//Gustavo Mirabal and his “dirty job” in equestrian sport
Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Gustavo Mirabal and his “dirty job” in equestrian sport

Sport has a relevant role in society.

The enormous social value of sport and what athletes and former athletes can contribute to society. In fact there is no other discipline that has the power to drag and unite large masses like sports. This is how the world of equestrianism is still present in the Olympics. In many countries this type of competition is carried out.

That is why Gustavo Mirabal Castro of G & C Farm talks about the performance of sports in the development of society. Gustavo Mirabal, who is also an equestrian jumping rider, calls himself “amateur”. But something has shown that in the time it has founded G & C Farm, is that the passion for the equestrian world goes beyond a hobby and has become rather, a lifestyle.

Below we can see the route taken by the Spanish Olympic rider Sergio Alvarez Moya on G & C Arrayan. G & C Arrayan is one of the horses trained by Gustavo Mirabal. We can see the excellent performance of the pair, product of the partnership between Gustavo and Sergio. Sport is a value of society despite the fact that promoting it is a little recognized work. Gustavo does not mind getting his hands dirty a bit and promoting the sport by doing his “dirty” jobs

Sergio Alvarez Moya con Arrayan 1ª recorrido GP Stuttgart 2016

Horse farm idea of Gustavo Mirabal

The G & C Farm project was born from a dream, during their studies in the United States. During their studies, he participated in the equestrian jump team of the institute. Almost 30 years later “the farm” is a reality product of the combined effort of those who carry this project forward. From there Gustavo Mirabal has served as president of G & C Farm.

Gustavo Mirabal has carried out different tasks such as the promotion and marketing of society. In addition to the establishment of strategic commercial alliances for the fulfillment of the activities and objectives of G & C Farm, among others.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro and Carolina Mirabal
Gustavo Mirabal Castro and María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal

Gustavo Mirabal Castro and the equestrian world

The dedication and commitment that his wife María Carolina Mirabal and Gustavo Mirabal Castro have dedicated to G & C Farm is what materialized this great project. This is how they have managed to have excellent facilities, not only suitable, but adequate for the riders to have everything at their disposal. Therefore, achieve the professional goals set in equestrian sport.

On the other hand G & C Farm has managed to establish commercial alliances with riders of the stature of Sergio Alvarez Moya currently number one in Spain. Fact that makes the surname Mirabal begin to “sound” in this country as an important ally of the sport.

Gustavo Mirabal also has the support of Gustavo Arroyo the important Venezuelan rider. Arroyo returns with strength after suffering an injury that separated him for a while from the competitions. Gustavo Arroyo competes in this discipline since he was 11 years old.

Gustavo Mirabal Venezuela Rider
Gustavo Mirabal Venezuela Rider

Promotion of equestrian sport from G & C Farm

The equestrian sport if you see it from outside can seem very nice. But behind the elegance and strength of horses there are people who do not give up. This are people with values forged through discipline.

Constancy, the study of technique and commitment are necessary. This is the great learning that sports in general leave us. While the world seems to reward only talent, the reality is that hard work beats talent when it does not strive

Gustavo Mirabal Castro from Spain continues to promote sports and establish alliances. He is currently the victim of a media campaign against him. However, keep going as he should be like a warrior …

Gustavo Mirabal Castro from Spain continues to promote sports and establish alliances. He is currently the victim of a media campaign against him due to his previous professional relationships with people who did not adhere to the ethical standards of the Venezuelan rider. Likewise, personal vendettas have united to discredit him. However, keep going as he should be like a warrior …







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