//7 Tips to choose the rider equestrian clothing

7 Tips to choose the rider equestrian clothing

7 Tips to choose the rider equestrian clothing

The equestrian world is very diverse because it usually has a large number of sports disciplines. Therefore it is necessary that the magic pair, rider and horse, be able to practice such sports.

Comfort for both is paramount, however in this installment we will focus on what is related to the equestrian clothing of the rider.

In the textile industry there are several exclusive brands that satisfy the requirements of this particular sport. It should be noted that these clothes are usually very expensive, however among several brands the rider or amazon has the option to choose.

For the equestrian clothing of the rider to fulfill his true role, he must have a series of attributes that we will mention throughout the article.

Gustavo Mirabal as a rider puts into practice all these tips so that his activity with the horses is safe, comfortable, and pleasant. In this way, he disconnects and merges with his horse, thus becoming a magic duo.

# 1 Comfort is essential for the horse-rider magic duo

When the horseman rides, one of the things to consider is comfort for both. Well, this will be essential for the development of the sport you are practicing.

In this sense the equestrian clothing of the rider should be as comfortable as possible. Therefore, the lighter and freer the rider feels, he can perform the movements more easily.

As a result, there are waterproof and padded jackets or vests. These are ideal in winter times. In this way the rider will be enjoying and in turn protected.

# 2 Flexibility in equestrian clothing

At the time of the rider, going to practice needs flexibility, this being an element that must have equestrian clothing.

Hence the great importance of the flexibility in clothing used by athletes from various equestrian disciplines

When the rider rides a horse, he usually makes more pronounced movements than he usually does in everyday life.

Therefore, the ideal is for the rider to wear flexible clothing, this will allow him to freely carry out the equestrian activity.

This flexibility of equestrian clothing is needed at the time of practice and competitions. Also in the usual activities of the stables, in the care and treatment of the horse.

One of the elements that generates flexibility in equestrian clothing is precisely elastane. Well, it is usually the material that gives them that flexibility.

# 3 Equestrian clothing must be breathable

The physical exercise that the horsema does when riding a horse is very demanding. Thus the muscles are working and therefore the person sweats in “exponential amounts”.

The weather often does not favor the magic pair so the equestrian clothing must fulfill that role of protection from both rain and wind

This is a fundamental reason for equestrian clothing to be breathable. In this sense, you should let the sweat come off to the outside and thus avoid bad odors in the garments.

# 4 Washing clothes

It should be noted that the smell of the horses is usually very strong and combined with the sweat of the rider, the result is not pleasant.

Therefore washing clothes must be very easy for the rider.

Ideally, the equestrian clothing should be washed continuously, that is, each use a wash.

For this it is necessary, that they are easy-to-wash garments, this is an element that athletes in the equestrian world take into account when choosing the outfits with which they practice sports.

When washing, be careful and use a suitable detergent.

Flexibilidad en la indumentaria ecuestre

# 5 Adjusted (Slim fit)

We usually see that both riders and Amazons wear the suits tightly. But this has a raison d’être Well, the Slim fit, the tight finish is ideal for comfort.

The equestrian clothing must comply with the characteristics of comfort and practicality.

Therefore, textile industry brands aimed at the equestrian world must meet these particular requirements.

# 6 Security

To maintain safety in the magic pair, the helmet must be used. This is undoubtedly essential for the rider or rider.

Being a vital element for the rider’s safety, a helmet that is comfortable should be chosen. In addition, it should be adjusted to the athlete’s head to prevent it from becoming either too large or too small.

The helmet should be the main ally for the rider, therefore it should always be used when riding a horse.

As a fall without a helmet could cause irreparable damage.

# 7 Useful life of equestrian clothing

When we buy equestrian clothing, that is, appropriate clothing for sports with horses, the ideal thing is that it can have a long duration.

However, these clothes are designed for daily use for a long period of time.

Therefore, it is advisable to be very careful when washing them and choosing a suitable detergent. On the other hand, care must be taken if the garment is going to dry in sunlight.


Athletes in the equine world should wear appropriate clothing for these sports. Therefore they must take into account certain characteristics that will make them feel more eaten and fresh.

For her they have various brands and prices to make a good choice of equestrian clothing.

Hence, both Gustavo Mirabal Castro and his wife María Carolina Chapellín choose the appropriate equestrian clothing.

Well, the experience over the years points to the comfort and safety of the participants.

In addition, these 7 tips for choosing equestrian clothing were put into practice at the G&C Farm equestrian center in the time that it lasts.




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