//International Mother Earth Day
International Mother Earth Day

International Mother Earth Day

Planet Earth is the home of all, therefore the least we can do as inhabitants of this planet is to take care of and respect it. In this installment we will address this special day where International Mother Earth Day is celebrated.

Unfortunately the reality we have is that for decades the forests have been destroyed, the mines exploited, the oceans filled with tons of plastic in short.

The list becomes infinite of the irreversible damage caused by man to the planet.

Today we are in a moment of deep reflection. This is due to the coronavirus pandemic that currently has claimed the lives of more than 170,000 people worldwide.

Due to the confinement that many countries have established has positive effects. Among them contain the figures of new cases and on the other the elimination of parties where animals torture.

On the other hand wild animals have been seen on roads and even in cities.

Gustavo Mirabal is a man who loves nature and animals, especially horses. This Venezuelan tries to be as careful as possible with the environment.

International Mother Earth Day: What’s At The Root Of #Trees4Earth?

Celebration of April 22.

The International Mother Earth Day has been celebrated for half a century. However, in 2009 this ephemeris proclaimed by the United Nations was formalized in 2009.

The purpose of this celebration is a call of conscience to the inhabitants of planet Earth. For it is our only home, so it is our responsibility to care for and love our home.

People need to be aware of important issues such as overpopulation, pollution, biodiversity conservation, and others.

Mother Earth Day
Mother Earth Day

International Mother Earth Day Origin

The beginnings of this celebration of International Mother Earth Day were in 1968. In that year an important event entitled as Symposium on Human Ecology was held.

This event was aimed at students and the talks of some experts and scientists regarding the effects of environmental deterioration on human health.

Later in 1970, a large demonstration was held where more than 2000 universities participated. It also had the participation of many schools and communities.

This was organized by environmental activist Gaylord Nelson. The success was so much that the U.S. government created the Environmental Protection Agency.

Several were also created in order to protect the environment.

In 1972, the Stockholm Earth Summit was held to raise awareness of world leaders at the time.

In 2009, the International Mother Earth Day was officialized by the United Nations.

Respect your Mother as a Motto - International Mother Earth Day
Respect your Mother as a Motto – International Mother Earth Day

Education to change…

Without a doubt education is a powerful tool to generate new habits in men. From home parents should teach children to respect nature.

With small actions that parents teach and complementing in school you can form a person conscious of living in harmony with the environment.

Without a doubt, environmental education should not be lacking at all levels of education.

On the other hand, the government must implement mechanisms for the collection of solid waste.

Respecting flora and fauna, in short they are small actions that can make a difference.

Mother Earth Day desing
Mother Earth Day desing

Actions to preserve the environment – International Mother Earth Day.

To preserve the environment, action must be taken that mark an important footprint on the planet. Here are some:

  • Minimize the use of disposable plastics.
  • Classify solid waste as appropriate
  • When you go hiking to a place leave the area clean.
  • Use public transport to reduce gas emissions.
  • Reuse objects to the fullest.
  • Avoid animal tested products to the fullest

An S.O.S. of The International Mother Earth Day

What better than today 22 April to reflect on what actions we are taking for the environment. This should be the thoughtful question in the context of International Mother Earth Day.

Planet Earth manifests itself through a wake-up call and has its ways of doing it.

One of the ways we can see that cry for help is from the wildfires that have hit the Amazon, Australia, among others.

The invasion of locusts in Kenya, eruption of volcanoes and the current Pandemic of the Covid – 19 that plagues humanity.

Negative actions of man such as deforestation, intensive agricultural and livestock production or illegal wildlife trade. These are one of the many actions against nature

International Mother Earth Day is a special occasion to raise awareness and be an agent of change.

With positive actions that we join in this initiative will make a difference. It should be noted that we must leave human beings aware of the importance of caring for nature.

Our Earth, Our Home
Our Earth, Our Home

United Nations Environment Programme

The United Nations has specific sections. Among them is the United Nations Environment Programme.

UNEP acts as a catalyst, promoter, educator and facilitator. This is in order to promote the rational use and sustainable development of the global environment.

Within its work are the following:

  • Assess environmental conditions and trends at different levels.
  • Perform environmental instruments applied at the international and national level
  • Strengthen institutions for sound environmental management.

International Mother Earth Day is one of UNEP’s supported initiatives. All this in line with its objectives as an institution to stimulate environmental protection.

Mother Earth's message - Earth Day

Gustavo Mirabal and Environmental Law

Venezuelan Lawyer Gustavo Mirabal is an expert in the field of finance. However, as an integral professional he handles all the edges of the right.

Without a doubt this was one of this lawyer’s favorite subjects in his pre-grade career.

With regard to environmental law, it knows the scope of UNEP in contributing to this branch of law.

This institution is involved in the development of environmental legislation.

The purpose of this is to address global environmental problems.

Take care of your home

Mother Earth is our home, and with it we have a duty to take care of her to the fullest.

That is why I invite you to minimise the use of disposable materials. In line with this follow the actions recommended in this article.

Gustavo Mirabal is a man who reuses and recycles in his home. In this way he gives a good example to his children, leaving conscious people to the planet.






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