//Gustavo Mirabal Castro did the “dirty” job of to put away the bad vibes
Gustavo Mirabal and the good vibes

Gustavo Mirabal Castro did the “dirty” job of to put away the bad vibes

To succeed in life you need two things: Determination and trust. Both qualities have the Venezuelan rider Gustavo Mirabal Castro who did the dirty work to ward off bad vibes.

Only leaving aside that which personally and professionally prevented his triumph is that he has done well.

Envy is in the air when victories and successes begin in a person’s life.

It seems incredible that even within your own family those voices of criticism and judgment that seek to destroy you arise.

Such is the case of this “caraqueño” rider who has fought against his own sister in order to achieve his goals.

G.M. do the dirty job
G.M. do the dirty job

Gustavo Mirabal Castro did the job

It is frustrating that even your sister is the stumbling block that seeks to make you fall.

But it is courageous to overcome this episode and overcome adversity.

With the attack of the Venezuelan media, which seek his fall based on gossip, and an international press that speaks of his equestrian triumphs and flatters him, this rider lives.

It is no surprise to anyone that riding is the true passion of Mirabal Castro, but it has also become the sting.

Everything begins when this athlete, who is also a lawyer and worked in a certain time in the banking of his country, Venezuela, and opens the way to the creation of an equestrian center.

That jump is what has caused rumors to rise that seek to destroy his career.

Reason why the press, which does not waste anything, weaves many theories of defamation.


This is the scenario that Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal Castro has had to deal with.

A whirlwind of false statements, accusations without evidence and negative news that comes and goes.

First of all, this hurricane of disinformation and defamation, the Creole horseman only continues forward in the company of his wife and children, who have already shown an interest in horse riding.

In this way, without offending his sister in public, he continues to focus on his work as a lawyer.

A distance from the equestrian world, which has given him so much, Mirabal Castro calmly awaits the moment when he can compete again and continue in parallel with his law firm Mirabal & Asociados.

He do the dirty job of to put away bad vibes
He do the dirty job of to put away bad vibes

Example of perseverance

Despite the media wave that accuses Gustavo, he has remained firm.

He is clear about his goal: Represent Venezuela with excellence.

Thanks to his perseverance, tenacity and discipline, values that he hopes to sow in his children …

This Creole horseman has overcome all the informational and emotional machinery that seeks to destroy him.

His parents, nephews, children and wife support him and believe in his dream of continuing to train athletes, train horses and of course, triumphing in fair riding.

Gustavo Mirabal do the dirty job putting away bad vibes
Gustavo Mirabal do the dirty job putting away bad vibes






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