//The horse in music: “The death of Rucio Moro”.
Rucio Moro and Reinaldo Armas

The horse in music: “The death of Rucio Moro”.

The horse in music: “The death of Rucio Moro”.

The horse has always been attached to art. This motivated her natural and balanced beauty, as well as her graceful and elegant movements. Its main place in ancient societies, classic and modern, has granted prestige to its owners. Likewise, the horse has been an incomparable companion for the human being. This is how poems and poems have been dedicated to him since antiquity. Today we will learn a little about one of the most famous horse songs in Venezuela, the land of Gustavo Mirabal Castro. Today we will meet and listen to the song “La muerte del Rucio Moro”. by Reinaldo Armas.

The man and the horse have not been alone. They have been mutual company in their territorial, agricultural or military conquests.

The death of the Rucio Moro is one of the most popular songs of the Venezuelan singer-songwriter “Reynaldo Armas”. The song was recorded in the year 1987 and belongs to the album “My creed”. This song tells the sadness of the singer for the loss of his horse by a bad move of fate. The song is an ode to the friendship between his horse and the singer-songwriter, a moving song.

Rucio Moro - Reinaldo Armas restaurant named like his horse in its honor
Rucio Moro – Reinaldo Armas restaurant named like his horse in its honor

Analysis of the lyrics Death of the Rucio Moro

The Death of the Rucio Moro is a masterful song to nature and an extraordinary description of the immensity of the plain. This letter is a lament for the loss of the horse, companion of the adventures and misadventures of the llanero. It is observed in this song a very detailed description of the facts that surround the death of this animal. In fact in the musical theme it is affirmed that:

“… they found it in the paddock with the busted neck, it seems that a sparkle gave it a turn in a bell …”

The author wants to indicate at first not sure of how the tragedy occurred because the verb seems to indicate a supposed but not a fact.

Rucio Moro - Reinaldo Armas restaurant named like his horse in its honor
Rucio Moro – Reinaldo Armas restaurant named like his horse in its honor

Comparisons and descriptions

Reinaldo Armas in “La Muerte del Rucio Moro” makes use of the linguistic connotation. When comparing his sadness with the mourning that seizes him in the following expression:

“… who was going to imagine that my little horse waited for something bad, to take his life leaving my soul in mourning …”.

The description continues with the bad omen he felt when he saw the stable a little lonely. It is at that moment when he goes to the place of the tragedy where he corroborates personally that the Rucio Moro had been hit by a spark

“… I arrived at the place where my horse was, I saw the impacts of lightning in the middle of four palms .. . “

Palm trees are an indication that the geographical environment is located on the plain.

The humanization in the lyrics of “La Muerte del Rucio Moro”

The death of Rucio Moro
The death of Rucio Moro

On the other hand, the process of humanization becomes evident. When a white heron that was observed in the ravine is given reflective faculty. As well as a “carrao” who sang on a tip of bush and a sad “paraulata” that silenced the savanna with its nostalgic song. Nostalgia, sadness and meditation attributed to the birds of the plain that are the transfers of their own feelings to the environment.

Melancholy also empowers the author when he observes in the sand of the river the traces of the horse that has just died. This style is a characteristic element of romantic poetry.


The Death of the Rucio Moro unleashes all the inspiration of the man-poet. A man who sadly assumes that his horse was entangled by the traps of fate. A “friend” who only in his memory and on the wings of inspiration, it will live eternally.

To culminate, the lyrics of this musical theme was inspired by the reality of the life lived on the plain, when the peons went to work and they were inspired by the rain, watching the herons fly in the sky.

Let’s play and listen this moving song from the heart ando soul of Reinaldo Armas… Listen the death of Rucio Moro

Then for those who wish to deepen with the lyrics. We leave the audio with the lyrics to accompany Reinaldo in his pain