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Plataformas y aplicaciones para inversión

Investment and micro investment Platforms and applications

In recent years, the financial issue has become popular. Many people find that they want to guarantee their retirement, and they don’t know how to proceed. There are many applications to invest in the United States and Europe, but not in Latin America and developing countries.  That is why today we will analyze everything you should consider to choose your investment applications.

In Latin America there are few platforms to invest. However, thanks to Fintech companies, different applications for investing have begun to become popular. These platforms not only allow you to invest in stocks of the stock exchange, but also in precious metals, cryptocurrencies, bonds, Exchange-Traded Investment Fund (ETFs) among other options.

Today we will talk about the different options to invest through Fintech. In addition, we will know some of the platforms and applications for investment and micro investment.

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Various options for investing in apps

These applications simplify the process of making the investment and monitoring them. Many of them simplify viewing, either with price charts or Japanese candlestick charts. They allow us to see the price history and see the price in real time. This has really changed the way we invest.

Each platform offers various options for investing. Some have an immense variety of options, while others are concentrated in a sector to which they are associated. For example, some specialize in cryptocurrencies while others specialize in stocks on the exchange. Likewise, there are some of these investment applications that are completely diversified.

Next, we will look at the most common options.

Options in investment apps

  • Stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange: You can buy full shares, or some applications allow you to invest in fraction of shares.
  • Exchange-traded funds (ETFs): These are “bonds” whose value is indexed to a set of shares listed on the stock exchange. The stock mix ensures to minimize risk while maintaining a good return on investment.
  • Index: You can make investments based on indices such as SP500, NASDAQ and DAX30
  • Foreign Exchange or Forex Market: This allows you to make currency changes to have profits for the variations between them. It is also used to prevent the devaluation of financial resources.
  • Commodities, precious metals and raw materials: It is invested in the value of commodities such as gold, silver, oil, cocoa, etc. These investments are used to leverage the production of these and thus the return is obtained.
  • Cryptocurrencies: One of the most current investments. It invests in digital assets called crypto-assets, which acquire their value based on the adoption of the crypto-asset and the underlying project.
  • Certificates of savings or savings in cryptocurrencies: These certificates can include guaranteed returns or not. This return is given based on the behavior of the cryptocurrency.
  • Liquidity for the exchange of cryptocurrencies: By providing liquidity to the markets, the right to part of the commissions produced is acquired.
Investment Options
Investment Options

Important features of investment platforms and applications

There are many features that we must consider when we want to choose an investment application. We must consider the security, ease of use and cost-effectiveness of the platform.

Later we will mention some of the most important points to consider. The truth is that the combination of these characteristics will make us opt for one or another investment application. Below, we’ll mention some of the most important questions and features we need to consider.

Key questions to choose between investment platforms and applications

  • Do you have a mobile application? There are almost no investment platforms that do not have a mobile application. This allows us to dispose of our resources at any time. There are markets whose high volatility makes it important to have these tools.
  • What options do you have to invest? The more options you have to have, the better. But if we want to invest in safer assets we can choose to move away from platforms with volatile assets.
  • What is the entry amount to the platform? There are platforms that require a minimum investment amount. On the contrary, there are others that you can open your account from 0 dollars.
  • What are the commissions? Commissions are decisive to choose a platform. There are some that have clear commissions, and another indicate that their commission is 0%. However, these platforms use the so-called spread (difference between buying and selling) to set your profit.
  • Is the investment app easy to use? The fewer options you have, the easier it will be to use. But there are also applications with many options that also offer easy-to-understand interfaces that help beginners get started. Thanks to this, investing becomes something available to anyone.
  • What options do you have to funding? This question, rather than being a point to consider, is something that can limit us. Some accounts can be funded with credit cards, but there are others that can only be funded from U.S. accounts. This will greatly limit our options for choosing between investment applications.
  • Is the app available for my country? This is also one of the questions that will enable us to invest. Some investment applications are restricted by country. While other platforms are available in any country.

What are the most interesting investment platforms and applications?

Based on the questions raised in the previous section we present a list of the most interesting investment platforms that you can access.

  • Etoro: In this platform you can invest in almost any country and has multiple ways to fund resources. In addition, it allows you to invest in thousands of assets having in your portfolio the following: stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, Forex, index, and commodities.
  • ForexTB: In ForexTB you can invest in currencies, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and CDF (Contracts for differences). One of the advantages is that ForexTB separates the assets of the company from those of the investor, guaranteeing the money of the investors.
  • Plus500: It is regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Regulatory Authority. It is an excellent option to invest in stocks of the stock exchange. You can also invest in Forex, commodities, crypto assets, options, and indices. It is especially usable, which makes it ideal for beginners.
  • Uphold: One of the best options for beginners and people in regions with little access to investment applications. It can be anchored from a multitude of instruments. It has options to invest, even by fractions, in stock market shares and ETFs. We can also opt for foreign exchange markets and raw materials.
  • Libertex: This is a great option for brokers to invest. Through Libertex you can invest in many instruments: cryptocurrencies, Forex, indices, stocks, commodities such as oil, silver, gold, or gas. One advantage is that it is regulated by the financial authority of Cyprus which gives greater security.
  • Robinhood: Robinhood’s slogan is “investment for all”. This is one of the apps with the greatest acceptance among young people. It is very easy to use so it is ideal for beginners. It allows you to buy fractions of shares without commissions.
Investment Applications
Investment Applications

Multiple options and investment applications.

Thanks to the advice of Gustavo Mirabal, you will get the ideal option for you. Analyze and read the options carefully and try everything we present to you so you can choose the investment options and investment applications that suit your need. The world of finance awaits you.