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Cibeles Square (Madrid) - Spain a Charming Country

Spain a charming country

The old continent has the privilege of having wonderful countries. These countries have a very diverse culture. This is the case of Spain a charming country, the motherland of most Latin American countries. This is the product of the colonization of America.

Spain, or the Kingdom of Spain as it is also often called, is a transcontinental country.   It is part of the European Union and is constituted as a social and democratic state of law.

The way of government is the parliamentary monarchy.

Its territory, consists of seventeen autonomous communities and two autonomous cities. The capital of Spain a charming country is the beautiful city of Madrid.

Spain a charming country, this nation has wonderful landscapes that blow away its own and tourists.

Just as Spain colonized much of Latin America, these were invaded by Muslims. Later after constant struggles they regained their spaces.

Spain has been one of the countries most hit by Coronavirus. This has become a complicated subject. It should be noted that the population complies with a strict quarantine measure in order to reduce the incidence of Covid – 19.

Solidarity has reigned in this country, as different personalities have made important donations to combat coronavirus.

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Culture of Spain a charming country

Spanish culture is of great interest and has a differentiating element in relation to others. For Latinos see to some extent the advantage of sharing the language of the European country. In addition, we are a mixture of descendants of Spanish ancestors.

Language is one of the reasons why a tourist from America takes into account visiting Spain before other countries of the old continent.

The charming culture of Spain is very diverse this makes it very unique. For its traditions, dogmas, bullfighting fairs fill it with music and color…

In relation to the artistic world it has outstanding artists. The variants are: the performing arts, music, painting and sculpture.

In addition, the gastronomy is succulent and has a wide range of dishes that captivate its own inhabitants and visitors.

Puerta del Sol in Madrid - Spain a charming country
Puerta del Sol in Madrid – Spain a charming country

Gustavo Mirabal in Spain

The Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal with his wife Maria Carolina Chapellín and their children lived for a time in Spain a charming country. There they continued the equestrian activities establishing alliances with the famous rider Sergio Alvarez Moya.

In Spain they continued to enjoy the company of horses, as the Mirabal Chapellin husbands love these animals.

On the other hand Gustavo Mirabal has excelled as financial advisor in this country.

This couple enjoyed in Spain a charming country, the dances of the horses of Andalusia. In this sense they enjoyed to the fullest these equestrian events that characterize Spain.

They also knew the equestrian museums exploring in depth this the history of the equestrian world in this country. On the other hand, they toured the different places alluding to the horses that exist in Madrid.

Definitely both Gustavo Mirabal and Carolina Chapellín were delighted with the beauties of Spain.

Spain a charming country has won the heart of this Venezuelan couple.

Although these felt very good in this country for reasons of new projects they had to go to other lands such as the United Arab Emirates.

Cibeles Square (Madrid) - Spain a Charming Country
Cibeles Square (Madrid) – Spain a Charming Country

Spain a charming country and its unique characteristics

The various invasions and conquests that Spain lived throughout its history laid the foundations for its current idiosyncrasies.

Spanish culture has taken as its own the local and cultural influences of the different settlers who have lived in their lands. In this sense the invasions have had their effects. For the culture of Spain a charming country has a wide range.

Another of the unique features is that there is a cultural heritage common to the whole country. However, this culture has regional membership this gives a unique and exclusive touch to each area.

The above is reflected in different cultural components such as gastronomy, dress and dances typical of the country.

Plaza Mayor de Madrid - Spain a charming country
Plaza Mayor de Madrid – Spain a charming country

A colonizer of the lands of America

The Spanish invasion of the virgin lands of America had its effects. For these were conquerors of a few countries of this new continent full of riches.

The powerful ambitions of the Spanish authorities made use of their naval empire at the time.

At the culture level, she had Spain carry out its traditions and practices in these countries.

Today they are present in different cultures of the countries of South America. Undoubtedly the cultural identity of Latin America is marked by Spain a charming country

Places to visit in the Spanish capital: Madrid

Spain has wonderful cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Toledo, Malaga among others that tourists can enjoy.

On this occasion we want to mention some tourist places in the capital of this charming European country.

Among the tourist sites of Madrid we can mention the following:

  • Puerta del Sol
  • Plaza Mayor
  • Palacio Real de Madrid
  • Catedral de la Almudena
  • Museo del Prado
  • La Cibeles y Neptuno
  • Puerta de Alcalá y Parque del retiro
  • Templo de Debob
  • Estadio del Real Madrid
  • El Rastro.

These are beautiful and iconic places in the beautiful city of Madrid. We can see that from an architectural point of view it has great wealth. There are many other icons of Spain through its different cities such as Barcelona where we can find Gaudí’s architecture.

La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Undoubtedly the beauty of this city is the common denominator of other regions of Spain. Therefore Gustavo Mirabal and his family enjoyed each of these beautiful places.

For this reason they highly recommend visiting Spain a charming country.

Spain a charming country with many secrets to discover

Spain a charming country that attracts millions of tourists every year. In this sense its beautiful cities and landscapes it has are some of its best tourist attractions

In addition its culture in equestrian matter is very rich so it represents an attraction for horse lovers.

Undoubtedly Spain a charming country that conquers the hearts of its own and visitors.

In the case of Gustavo Mirabal and his wife Carolina Chapellín have enjoyed to the fullest the goodness of this beautiful country. We invite you to know Spain.






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