//Things that only riders understand
Rider jumping

Things that only riders understand

Rider with horse
Rider with horse

When practicing equestrian sport, we usually have a set of habits or situations that have made us feel identified, admired and even observed with rarity.

In this installment we will share 8 things that only riders or amazons know because they have ever happened to us.

Riders’ things

1. Weekend’s rest

After a long week of work it is good to rest. But what to do?

You can go to a party with your friends, share, go to the movies, more also involves meeting those special people.

Crazy as it seems, the riders appreciate the company of our equines. That is why many times the rest means: spend time with your horse.

No pressure, no complications, just your friend and you.

2. Uniformed in public places

Given the routine is likely that you have to make purchases in a store and even wear your rider or amazon suit. Had you happened?

If so, I suppose they have been intimidated, but calm, people admire our elegance!

Riders elegance
Riders elegance

3. “Everything the horse does”

There are those who believe that being a rider is just getting on the horse and that he does everything, in reality, this is not true. We must exercise!

There are training routines that we must follow and as a result our legs and glutes are strong.

The horse alone does what he wants, but when we take the reins we are a team, a binomial.

So, in competitions, does the horse do everything alone?


4. Horse smell

A fragrance without equal!

When working with horses, we usually have a particular aroma that not everyone likes. However, for those of us who love this sport, smelling horses is normal. It’s more if we do not smell at them then we do not go through the barn.

So if you have looked bad for wearing that fragrance, do not worry, it’s normal.

Feel proud! At this point it is possible to think “what do the horses think of our smell?”

5. Horses everywhere!

When equestrian spors are your passion then you see them everywhere you go.

The movies where the equines are protagonists excite you more than the account. Ifyou see photos, magazines, newspapers etc, where equines appear you feel identified.

Passion leads you to be different, to stand out and shine.

Equestrian love
Equestrian love

6. Love of the horse and not the money

They say that the root of all evil is the love of money so when we have a horse we can not skimp on the price for their care.

The horse requires veterinary care, healthy food, a comfortable place.

We do not have money for any fun. Our investment is in horses. That’s why there we will find our best friends, those who understand our budget…

In the end the expenses are many but they are worth more the satisfactions that they offer us.

His love, tenderness, intelligence and ability to learn are amazing.

7. Any time is good to ride

Be it sunny, rain or snow, it will always be a good day to ride. Any free time is good to enjoy what we like the most. Cinema? Noooo! To ride a horse 🙂

Of course, we should not endanger the animal or our life. First you have to calculate if you can or not, more if the weather does not allow it, we can use it to share with the horse.

8. Friends who speak your same language

Nothing better to share with those passionate about horses like you.

Who better than them will support you, laugh and share your adventures?

It is always good to go out with those who love equestrian sports because we nurture one another.

The strength, the consolation, the alliance, the main motivation we will find in those friends on the block.

Having a horse is perhaps like having a “huge dog” that requires more dedication, more love and more expenses. Not everyone will understand us and therefore great friendships and love arise among lovers of horses. Because these are things that only the riders understand.

Equestrian friendship
Equestrian friendship







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