//Clémence Faivre “on fire” at the Madrid Horse Week
Clémence Faivre on fire in Madrid Horse Week 2019

Clémence Faivre “on fire” at the Madrid Horse Week

The most important equestrian event in that country, in which various world-class competitions are held. One of the special guests at this seventh edition of the Madrid Horse Week is the famous Clémence Faivre. Clémence Faivre is a famous equestrian artist of high riding school (Classical Dressage)

Among the competitions to be developed during the Madrid Horse Week are:

  • Jumping World Cup
  • Dressage World Cup
  • The final of the Doma Vaquera Masters Cup.

This amazing Amazon, as women riding and competing are called, revolutionized the equestrian world in 2010.

His fame and success was achieved thanks to being the first woman in the world to perform cowboy-style pirouettes, breaks and change of feet to the street in total freedom.

And from there his fame began to spread …

From that moment his name began to gain more strength within the equine world and outside it.

In each movement Clémence Faivre and his horse Gotan exude elegance, aesthetics and a lot of technique, but above all, an exceptional woman-horse relationship.

Something that is undoubtedly vital in this sport, because if the rider or Amazon does not have a good connection with the animal nothing special happens.

The Madrid Horse Week will take place from November 29 to December 1, 2019.

The show “Fire” by Clémence Faivre will be held on November 30, 2019. We leave you with a video of your show Fire that you can witness at the Madrid Horse Week.

Clémence Faivre - Fuego

How does a horse manage to perform such movements?

Whether in a race or on an obstacle course, the animal will only do what they ask, without putting the heart. But when there is connection between the horse and its rider, amazing things happen. We have seen this magical effect of the rider-horse connection in the competitions and especially outside them.

In the stable is where more time a rider and a horse spend and can develop a connection. This is because it is the place where the equine lives, where they brush it, clean it, sleep, etc.

So the rider or amazon must start by earning the trust of the animal and once he succeeds then the rest is history.

As it happens to Clémence Faivre who, since the beginning that path as Amazon, is pursued by success.

Thanks to her magical connection, her faithful horses support her in every act and together they are a spectacle.

Clémence Faivre on fire in Madrid Horse Week
Clémence Faivre on fire in Madrid Horse Week

Who is Clémence Faivre

Clémence Faivre was born in France, in 1981. She grew up in Gouvieux, north of Paris.

At age 12 he began his equine adventure, after receiving a horse as a gift. His father is the one who gives it to him perhaps as an oracle of what his future would be.

Without knowing it, his father was marking the direction of the life of little Clémence.

This young woman is also passionate about cinema and therefore, before being a professional Amazon, she was an actress.

He enrolls in Cours Florent to become an actress. Cours Florent is one of France’s most prestigious drama schools. There are programs for French-speaking students and English-speaking foreigners.

Cours Florent students are prepared to be certified by the most prestigious institutions of French dramatic art.

During these walks he meets Mario Luraschi who forms the Vaulting discipline. There arises a special connection that would later become more than a friendship.

This is how Clémence Faivre begins a career performing the role of stunt double in several films. Thanks to his training in dramatic art and Vaulting he was the ideal person for this role.

For 2007, the young woman travels to the peninsula of Andalusia, in Spain, to improve herself in dressage.

Clémence Faivre and his horse
Clémence Faivre and his horse


About Pure Spanish Horse (PRE – “Pura Raza Española”)

Andalusian horses emerged from Andalusia, known today as Pure Spanish Horse.

Which, by the way, are nominated before Unesco to be Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The file where Spain makes such a request was introduced in 2018. It is expected that Unesco will report whether or not it is listed as Patrimony within two years.

It is with these “Pure Spanish Horse” horses that Clémence Faivre begins to make a special connection.

Clémence Faivre showing her expertise
Clémence Faivre showing her expertise

Clémence Faivre trip to Andalusia

During her stay in Andalusia, Spain, this young Amazon is perfected in dressage technique.

Learn from one of the greats in this technique, it is the tamer Francisco Bautista Roldan.

Gotan comes to her life

Clémence later finds by chance who would be his favorite horse, Gotan.

It could be said that it is love at first sight. She feels a connection with that horse and since then a great binomial is formed.

With his horse Gotan Clémence created his first High School number released. This was presented in 2010 to Santa María del Mar, as reviewed in its web portal http://www.clemencefaivre.com

A dream come true for Clémence Faivre

By 2015, Clémence Faivre founded his own Lusitanian thoroughbred livestock in France.

Two years later Clémence Faivre returns to France and on September 15, 2018 he marries Mario Luraschi.

Since its appearance they have tried to match it but no one, so far, exceeds it. She is still the teacher of teachers in this art.

Each of its shows is expected and recognized worldwide. In fact, it is hired for prestigious events, with prestigious people. He has also performed with his horses on famous stages such as Madrid Horse Week.

Clémence Faivre in Madrid Horse Week
Clémence Faivre in Madrid Horse Week


Clémence and his show in Madrid

For Madrid Horse Week, Clémence will attend with his horse “Fuego” (its name means “Fire”) and with a show that bears the same name. This is the second time that the French artist will attend Madrid Horse Week.

This amazing horse is another of the great talents that the Frenchwoman has in her stable.

That is why those attending the event will see a great horse show.

This show will be held at the MHW Central Track 2019, on Saturday, November 30.

Fuego, is 10 years old and is the grandson of the famous Navalheiro.

During his presentation “Fuego” will show the total rapport he has with Clémence when making the most amazing, beautiful and risky movements.

There is no doubt that together they will surprise their viewers with their waste of technique and elegance.

The expectations before the show of the young breeder and amazon of Gouvieux are very high. Certainly the public will be pleased with his presence and that of “Fuego”

Such is the recognition that this young woman has that has earned the respect of everyone in the equestrian world.

All attendees will have an indelible impression on their minds and hearts of a show to remember. Fire, a show and a very special Lusitanian blood.

Fuego is one of the most important members of the pack of the young Amazon and impressive breeder Clémence Faivre.

Fuego and Gotán will leave their mark on the panorama of Classical Dressage shows

Clémence Faivre on fire in Madrid Horse Week 2019
Clémence Faivre on fire in Madrid Horse Week 2019

Clémence Faivre and the Madrid Horse Week 2019

This year’s Madrid Horse week definitely has many surprises for us. The show “Fuego” and Clémence Faivre are just one of the wonders that the organizers have prepared for us.

But if we are not horse lovers and we are only curious about that world it would be worth visiting. And is that a show like Clémence Faivre and his horses is not seen every day.

Clémence will continue to leave a mark on our hearts and let’s take advantage of meeting her at the Madrid Horse Week 2019




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