//The secrets of Gustavo Mirabal Castro (II)
Gustavo Mirabal Castro, sus amigos y Donald Trump

The secrets of Gustavo Mirabal Castro (II)

In the previous article we pointed out that Gustavo Mirabal Castro is an emblematic figure of the equestrian world. His public image is mainly that of an equestrian businessman and on some occasions that of an excellent amateur rider. Gustavo Mirabal has tried to keep his personal life under guard and defend his privacy. But being so exposed to public opinion for their achievements, unscrupulous people trying to divert the attention of the real culprits have shown a profile very far from the truth. Moved by envy and insidious comments destroy a successful Venezuelan in the world.

The commitment of Gustavo Mirabal Castro remains firm. He wishes to raise the name of Venezuela in equestrian sports. While in other countries, engaging in such a complicated and little-known sport would be something to highlight positively, the human miseries of some journalists who live off the exploitation of morbid, judge elite the love for horses, perhaps because they have not had Contact with such beautiful animals. Journalists who exploit violence, secrecy, drama and sex build fantasy stories without evidence.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro, his friends and Donald Trump
Gustavo Mirabal Castro, María Carolina Mirabal, his friends and Donald Trump

In this news release we intend to shed light on some of the most intimate secrets of Gustavo Mirabal Castro. We will remove the veil of mystery that miserable people try to exploit. Neither a document nor a testimony that “is not interested” is part of this vulgar lie. Let’s get to know the truth …

The secrets of Gustavo Mirabal Castro (Second part)

Equestrian secrets

  • Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s favorite horse breed is the Hanoverian. The Hanoverian race is raised under strict concepts that lead towards excellence
  • Gustavo Mirabal Castro deeply admires the rider Rodrigo Pessoa. According to his own words, Gustavo considers Rodrigo “a genius with horses, the way he is and the elegant way he does it is incredible, talking about Rodrigo is talking about perfection”.
  • Secrets to reward horses? Gustavo Mirabal Castro recommends rewarding them with food and good treatment. With very simple food, SUGAR. For good treatment, recommend caresses. After a moment of good performance, recommend a different week for the horse’s rest
Rodrigo Pessoa and Gustavo Mirabal
Rodrigo Pessoa and Gustavo Mirabal
  • The most outstanding riders: Gustavo Mirabal Castro worked riders in training as Luis Fernando Larrazabal, Marky Bluman today very good professionals. He also worked with excellent professional riders such as Sergio Álvarez Moya, Rodrigo Pessoa, Gustavo Arroyo, Luis Miguel Martínez and Pablo Barrios.
  • The three horses that he remembers with more affection are:
  1. He feels a special affection for the horse VANIDOSA that marked his return to the competitions. VANIDOSA gave him the confidence to return to compete and with great results. With VANIDOSA he obtained many successes..
  2. The QUICK START mare was a star in the 5 * competitions, with a very special character, but always struggling to do her best.
  3. The great Leroy was an exceptional horse. He was initially ridden by his wife María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal and then lent it for a few years. One of the horses that gave him the greatest satisfactions as an amateur rider. With the Great Léroy in a year he won 19 times and won 12 second places between competitions in America and Europe.

Personal Secrets

Gustavo Mirabal and Sergio Álvarez Moya
Jorien Livens, Luis Miguel Martinez, Gustavo Mirabal, María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal and Sergio Alvarez Moya


  • His legacy? “My main legacy is that nothing comes of luck. That luck comes when you’re looking. That the doors open to you from so much searching, trying, working and that you have to know how to be at the right moment. And there you find what many people call luck !!!! Luck is to have health, that your family is healthy. Success is perseverance, work, there is no other way … “
  • The words that define Gustavo Mirabal Castro? Perseverance, discipline, loyalty and dreamer
  • Other disciplines that you like as a hobby? I really like the race horses, the polo and any sport or activity where the horse is.
  • His favorite movie about horses is “Secretariat”.
  • Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a very familiar person. One of the things he enjoyed most during his time at G & C Farm Florida was that the facilities were next to his house and he could enjoy his family permanently
  • In his attempts to keep his family closer, he helped his nephew and godson to settle in the USA. That caused a family dispute that has never encouraged, but that has caused a personal problem to become a series of false testimonies to which he has not wanted to accommodate. Wait with faith that these problems happen and recover family harmony.

“Nothing comes of luck. […] the doors open to you from so much searching, trying, working and that you have to know how to be at the right moment. And there you find what many people call luck !!!! […] Success is perseverance, work, there is no other way … “

What is success?

The success is perseverance and work … There is no other way. A great message to discover the man behind the mysterious name of Gustavo Mirabal Castro. The rest are dramas mounted to gain followers and popularity at the cost of destroying other people. Unethical characters that will never reach true success in life. This is the real Gustavo Mirabal Castro.


Unpublished interview with Gustavo Mirabal Castro



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