eyes with soap or other liquid.

It is important to emphasize that for the horse to feel well and comfortable, the place where it is must be spacious, spacious.

There you can locate the grass from which the animal will feed to maintain its performance and quality of life.

The space where the animal is located must be fenced so that the animal can be safely there.

It also requires a space that has a roof, so that the animal can rest and sleep.

Allowing also to cover the rain, and excessive sun.

On the other hand, it is essential to be very careful with other plants and objects that can affect the integrity of the equine.

Pure Blood Lusitano feeding and quality of life

The nutrition of the horses will allow to achieve an optimum performance in each activity that develops.

The food that the equine receives will depend on the age and demands of the activities it carries out.

In that sense, food is generally of plant origin.

Therefore, like other breeds of horses consume grass, carrots, hay, among others.

Some experts recommend giving them salt because of its mineral content, which allows horses to be strengthened.

In addition, it is essential to develop different activities in them from the earliest ages.

Therefore, they will remain motivated and thus stimulate their cognitive, emotional and physical skills and abilities.

In this way, it will also maintain your health and physical endurance.

Pure Blood Lusitano - A Ciara Doone Rush Photography (https://doonerush.co.uk/hero-the-pen-llyn-lusitanos)
Pure Blood Lusitano – A Ciara Doone Rush Photography (https://doonerush.co.uk/hero-the-pen-llyn-lusitanos)

Recommendations to maintain health

To maintain the quality of life of Pure Blood Lusitano, the following is essential:

It is important to keep track of vaccines, and especially veterinary medical care permanently.

In the case of injuries, the veterinarian’s attention should be sought to do the treatment at face value.

On the other hand, the most common diseases of horses are:

  • They may have dental infections.
  • Injuries due to forced activities.
  • Equine influenza.

To this end, the appreciation of animal health experts is essential to act in time with these equines.

Therefore, the caregiver has the great responsibility of being attentive to the changes that these animals present.

In this way act thinking about their quality of life,

And finally, this will respond successfully to any equestrian activity that is proposed.

The Pure Blood Lusitano, a horse with tradition

The Pure Blood Lusitano has stood out around the world thanks to its roots.

A horse that thanks to its ancestors achieved some remarkable characteristics that allow it to be a working horse. Moreover, its characteristics also make it excellent for equestrian sports.

The so-called children of the wind will take you wherever you want. Its elegance, bearing resistance, strength and good temperament will make your ride a delight. Do not forget to try riding a Lusitano horse, you will thank us.





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