//10 things you didn’t know about the Showjumping
Gustavo Mirabal - On horseback

10 things you didn’t know about the Showjumping

10 things you didn’t know about the Showjumping

The riding disciplines include several horse sports, among them we can find the Showjumping.

In this article you will know 7 things you did not know about the Showjumping that Gustavo Mirabal Castro brings.

This is considered one of the riding modalities that highlight the beauty of the horse. Likewise, the elegance of the rider is combined with the animal.

On the other hand, the Showjumping is one of the oldest sports in horse riding.

To achieve perfect harmony the double rider – horse must overcome the circuits where barriers abound.

Show Jumping - Royal Windsor Horse show 2012


# 1 It is the sports discipline practiced by the Venezuelan rider Gustavo Mirabal

Gustavo Mirabal leaned for the modality of horse riding as is the Showjumping.

From a very young age this man began to practice this discipline. Well, he had the wonderful privilege of growing up surrounded by horses.

As if that were not enough, he attended with his father the facilities of the Rinconada Racecourse

Gustavo Mirabal and María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal award Gustavo Arroyo award at G&C FARM
Gustavo Mirabal and María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal award Gustavo Arroyo award at G&C FARM

# 2 The showjumping is considered as a modern specialty of equestrian sports

Some experts dare to say that this discipline is one of the most modern specialties of equestrian sport.

Well, there has been a paradigm shift since it has gone from being a classic sport of riding to being a spectacle sport.


# 3 First contest of the showjumping discipline

The first “Lepping” showjumping contest was held in 1865 in Ireland.

This event occurred approximately 55 years ago and this equestrian discipline is still in force.

It should be noted that it became popular very quickly, so that people liked it.

Later, showjumping began to practice in England and then in other countries to the point of becoming an Olympic discipline

# 4 Millionaire and prominent Amazonas in the showjumping

Within the framework of the International Jumping Contest (CSI), the millionaire Amazons meet.

Among these are the following: Marta Ortega,

, Athina Onassis, Jennifer Gates and Jessica Springsteen

Apparently this sports discipline is a favorite of women with great fortunes.

Georgina Bloomberg
Georgina Bloomberg



# 5 The showjumping to the Olympics

For the beginning of the 20th century, the inclusion of the showjumping in the Olympic games is achieved. The greatest achievement was in 1912 when as an Olympic discipline.

It should be noted that this modality has individual and team competitions.

Today three equestrian disciplines are part of the Olympic Games. Among them are the following: Training, Showjumping and Complete Contest.

We can see that this sport has great relevance in the top sporting events in the world. Therefore it is a discipline that is growing day by day.


# 6 Since 1953 the Showjumping has a world class event

As if that were not enough, this discipline has its own event worldwide. It’s something like the soccer world cup but the showjumping.

The World Showjumping Championship has been held since 1953. But it is from 1990 that it runs in the World Equestrian Games These competitions are held every four years.

So the participants have a good training period to do their best …


# 7 The International Equestrian Federation (FEI) as the highest governing body of showjumping.

The International Equestrian Federation (FEI) is the highest governing body that dictates the guidelines in relation to this equestrian discipline.

It should be noted that the horse is the only animal that participates in these high altitude sporting events.

The combination of the rider and the horse is called binomial.

It should be noted that the horse is considered an athlete. For its part, the rider has the great responsibility that the horse is in perfect condition to participate.

The important thing is that the animal is reviewed by a team of veterinarians who authorize or do not allow the animal to participate in competitions.

# 8 Germany as the country that stands out in this equestrian modality

The record of awards is held by Germany. Well, much of the medals has been taken in this equestrian discipline.

This motivates them to continue giving their best with high standards of excellence.

On the other hand, some of the most outstanding riders are Isabel Werth and Reiner Klimke who are also the athletes with the most gold medals.


# 9 Federico Caprilli “The Father of Modern Riding”

Who innovated greatly in the showjumping was Federico Caprilli (1868-1907).

This man was of Italian origin and belonged to the armed forces of his country.

In this way he was responsible for inventing the techniques that are known today.

Caprilli was riding the horse in suspension. Therefore he adjusted the movement of the rider with that of the horse.

The proper methods of handling an equine earned him the title of “the father of modern riding.”

On the other hand I make adjustments in the extension of the stirrups. He also did it on the chairs, this brought the positive effect of overcoming increasingly high impediments.

# 10 G&C Farm as an showjumping training center

In this center excellent showjumping riders have been formed.

While the active permanence of G&C Farm achieved high standards of excellence. This led him to position himself in the equestrian world.

There the Brazilians taught Nelson, Rodrigo and Helio Pessoa. This gave more enhancement to this training center.

G&C Farm stood out as champion in the exhibition races. Bright riders participated in this: Luis Miguel Martínez, Gustavo Arroyo, Luis Fernando Larrazábal and Pablo Barrios.

In 2015, Gustavo Mirabal established an alliance with the renowned Spanish sportsman Sergio Álvarez Moya.

It should be noted that this Mirabal success has been achieved thanks to the support of his wife María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal.

In summary

We can see that the showjumping has been a sport with great trajectory. This is very popular in Europe and has space in the Olympic Games.

Today it is still practiced and is the favorite discipline of many millionaire Amazons.

Undoubtedly this sport has a lot of glamor and elegance, which combines with the innate beauty of the horse.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro has excelled in this sport in the Amateur category.

In this way he has left the flag of his beloved Venezuela very high.



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