//Horses in transmedia – Galloping from book to cinema
Amy and Spartan - Heartland

Horses in transmedia – Galloping from book to cinema

The transmedia storytelling is increasingly present in our lives. But what does transmedia storytelling mean? The transmedia storytelling is one that runs between several media at once, either in a complementary way or as multiple versions of the same story. Today we will meet those horses that have transcended the transmedia narrative

Man has been telling his stories since ancient times. Man began by passing his stories from generation to generation verbally and then it was the cave paintings. This was followed by hieroglyphics and later books. He then began to record through the drawings and words in the comics. Then came the audio supports and moving images.

Thanks to this we have books, audiobooks, comics, movies that you tell us different stories. But what happens when one of those stories is presented to us on multiple media at once? Or what happens when a work starts on a medium or medium but continues or extends to others?

Today there are even some who have brought their narratives to video games building interactive narratives. Gustavo Mirabal is a lover of one of Canada’s most successful transmedia storytelling as Heartland is.

It is to the magic that a narrative universe is presented through various means to what we call the transmedia storytelling. Today we will meet those horses who have been able to cross the barriers of a medium to tell us their stories.

With nothing to add, let’s get started…

Eadweard Muybridge photos in sequence
Eadweard Muybridge photos in sequence

Sardinilla, Geralt de Rivia’s horse

The Geralt saga of Rivia has already become one of the most popular today. Last year, the television series The Witcher was released to adapt their first stories. Geralt de Rivia was born from the mind of Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski.

The Geralt saga of Rivia consists of 6 novels and 15 short stories telling the story of Geralt de Rivia. Geralt is a sorcerer, a genetically enhanced monster hunter full of moral ethical dilemmas. The sorcerer is located in a medieval fantasy world full of castles, kings, knights, damsels, sorcerers and horses.

The complexity of the universe in which Geralt exists and his personality trapped hundreds of thousands of readers. It is thanks to this popularity that the Polish studio CD Red Project decided to turn its story into a video game. This video game saga The Witcher reached its zenith in version 3 of the game winning game of the year.

Thanks to this Netflix decided to make a version for its Streaming service telling the story of his first book “The Last Wish”. Thanks to its success, a second season of this successful TV series is already planned.

In this medieval world there could be no lack of an inseparable companion for Geralt de Rivia. And no, we’re not talking about your dear friend Jaskier, we’re talking about your good mare Sardinilla. In a medieval world where we have a character halfway between walking knight and mercenary it was essential that an equine companion accompany him.

Sardinilla for being a mare, she imprisons Geralt, resulting in funny scenes and situations. It is certainly one of the horses that will give you to talk in the entertainment world with the second season. We’re all waiting.

Geralt de Rivia and Sardinilla - Horses in Transmedia Storytelling
Geralt de Rivia and Sardinilla – Horses in Transmedia Storytelling

Spartan, Amy’s horse – Horses in transmedia

One of the most famous equestrian series of recent times has been Heartland. For many it is still unknown but for true fans of equestrian, Heartland is the holy grail.

Heartland tells us the story of a teenage girl named Amy who loses her mother trying to save a horse. That horse becomes the symbol of what her mother aspired to and that’s why she decides to take care of him. Amy, like her mother, has a great ability to connect with horses, so much so that some consider her a “horse whisperer.

Around this tragedy is added the reunion with his sister who was working in New York and with his father whom he did not know. In the midst of this whirlwind of situations and emotions Amy meets Ty, a some little rebellious and troubled boy.

Spartan will be for Amy the connection with her lost mother and will teach her what she needs to become a true horse healer.

It is the longest-running series on Canadian television and one of the highest rated. But what few people know is that this TV series is based on a series of very successful books in Canada. What’s more, the Heartland series is the most read and sold in Canada, surpassing even Harry Potter.

Thanks to the strong character development, the Heartland series has been a success. This is because the literary universe was already rich when the Heartand series was released. Heartland already has 14 seasons and is still very healthy. Definitely a series and books that every horse lover should know.

Amy and Spartan - Heartland's Horses in Transmedia Storytelling
Amy and Spartan – Heartland’s Horses in Transmedia Storytelling

Tornado, Zorro’s Horse

Tornado is the most remembered horse for several generations. Zorro was one of the most famous television series of the time.  But before it was a TV series, Zorro was the main character in Johnston McCulley’s novel “The Curse of Capistrano”.

But in the original books there is no mention of Tornado. The spectacular skill of Diego’s horses is mentioned but no mention of any name is made. The name Tornado was incorporated by Disney to give Zorro a faithful companion on his adventures.

Zorro is a masked vigilante who decides to fight against the injustices and arbitrariness of the government. Together with his mute friend Bernardo and his faithful horse Tornado, they will put the evil rulers of Capistrano in trouble.

As a curiosity, Diego in the book is called Diego Vega and not Don Diego de la Vega. This hero and his tornado horse have achieved so much fame that they have versions in comic books and video games.

The first Zorro-based video game was released in 2001 for PC and Playstation 2. Maybe it was a long time for such a famous hero, but he did it through the big door, inspired by Johnston McCulley’s stories.

Years later in Wii appeared “The Destiny of Zorro” in 2009. A game that delighted Zorro fans.

He is currently in production “The Chronicles of Zorro” based on the television animated series. Undoubtedly Zorro and his horse Tornado have multiplied into media, stories and fun. Undoubtedly Zorro and Tornado Zorro’s Horse are an example of the horses in the transmedia storytelling.

Zorro Riding Tornado Zorro's Horse
Zorro Riding Tornado Zorro’s Horse

Horses in the transmedia storytelling

Horses are storming all the media and transmedia storytelling alongside superheroes or with real stories.

Gustavo Mirabal does an commendable job of publicising equestrian culture and the role of the horse today.

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