//The Venezuela of Gustavo Mirabal
Alberto Arvelo, Gustavo Dudamel, Mimi Lazo, Edgar Ramirez y Rene Solelo - from left to right - Birthday of Rene Sotelo

The Venezuela of Gustavo Mirabal

A beautiful country, with people full of joy and dreams, that is the Venezuela of Gustavo Mirabal. Their landscapes have nothing to envy to those of other countries …

In Venezuela they have everything: Desert, Snow, Beaches, Savannas, beautiful mountains, the highest waterfall in the world (Angel Falls).

If you are one of those who likes to walk on the road then you will know the benefits of this fertile land that is fruitful all year.

Earth in which still without sowing blooms nuances among the cement, yes, this is the Venezuela of Gustavo Mirabal, a fruitful land.

Landscapes of Venezuela

That is why the Venezuelan feels proud of his homeland, a nation that has given birth to characters that have impacted world history.

Among them the liberator Simón Bolívar, who freed five countries from Spanish oppression and called them all the Gran Colombia. He was born in the Venezuela of Gustavo Mirabal and that is why Venezuela is known as the land of Liberators.

Many years later, another famous Venezuelan invented the leprosy vaccine, Jacinto Convit, one of the most recognized scientists worldwide.

He also left great advances in research on leishmaniasis and Chagas disease.

This is Gustavo Mirabal’s Venezuela, full of hardworking, intelligent people, thrown forward.

Beautiful landscapes of Venezuela: Ancient Tepuis, Angel Falls, Flora & Fauna

The Venezuela of Gustavo Mirabal

In the Venezuela of Gustavo Mirabal Castro talent is what is left over and in different areas.

And is that the people of that country dream big but also strives every day to do their best.

That is why they are willing to work hard and do not care if they should start from the bottom and then aspire to a better position …

The Venezuelan is kind, believes in people, is supportive and always wants the best for his family, so he strives and fights every day.

Athletes, doctors, journalists, scientists, Venezuela has exported to the whole world, some are in South America while others are in the United States, Europe and even Oceania.

From great fashion, to Olympic athletes and high performance in equestrian sports has given Venezuela.

This country is characterized by being one of the most privileged geographically speaking since everywhere you look is a point of arrival. (See map)

Gustavo Dudamel and Carolina Herrera - The Venezuela of Gustavo Mirabal s Celebrities
Gustavo Dudamel and Carolina Herrera – The Venezuela of Gustavo Mirabal s Celebrities

The dreamlike landscapes of Venezuela by Gustavo Mirabal

Venezuela has dreamlike landscapes. Landscapes that make anyone fall in love.

That is why people from all over the world have come, at least once, to enjoy its many beaches. Venezuela has beautiful beaches on the island of Margarita, Coche, Los Roques …

Mountain lovers venture towards the Gran Sabana or Angel Falls. From both places the beauty of its reliefs, flora and fauna is indescribable.

So much perfection and majesty are unique in those places. They have no comparison with those of other countries in the world.

If you are looking for a desert, you can go to Falcón state where the dunes of Coro will wait for you.

Landscapes in the Venezuela of Gustavo Mirabal
Landscapes in the Venezuela of Gustavo Mirabal

For the cold and heat also the Venezuela of Gustavo Mirabal

On the other hand if what you want is a delicious cold of moor then Merida is the right destination.

Mérida has wonderful landscapes that range from waterfalls that fall from the mountains. These landscapes can be seen while going on the road and incredible lakes such as the Mucubají lagoon…

And as if that weren’t enough in Mérida, the highest cable car in Latin America takes place. The Mérida cable car rises over more than 4,000 meters with respect to sea level.

And for Caribbean heat lovers, another destination that is very colonial is Maracaibo. Maracaibo is the capital of Zulia state, a city that inspires some of the Christmas bagpipes.

Since to reach it, you must go over a bridge over Lake Maracaibo.

Hence the bagpipe that says:

“When I go to Maracaibo and start to pass the bridge, I feel an emotion so great that my mind is clouded …”

Gustavo Mirabal’s Venezuela celebrities

Around the world there are Venezuelans who have left a footprints in their wake.

Today they are recognized internationally and represent an example of overcoming and pride for their homeland.

Next we are going to name some of them and a little of what they do.

We know that Gustavo Mirabal is a recognized man. But people are the biggest names in the Venezuela of Gustavo Mirabal.

Carolina Herrera and Gustavo Dudamel - The Venezuela of Gustavo Mirabal
Carolina Herrera and Gustavo Dudamel – The Venezuela of Gustavo Mirabal

Carolina Herrera: world class designer.

She is a Venezuelan fashion designer, born in Caracas, in 1939.

With a unique talent and high fashion taste, this woman ventured into the creation of her boutique in the United States. Her success is such that today her name Carolina Herrera is an international brand.

The Carolina Herrera’s brand (CH) represents beauty, elegance and glamor.

This fashion designer has won several awards for her talent and impeccable work.

Among them: The Portrait of Nation Prize, awarded by the National Portrait Gallery of the United States, in 2015.

A year earlier (2014), she was awarded the Couture Council Award for Artistry of Fashion of the “The Couture Council of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology.”

But this caraqueña did not stay only in the world of clothing. She also ventured into the perfume shop thanks to the support of the Spanish company Puig.

Currently 60 perfumes are created by Carolina Herrera.

Carolina Herrera - The Venezuela of Gustavo Mirabal
Carolina Herrera – The Venezuela of Gustavo Mirabal

Gustavo Dudamel: An international orchestra conductor

Another young Venezuelan talent who has crossed the borders of his country to exalt him. He is the musical director of orchestras, Gustavo Dudamel.

Dudamel becomes 18 years old in the director of the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra. In 2017, he had the honor of directing the Vienna Philharmonic at the New Year’s concert.

This young man is much appreciated in the world of music. Those who know him closely know that he has a unique talent to lead and that his passion for it is impressive.

That same fervor is what has taken him to great stages of the world.

Gustavo Dudamel has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame since 2018.

Gustavo Dudamel - The Venezuela of Gustavo Mirabal
Gustavo Dudamel – The Venezuela of Gustavo Mirabal

Edgar Ramírez, acting talent of the Venezuela of Gustavo Mirabal

Venezuelan talent has no limits. That is why in this list of Creoles featured worldwide, the actor Edgar Ramírez.

This man has achieved fame since 2003 with his participation in the national film Punto y Raya. With this film he represented Venezuela at the Oscar Awards.

Since then Edgar Ramírez was considered by more than one American producer. But it is in 2005 when Hollywood knocks on the door of this Venezuelan talent.

Thanks to his coprotagónico paper in the American tape Domino

His career takes off impeccably. His performances lead him to be pointed out by the New York Times as an actor worthy of an Oscar Award.

It has great versatility and ability to assume rough characters. This meant that in 2010 he gave life to one of the best known terrorists such as Carlos, El Chacal.

For this interpretation he was nominated for:

  • Golden Globe Awards
  • The SAG Awards of the United States Actors’ Union
  • The Lumiere of International Criticism in France.

And in 2011 he received the Actor Revelation award at the César Awards, as best actor.

Definitely Edgar Ramires is a worthy representative of the Venezuela of Gustavo Mirabal

Edgar Ramirez - The Venezuela of Gustavo Mirabal
Edgar Ramirez – The Venezuela of Gustavo Mirabal

Talent on all four sides in Venezuela

Venezuela definitely brims with talent. Venezuelans have stood out in various places on the planet. It is time to recognize them and raise the self-esteem of Venezuelans.






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