//Romantic dinner in Dubai – Gustavo Mirabal
Romantic Dinner in Dubai

Romantic dinner in Dubai – Gustavo Mirabal

When traveling to another country, especially if you are in love, a dinner should be as romantic as possible. Dubai is the perfect place to have a romantic Dinner. Discover why Dubai will become the capital of romanticism in the coming years.

And if the destination is Paris, for example, city listed as “the city of love” then nothing better than dining in front of the River Seine or sailing a boat on it.

The more romantic the place the more unforgettable the moment will be.

That’s how it happens when people travel to Dubai. This country of the United Arab Emirates is characterized by its large skyscrapers and financial center.

But what many don’t know yet is that Dubai also offers endless adventures.

Among them, stroll on a desert tour and have a romantic dinner under the starlight in Dubai.

It doesn’t matter if your feet fill with sand or if there’s a cold breeze, the more romantic the better.

At.mosphere at the Burj Khalifa

Romantic dinner in Dubai

Well, Dubai has for tourists a 4-4 ride in the desert for them to live the experience of passing over the dunes. Some of the romantic walks allow us to learn a little more about Arab culture and of course take dinner watching the stars of Dubai.

Although there is also the option to avoid the walk and go straight to dinner.

Either mode is valid. What tourists visiting Dubai should be aware of is that public displays of affection are not well seen.

For Arabs the couple should only walk by the hand if they are husbands. Kisses, caresses are private.

The limitation and even prohibition of public displays of affection in Dubai can be shocking for visitors to the Arab Emirate.

But to avoid inconvenience, it is best that couples tourists do not make as many displays of affection in public. Don’t ruin your romantic dinner in Dubai for the haste, wait for the room.

Romantic Dinner in Dubai
Romantic Dinner in Dubai


What can you have for dinner? Romantic dinner in Dubai

For those who don’t know much about the gastronomic culture of this country we tell them that in Dubai it eats everything a little.

Especially vegetables, vegetables, fruits and red meats. The pig very little.

So during the romantic dinner in Dubai you can choose roast beef, vegetables and foods typical of that region.

In addition to any other dish of international gastronomy since it is a tourist area there is a lot of diversity in terms of food.

In this context it is incredible a dinner in the middle of the desert by candlelight and with a topping of stars. If you’re looking for something like that, Dubai is the place.

Indian, Pakistani, French or Mexican Food… you can also get it in Dubai. In fact, dishes from any country are available.

Everything is made with the best products in the world.

The most curious thing is that none of them are local, because in Dubai the land is desert and not a single tomato grows.

Romantic Dinner in Dubai
Romantic Dinner in Dubai

A dinner with all the luxury

If you eat tasty and have the most perfect view you have ever had it is… then you have to go to the highest restaurant in the world. Yes, the tallest in the world is in Dubai.

This is at.Mosphere. It is located on the 122nd floor Burj Khalifa. (For more information go to atmosphereburjkhalifa.com).

So if you’re thinking of asking your girlfriend to marry you, it’s the ideal place for that first yes, I accept.

It’s a perfect place for a romantic dinner in Dubai.


Skiing in Dubai

Another thing you can do besides eating well and having a romantic dinner in Dubai is skiing.

But how is this possible if Dubai is built on a desert?

The Emirati built their own ice ski slope (remember that there is also asphalt skiing).

Which is very interesting and attractive for their own and tourists as the temperatures are usually very high in Dubai and the heat is intense.

In this sense entering a ski slope and feeling the cold, the ice, is refreshing.

The piste is located inside the Mall of the Emirates, the city’s second shopping mall, and Ski Dubai (skidxb.com) you can go skiing, snowboarding and other activities related to winter sport.

Ski Dubai
Ski Dubai

Legolandia – a place you should visit

One of the most incredible places in Dubai is Legoland, a city built on Legos.

This work is a representation of the city of Dubai.

In Legoland are the architectural icons of this emirate or the Middle East with millions of Lego pieces.


Dubai also has the world’s tallest hotel

Emirati living in Dubai were not good enough to have the world’s tallest restaurant or building, but also hold the record for having the largest hotel in the world.

This hotel is located on Sheikh Zayed Avenue.

It is called Gevora (gevorahotels.com), it is 75 floors and 365 meters high. Only one metre below was the one that since 2012 held this title: the JW Marriot Marquis Dubai.

The world's largest hotel Gevora Dubai
The world’s largest hotel Gevora Dubai

The Safari

In this country of the United Arab Emirates another thing you can do is enjoy a desert safari.

Knowing the dunes and living the experience of touring them in a 4x4 van is great for tourists.


Things you can do in Dubai

Dubai has a variety of adventures for those who love tourism.

It offers panoramic views of the city on the terraces of its skyscrapers. Restaurants with amazing views.

Walks through various areas of the city and country. And if that’s not enough, it has the world’s largest shopping mall: the Dubai Mall.


Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is a shopping mall with more than 1,200 stores of the best brands in the world.

Everything you need or dream, materially speaking, is in that place. You can spend days running through it.

The shopping centre is right next to the Burj Khalifa.

In addition to the restaurants it has the Dubai Aquarium and an original dinosaur skeleton more complete in the world.

It also has an ice skating rink, a virtual reality theme park and even a waterfall with jumpers falling into the void.

The Dubai Mall
The Dubai Mall

Dubai Culture Facts – What You Should and Shouldn’t Do

As a tourist you have to keep in mind that the Arabs are very conservative.

You can dress as you like, but you should make sure that the clothes are not adjusted either with cleavacots or too short, in the case of women.

You must always dress well.

Another curious fact is that citizens with U.S. passports are exempt from paying a tuista visa.

You only have to have this document six months old. Only that is enough for them to set foot in this Arab emirate.

As for the currency of Dubai: This country has as its local currency the dinars. Although being a tourist spot they accept dollars and credit cards from all over the world.

Even taxis in Dubai can be paid by credit card.

Arabic is spoken of the language, but all or at least the vast majority speak English. They live off tourism so they speak these two languages.

For those who like to drink alcohol anywhere we must tell you that you can’t drink wherever the person wants.

Alcoholic beverages can only be consumed in hotels, in lounges at the airport.

Regarding prices: depending on where you choose to eat or buy prices vary. But a dinner for two people at an average location can cost about $200.

Romantic Dinner in Dubai
Romantic Dinner in Dubai

Romantic Dinner in Dubai and something else…

Definitely Dubai is a place to visit and be able to live the romantic dinner of your life. Dubai has everything for everyone. Visit it and you won’t regret it. Gustavo Mirabal recommend you this destiny.


Cena romántica en Dubai – Gustavo Mirabal


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