//Outstanding Venezuelan riders and horses 2019 (Part 1)
Emisael Jaramillo in Dubai - Outstanding Venezuelan Riders and Horses

Outstanding Venezuelan riders and horses 2019 (Part 1)

2019 is a very good year for Venezuelan riders and horses. They have stood out a lot in the United States, as in other countries.

And it is that Venezuelan athletes measure up to where they are going, no matter in which discipline they perform.

However, this year, two athletes have left the name of Venezuela very high. With their triumphs in the American circuits and in other latitudes as in the Arab Emirates they have exalted us.

This is Javier Castellano and Emisael Jaramillo, two Creoles whose work on horseback has filled the hearts of Venezuelans with joy. Both are pride of horse riding in that country.

Dubai World Cup 2019: Dubai Golden Shaheen Repay - XY Jet

Venezuelan riders and horses: Javier Castellano

This year, Javier Castellano’s name has sounded a lot. This is because the Creole also win the Vosburgh Stakes, classic Grade 1, has had great performance in other competitions.

Last September, Castellano won the Vosburgh Stakes. This 1,200 meter distance race is held in the arena of Belmont Racecourse, New York.

Firenze Fire, was the main opponent of the Venezuelan in this fair, where another great whip, Irad Ortiz, was looking for the win.

In the first 400 meters the partial was at 22.11, for the 800 meters the time was 44.65 and 56.19 for the 1,000 meters.

Javier Castellano had a hard-fought duel with Irad Ortiz, but he finally took advantage of a nose and the time he set was 1.08.35

The first to ride an American Pharoah daughter

But the rider Zuliano was not satisfied with that victory. The Zulian rider reached the scoop on the back of a daughter of the triple crowned American Pharoah.

That is why we place it among the outstanding Venezuelan riders and horses 2019

This is Princess Carolina, a two-year-old mare, to whom the Venezuelan rider had the opportunity to ride a race in Sacre Coeur.

This is an honor that not every jockey can access. But that the experience and exemplary record of this equestrian athlete allows you to “give yourself those luxuries.”

In that race, Javier Castellano kept the mare in intermediate positions. But in the final stretch he took the first place to win with a margin of 3 and a half bodies.

The time that the Venezuelan jockey and Princess Caroline left on the track is 1.41.67 for 1,700 meters.

Venezuelan victory in the Breeders ’Cup Fillies

Another great victory for this Venezuelan rider is the British Idiom in the Breeders ’Cup Juevenile Milles.

Career considered one of the most important in Santa Anita Park.

This is a 1,700 meter race, which the Venezuelan made in a time of 107 ”2.

That was Castellano’s 11th win in the Breeders ’Cup races.

Javier Castellano Awarded in New York

Javier Castellano - Outstanding Venezuelan Riders and Horses
Javier Castellano – Outstanding Venezuelan Riders and Horses

Given his performance for May of this year, Zuliano Javier Castellano was awarded the Mike Venezia 2019.

Award given in memory of rider Mike Venezia, who dies in 1988 due to injuries caused by a spill.

Venezia, a native of Brooklyn, won over 2,300 races during his 25 years as a professional rider.

This Prize is added to those already held by the Venezuelan jockey.

The Marabino (as they say to people born in Maracaibo, Zulia state) holds four consecutive Eclipse Awards as an outstanding Jockey from 2013-16.

And, at the same time, he owns more than 12 riding titles in the Nyra circuit and is routinely among the best brokers in earnings, registering more than $ 22 million in 2018.

Other riders awarded that prize are:

Joe Bravo (2018), Kendrick Carmouche (2017), Mario Pino (2016), Jon Court (2015), Hall of Fame John Velazquez (2014) and Hall of Fame member, the Venezuelan Ramón Domínguez (2013).

This Prize now has the name of two Venezuelans in its history, Ramón Domínguez and Javier Castellano.

This is one of the reasons why Javier Castellano is among the outstanding Venezuelan riders and horses of 2019.

Emisael Jaramilo: One of the Outstanding Venezuelan riders and horses 2019

Among these riders who in 2019 have given many joys to Venezuela is Emisael Jaramillo.

Who at one time we call as: great promise of Venezuelan riding.

And this young man traveled to Dubai this year, where of course he knew how to stop his country well.

Emisael Jaramillo: One of the outstanding venezuelan riders and horses of 2019

This young man with great potential was born in Tucupido, Guárico state in 1977.

He left Venezuela for the United States with 14 statistics and more than 3,000 victories at La Rinconada Racecourse, in Caracas.

Since then his career in Venezuela was on the cusp, followed a remarkable ascent that has made it unstoppable.

In late July 2015 he went to North America to ride the then Venezuelan champion Ninfa del Cielo. This specimen in 2014 won the Caribbean Classic, and stayed there for a spectacular and impeccable takeoff.

Since then Jaramillo resides in Florida. When he arrived on American soil he quickly equaled the monarch of that time, Rigo Sarmiento.

He only needed two Gold Caps to match Juan Vicente Tovar with his 16 mark.

The following month, August, he won with Imperial Warrior.

Emisael Jaramillo in Dubai - Outstanding Venezuelan Riders and Horses
Emisael Jaramillo in Dubai – Outstanding Venezuelan Riders and Horses

900 wins in four years. An outstanding rider

In just 4 years, Emisael Jaramillo has 900 victories under his belt in what is called the Grand League of Turf in equestrian sport.

Reason why the Venezuelan equestrian is celebrating and celebrates with him those achievements that exalt the Creole tricolor.

And it shows that Venezuela has great riders today, as well as young people who are preparing to be the relay generation.

After an interview published by Crónica Uno, to Emisael Jaramillo, the Guariqueño rider said that his closest goal is to reach the thousand wins.

“Winning 900 races in four years has been quite favorable for me. I thank all the Venezuelan coaches and the Americans too. You have to keep working and fighting, ”Jaramillo told the journalist Pascual Artiles.

With an eye on the 1000 victories

To reach the thousand victories the Creole rider knows that he has to keep trying as he has done so far.

This challenge fills you with faith and vitality to continue in this exciting and challenging sport.

“The remaining 100 victories will be given with effort and work,” said Emisael Jaramillo.

While expressing his gratitude to his family and the Venezuelan fans for being aware of his successes.

For this and much more, Emisael Jaramillo counts among the outstanding venezuelan riders and horses of 2019.

And it is that the Creole has a great fanatic that on Twitter follows in his footsteps and does not hesitate to congratulate him every time the athlete sounds the Glory to the Brave People (National Anthem of Venezuela).

Another of the great achievements of Emisael Jaramillo this 2019 is his victory in the Dubai Golden Shaheen (G1) with the copy XY Jet.

Race that catapults it to a new level.

That race in the UAE has a 2.5 million dollar prize pool.

And the Venezuelan horses featured what?

And as if to give you a little suspense, we will only give you an opening of the outstanding horses of 2019.

This selection has not been easy. To select the outstanding Venezuelan riders and horses of 2019 is to choose among many.

Here are the names of 3 of the horses that will be part of our next part:

  • Gunnevera
  • The Brother Slew
  • Great Omero (Gran Omero)

Venezuela definitely overflows talent in the equestrian world. We hope to surprise you in our next installment.




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