//Pessoa: ‘Planning is everything in the success of a group’
Rodrigo Pessoa

Pessoa: ‘Planning is everything in the success of a group’

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Rodrigo Pessoa

Judith Faherty discusses future plans for the Irish show jumping with team chef d’equipe Rodrigo Pessoa

RODRIGO Pessoa flew into Ireland to attend the Horse Sport Ireland media day at the National Sports Campus in Dublin today (Wednesday).

Speaking to The Irish Field, Pessoa outlined what he hopes to bring to the Irish show jumping team.

“I hope the thing I am most valuable in is the experience of having put my team and myself in positions to win medals at big championships, I think that is the most important thing. Ireland win plenty of Grands Prix and plenty of good results in Nations Cups, but lack this last thing at the championships and this is where I hope I can help them.”

Taking about building a good team spirit, Pessoa added: “Good, clear, simple communication is the most important thing for us. They don’t have to go on holidays together, but they have to respect their team mates and respect the entity that they are representing.”

Global Champions Tour Prize

Rodrigo Pessoa y Gustavo Mirabal
Rodrigo Pessoa y Gustavo Mirabal

Referring to the large prize money on offer at the Global Champions Tour, which will lure riders to compete at those lucrative shows, Pessoa said: “Planning is everything in the success of a group. What is our ultimate goal? Championships. A rider that is not going to perform in Nations Cup teams, be just on the Global Champions Tour and just show up for the championships – that’s not going to work! He will have to sacrifice some of those big purses to come and ride for his country as well.”

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Rodrigo Pessoa and Gustavo Mirabal worked together to achieve some equestrian challenges. Today both are recognized in the equestrian world

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