//Alexander Technique on horseback Riding
L'équitation par la technique Alexander - Alexander Riding - Véronique Bartin

Alexander Technique on horseback Riding

In the world of horseback riding, fundamental aspects must be taken into account, such as: appropriate clothing and correct posture when riding a horse. For this important reason, a technique called Alexander riding was born by its creator Veronique Bartin.

L'équitation par la technique Alexander - Alexander Riding - Véronique Bartin
L’équitation par la technique Alexander – Alexander Riding – Véronique Bartin

Alexander Riding Concept

This technique of psychophysical re-education aims to restore the proper use of the body through the conscious avoidance of harmful habits such as those associated with undue tension and bad posture.

This entails in those who practice it a constant unlearning of bad habits and body postures and learning to maintain the correct postures.

The Alexander technique is an approach to the horse that involves more sensitivity than technique. It is a technique that champions mobility, looseness and flexibility both internally and externally. It arouses in the rider a curiosity about his own body, a physical need to know better how the body works in general. Indeed, knowing and knowing your body keeps you well-being, which translates into a better quality of life for the rider and for his environment, in short, a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of the Alexander Technique

It serves to relieve the pain caused by the numerous muscle tensions related to stress and incidents of everyday life.

The Alexander technique allows the person to explore their internal mechanisms, that is, their way of thinking, their way of moving, the way they manage their emotions.

At the same time as training, the student of the Alexander technique becomes able to expand his self-awareness, to increase his self-control and to include, in his own way, complementary knowledge, without the risk of confusion.

All the benefits mentioned above translate into the person feeling good about themselves. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Since the human being is a complement to all these aspects that if they manage to balance their life will take a huge turn. In addition, it would be creating a positive impact on its environment. Hence the phrase that says healthy mind in healthy body…

Benefits of Alexander technique
Benefits of Alexander technique

Keys of the Alexander Technique

  • How to do something is more important than what to do.
  • The means are far more important than the end.
  • Knowledge of our body schema is paramount.
  • False sensations limit progress.

Through our body we can transmit messages to our horse, get them to understand our aids and appreciate the changes in their behavior and attitude. In this way, our communication with the horse will be more fluid knowing how to interpret not only our body language, but that of the horse as well. This makes the rider more perceptive and wiser.

Conscious bodily functioning requires some grounding before riding the horse. Thanks to this awareness-raising work, the rider will be prepared to solve any situation that comes his way.

These principles of Alexander Technique are used by Centered Riding and you can check them out in our article on the subject.

Think before you act; That’s what the Alexander technique applied to horsemanship is all about

Veronique Bartin