//The great Argentine tamer Martín Ochoteco

The great Argentine tamer Martín Ochoteco

The great Argentine tamer Martín Ochoteco

In the equine world there is a multidisciplinary team responsible for carrying out the various activities that derive from the handling of horses. In this sense the importance of horse tamers is enormous. For this reason we will address what is related to the great Argentine tamer Martín Ochoteco.

Martin Ochoteco, is originally from Ameghino, from the Province of Buenos Aires – Argentina.  Martín has left his country’s name very high through his profession …

One of the main premises from which the great Argentine tamer Martín Ochoteco starts is the following:

“You must adapt to the horse, not he to you, it is the horse that has to be comfortable”

This man has a deep love and respect for horses. Martín Ochoteco known worldwide for his talent, applies a training technique without violence based on harmony and connection with the horse.

The great Argentine tamer Martín Ochoteco is very clear that people who have an animal must have a lot of responsibility and respect. The important thing about this tamer is that he carries a voice to raise awareness of the good treatment of animals wherever he goes …

Therefore it carries a message in favor of animal welfare that is so much needed in these times.


Childhood of the great Argentine tamer Martín Ochoteco surrounded by horses

It is no accident that this talented tamer has developed so much love and respect for animals, especially horses. Since he was a child he had the privilege of being surrounded by horses.

As if that were not enough at the young age of 12, he developed the initiative to raise a herd of horses. This helped develop his talent as a tamer of specimens in just one week and without violence.

This man relies fully on the technique of dressage and therefore expresses the following:

“The dressage without violence is to teach the horse everything you need to know for good, that is, assessing their psychology, behavior and body language, which allows you to transmit the knowledge we want you to learn”

Undoubtedly this gift that this tamer has is a gift to put at the service of beings as noble as horses.

Dressage technique used by the Argentine Martín Ochoteco

The technique used by the great Argentine tamer Martin Ochoteco is based on a system of loose reins with wheels that allow him to direct the animal.

In this process he makes smooth movements with his body in accordance with the horse, which he subsequently manages to stop with his voice.

It is a technique that seeks to remove all the bad habits of the equine when riding it. In this regard, Argentine Martín Ochoteco expresses the following:

“I work understanding the psychology of the horse, its body language and its behavior. And that is how the best results are achieved. It’s as simple as understanding the animal, but for that you have to know ”

Martin Ochoteco the tamer of the National Geographic channel

Martin Ochoteco’s tamer’s career comes across the famous National Geographic channel to the entire planet. For what is known worldwide

As posed by the great Argentine tamer Martín Ochoteco from respect and love when a horse is approached, it is done gradually. It should be noted that at this point patience plays an important role because learning times must be respected.

In relation to the age to approach the horses and tame them it is between three and four years. However, it can be done before, as long as the animal’s health is in excellent condition.

In relation to dressage techniques Martin Ochoteco indicates the following:

“The techniques that exist to tame a horse are many. I use a very flexible way. To those who want to start training horses, I can say that the important thing is to start with the experience and the taste for the activity”

Since he began his career as a tamer, he has been able to rehabilitate countless horses with vices or traumas.

The form of non-violent dressage, with emphasis on respect, communication and deep knowledge of nature to achieve an incomparable bond of trust, based on calm, patience and affection.

Martín Ochoteco
Martín Ochoteco

Steps to board a horse through dressage by Martín Ochoteco

In principle, the Argentine tamer first inspects the entire context in which he and his entire habitat are.

Now to get into action, he approaches and looks for the confidence that the horse seems to ask for. They exchange accomplices and the tamer stretches out his hand providing food.

Next, he proceeds to apply massages so that his negative energy becomes positive. Then he takes it out of his environment so that the session takes place in terms of greater confidence of the horse towards the tamer.

With all the steps taken this horse is giving way and is now available for the great Argentine tamer Martin Ochoteco to ride it.

These steps are transmitted through the program projected by the international television channel National Geographic.

For this reason, the great Argentine tamer Martin Ochoteco, is known worldwide for having the talent to tame horses.

Advice from the great Argentine tamer Martín Ochoteco to approach the horses

In principle, the tamer must face the horse or face it on the side of the front leg, at the hand almost diagonally, and touch the neck.

You should try as far as possible not to face it from behind because it can kick you.

In the horse race there are some more difficult than others when it comes to tame. The key to achieving the goal is perseverance and discipline to achieve the goal.

The castrated horse and the mare have similarity in dressage. However, the most difficult is the stallion, since it has different reactions from the others.

The key to dressage success is trust and communication.

The horse forces you to be fair, patient and understanding. So develop empathy and emotional intelligence in the tamer.

In summary

The dressage of horses carried out by Martin Ochoteco is impressive. This man has a true gift of understanding of horses.


This facilitates the work carried out in various parts of the world …


Without a doubt, it is an example to follow in relation to the love and deep respect that he feels for horses.


This is one of the recommended techniques for those horses with traumas.






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