//Businessmen make donations to fight the coronavirus

Businessmen make donations to fight the coronavirus

Businessmen make donations to fight the coronavirus

Currently we are in a situation of uncertainty in the face of the crisis that has unleashed the coronavirus pandemic. This has led to Businessmen making donations to combat the coronavirus

It should be noted that this disease began in the city of Wuhan China and soon spread to Europe. Later it invaded America, since we live in a global world and because this disease is highly contagious, travelers from Asia and Europe already came with this disease.

Although seeing the positive side of this disease we have seen how many people from the entertainment, business and sports world have contributed to face the coronavirus.

Businessmen make donations to fight the coronavirus. Among them is one of the most famous philanthropists such as Bill Gates. This time he has shone with his altruistic work. Well, the contribution he has given to fight the coronavirus is 100 million dollars.

Businessmen donate to fight the coronavirus: Bill Gates and Melinda Gates

These philanthropists through their foundation have allocated a significant amount to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

This couple promised to contribute up to a total of $ 100 million that will go towards containing the Covid – 19 outbreak.

The main objective of this financial aid is:

“Help find a vaccine against the virus, limit its spread and improve detection and treatment of patients”

In principle, a portion of these donations will go to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. USA

As well as the World Health Organization. Well, these are two leading institutions in health. It should be noted that this organism declared the coronavirus a pandemic a couple of weeks ago.

Since then, measures have been extreme in some countries.

Other regions benefited from the philanthropic work of Bill Gates and his wife.

Businessmen donate money to fight the coronavirus. Therefore, part of these funds will go to public health agencies in China and other countries affected by the outbreak.

As we can see, this technology giant has known how to distribute the money that it is going to contribute to combat covid – 19. Well, countries in South Asia and Africa are also going to benefit from the work of businessmen. They make donations to combat the coronavirus.

In this region the deficiencies at the health level are notorious and therefore the population has greater risks of contamination. Therefore these are going to benefit from the philanthropic actions of the Gates spouses.

The foundation expressed through a statement the following:

“The publication of Quick and Flexible Funds is intended to help multilateral organizations and national public health authorities rapidly expand their virus detection capabilities and implement disease modeling analysis.”

Businessmen donate to fight the coronavirus: Bill and Melinda Gates

This couple have a track record in philanthropy in public health.

Other Businessmen make donations to fight the coronavirus

This work of philanthropy extends in favor of favoring those most in need. These causes are aimed at buying food and medicine. But it is also aimed at developing research into vaccines to combat the coronavirus. Well, this disease is hitting the world population.

Businessmen make donations to fight the coronavirus. Among them is Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma. This man made a donation of 100 million yuan for vaccine research. Also for virus treatment measures.

On the other hand, the executive president of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, have joined the list of Businessmen who donate money to combat the coronavirus.

He has made a donation of 12.7 million yuan. This targeted relief efforts in his home province of Hubei, the epicenter of the outbreak.

Amancio Ortega makes his contribution to stop the coronavirus

We can see the diversity of ways where the resources donated by Businessmen in different parts of the world are used.

That is why the businessman Amancio Ortega has made an important donation. This consists of 300,000 masks which function as fundamental protectors against the coronavirus.

It also offers logistics assistance to import materials required from Spanish health centers from China.

Lastly, I provide support for the return to Spain of people who have received scholarships in different cities in the United States from their company, that is, the Inditex Group.

As if that were not enough, the oldest of Amancio Ortega’s children, Sandra Ortega has joined the cause to make her contribution. On this occasion, the donation consists of providing masks and gowns against the covid pandemic – 19. This work is chaired by her Paideia Galiza foundation.

We can see that every day more businessmen come together to make a valuable contribution in these difficult times that the whole world is going through.

Businessmen make donations to fight the coronavirus: Ana Botín

We can see how employers continue to make a contribution to health. That is why Ana Botín, who is in front of the Santander Bank president, has made a great contribution.

Well, he has donated four million euros. This capital is directed to the acquisition of respirators. Likewise, it seeks to have 2,000 more beds in the provisional hospital conditioned in the Ifema facilities, in the Spanish capital.

On the other hand, another million euros is destined for the purchase of masks that will be sent to health entities.

The Real Madrid Team makes a donation to fight the coronavirus

Real Madrid has decided to make a contribution of medical supplies to the community of Madrid.

The president of the Community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso expressed the following:

“Thanks to Real Madrid for their very important contribution to face the coronavirus and help us save lives. I have closed with its president Florentino Pérez a great donation in health matters ”.

The contributions are valuable in these critical moments and we see how philanthropic businessmen make their great contribution. In this case, this famous sports team leaves an indelible mark on its homeland.

In summary

Businessmen make donations to fight the coronavirus, in this way they make their contributions for food, medicine and vaccine research.

Undoubtedly, solidarity is emerging at the moment to try to stop the coronavirus pandemic

In addition to Businessmen, artists, designers and others who leave philanthropy anonymous, they make a valuable contribution in order to continue helping the neediest



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