//André Brasilier a horse painter
André Brasilier

André Brasilier a horse painter

In the plastic arts there are people who are inclined to capture the beauties of Mother Earth. Some are inclined to landscapes, others to portraits of people. Others within its variety of works make a space for animals especially horses. This is the unique case of the French painter who, within his different collections, has taken into account the beauty and uniqueness that horses represent. For that reason we will approach the related to the horse painter André Brasilier.

André Brasilier
André Brasilier

André Brasilier was born on October 29, 1929 in Saumur in the District of Maine et Loire in France. Saumur is famous for its military tradition and for hosting the national riding school. Perhaps due to being the birthplace of the national riding school (the famous cadre noir of Saumur of which we wrote some time ago) had the inclination for horses since childhood.

It is probable that this influence has determined his inclination to illustrate this imposing mammal in his select works of art, specifically painting.

This plastic artist combined his skills of painting with engraving and ceramics. André Brasilier has a great inspiration and reflects reality in his different works of art.


André Brasilier - Confessions (excerpts)

André Brasilier artistic lineage

The French artist André Brasilier carries in his lineage the art, since his parents were painters. Usually when born in an artistic family this is transmitted not only in the genes but with the example. These bases gave André Brasilier free rein to develop that artistic vein throughout his life. Well, at the young age of ten, I already knew that I wanted to dedicate myself to art. This was the one that inherited those dominant genes of art.

His first inspiration to perform as a painter was the horses, since the place of residence of the parents was in the field. This allowed him to take as reference these precious animals, as I am overwhelmed with the beauty of these animals. Later he began to work and began to paint the horses in their agricultural tasks.

Achievements of the French painter André Brasilier

  • André Brasilier entered the National School of Fine Arts in 1949.
  • Achieved his first Rome Prize for painting in 1953.
  • Then he lived in Villa Medicis in Rome between 1954 and 1957.
  • His inspiration at first was horses. Then he leaned toward the female model being his wife his muse.
  • Besides the present nature, the changes of season, the music among others.
  • Through its traces it shows the beauty of reality that others do not perceive. Transforms what he observes and expresses it in his canvases that are a beauty
  • This man represents a milestone since he was the only painter after Pablo Picasso, who had the privilege of exhibiting his works of art in the Ermitage Museum of St. Petersburg, Russia, in 2005.
  • Another milestone achieved by this famous French artist was the first painter who had the honor of exhibiting his marvelous paintings in the castle of Chenonceau, in the Loire Valley.
  • His magnificent works of art have crossed the borders because they have been taken to several countries including the United States, Japan, Canada, Germany and Russia, among others.
André Brasilier: A collection of 193 works (HD)

Symbology of the horse in the works of André Brasilier

The environment where the French artist André Brasilier grew was very spiritual. His father was a painter dedicated to mystical works. This painter is not only captivated by the physical beauty of horses. But also because of the symbolism that these have

The painter André Brasilier expresses himself of the horses in the following way:

“Horses are a great creation. They are loaded with symbolism, strength, dynamism, beauty. They are a source of inspiration “André Brasilier

“Horses are always in a beautiful environment, in the heart of nature, it is not possible to distinguish them from nature. What interests me is this search for beauty. “André Brasilier

The horse as a source of inspiration for the painter André Brasilier

The first inspiration that captivated the artist André Brasilier to lean towards this world were the horses. In these he saw a singular beauty and to some extent a divinity that he captured in his portraits.

As a horse lover he has his own copy named Foufou, he remains on his farm in his native France. Today they are still his source of inspiration is a bond that gives him a special encouragement to continue painting them. This is one of the few painters who perceive the evolution that horses have given to the present. If we talk about it, it even has a painter colleague like the Metro horse we talked about in another article (Search and link article)

This man has an ability to see horses from the eyes of love. Well, perceive the movement in the horse. At the same time, he admires in a very special way the leap that these animals have made along with humans. As an example of them all the scenarios that have managed to conquer this beautiful animal from art, literature, recreation, medicine and others

In short, for André Brasilier horses have played a very important role in humanity. But beyond that they have represented a very special companion in those who have a horse at home. For him even horses come to represent a symbol of divinity.

Another source of inspiration of the painter André Brasilier

André Brasilier and his wife
André Brasilier and his wife

This artist has always had a predilection for horses which has been painting since its inception. However, there is another source of inspiration in his life and not least his wife. In different works his wife Chantal has become his model and protagonist of these paintings.

Undoubtedly, this couple enjoys the most when he sits down to draw it. This unique couple laugh as teenagers enjoy the moment and this is recorded with the face of his great love is his wife.

Love is always able to inspire and Brasilier’s loves are horses and his wife.

Few artists are inspired by their partner to capture them and immortalize them in their paintings. Definitely a true love of these spouses. This is how his wife and horses are his main motives embodied in his canvases.

The excellence he has maintained throughout his career in the world of the arts has led him to win important prizes as well as the privilege of exhibiting and extremely select galleries.

With a few decades devoted to art this painter has painted a large number of works which have been presented in various places on the planet.

In relation to art this has a very unique paradigm as it points out the following:

“I’m not an artist of the realist movement, I’m interested in the art that transforms” André Brasilier

Love and enjoy what you do to live

That is the message of André Brasilier. Of the artists who are inspired by horses, few come to love this animal with such depth. To the point of seeing him as a symbol of deity, which leads him to capture these beautiful animals in their different works. On the other hand, his admiration for the horse is partly due to the evolution that he has had on a par with the man.

Today this artist is 89 years old, a life that has enjoyed doing what he likes a privilege that few can give. Without a doubt a legacy for the generations of relief in the world of arts.

André Brasilier - exhibition at Opera Gallery Paris










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