//Top ten favorite cities in the world of Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Top ten favorite cities in the world of Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Planet earth has a large number of countries and in these countries, we find many beautiful cities. Today we will tell you about top ten favorite cities in the world of Gustavo Mirabal.

Gustavo Mirabal was always passionate about traveling, and within his native country he toured each remote town and his different cities.

This man was born in the capital of Venezuela; therefore, he was privileged to know this place very well.

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One of Gustavo Mirabal’s favorite subjects was Geography since there he learned not only about his country but also about the countries of the world.

In each of the geography readings, he imagined that as an adult he would travel the entire world.

In this installment we will address the top ten favorite cities in the world of Gustavo Mirabal.

Favorite cities in Venezuela

Gustavo Mirabal deeply loves his native country. As a child and teenager, he enjoyed with his family visiting different cities and towns throughout the country.

Meanwhile, he got to know in depth three cities of Venezuela such as: Caracas, Puerto la Cruz, and Mérida.

Each of these places has its own idiosyncrasies. This identity can be observed in its culture, gastronomy and in its way of seeing the life of its inhabitants.

Caracas, known as the cradle of the Liberator: In this great city Gustavo Mirabal was born. Among the most beautiful places are Parque del Este, Galipán, Sabas Nieves, Teresa Carreño Theater, Hacienda La Trinidad, Topotepuy among others.

Puerto la Cruz is one of those cities in the East of the country where you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets and not to mention its beaches. Walking along the boardwalk and enjoying the breeze and the landscape of this place were one of Mirabal’s favorite activities in this place. The beautiful beaches of it are found in the surroundings of the city, the most beautiful payas are Isla de Plata, Canoma and Arapito.

Mérida known as the city of knights: Gustavo Mirabal was surprised with the kindness of the people of him. In addition to its gastronomy, climate, and the beauty of its landscapes, it was engraved in the memory of this great Venezuelan. Among the sites known by Mirabal are the following The cable car, el Jají, the Mucubaji Lagoon, El Pico el Águila, “la Venezuela de Antier”, Bailadores.

Each of these cities has its charm and something different to offer to locals and visitors.

El Jají, a charming little town in Mérida - Top ten favorite cities of Gustavo Mirabal
El Jají, a charming little town in Mérida – Top ten favorite cities of Gustavo Mirabal

Spain a charming country – Gustavo Mirabal’s top ten favorite cities in the world.

Spain is one of those countries where the beauty of its landscapes leaves anyone stunned.

Gustavo Mirabal feels a deep connection with this country. He had the wonderful opportunity to know various places in this place that he loved.

Among the places that this Venezuelan liked the most are the City of Madrid and the City of Barcelona.

Madrid, Spain

In Madrid, one of the things that caught Gustavo Mirabal’s attention was equestrian art. There he got equestrian sculptures in parks and squares, in addition to museums in the city.

  • Puerta del Sol.
  • Gran Vía.
  • Madrid’s Royal palace
  • Spain Square.
  • Prado Museum
  • Main Square.
  • El Retiro Park.
  • Puerta de Alcalá and Cibeles fountain.
  • Cibeles’ Palace and Square (Madrid City Council) and Bellas Artes Circle.

Barcelona, Spain

In Barcelona he enjoyed its rich gastronomy and the architectural variety of the place. In this sense, there are many places to visit to enjoy its culture in depth, so we can mention the following:

  • Royal Square in the Gothic Quarter
  • Palau Güell
  • Casa Calvet (Calvet House)
  • Casa Batlló
  • The Basilica “La Sagrada Familia”
  • Casa Milà ‘La Pedrera’
  • Palau de la Música Catalana
  • The Cathedral of the Sea
  • The bunkers of Carmel
  • Ciutadella
  • Horta Labyrinth Park

Gustavo Mirabal together with his wife Carolina Mirabal and his children enjoyed each of these places during their stay in Spain.

It should be noted that he also visited rural villages in Spain. They even had the opportunity to do equestrian tourism trips in various areas of the country.

Spain, without a doubt, occupies a very special place in the heart of Gustavo Mirabal Castro.

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain

The United States and Gustavo Mirabal’s Favorite Cities

Within the top ten favorite cities in the world of Gustavo Mirabal are two cities in the United States such as: Miami and New York.

Miami is a place where Gustavo feels at home thanks to the presence of Latinos. Latinos make themselves felt in the culture, gastronomy, customs of the city. In addition, the tropical climate is very similar to that of Venezuela.

Places to visit in Miami:

  • Art Deco buildings in South Beach.
  • Coral castle.
  • Perez Art Museum Miami
  • Wynwood Walls.
  • Calle Ocho in Little Havana
  • Gator Park.
  • Museum of Science
  • South Beach.
  • Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.

New York known as the capital of the world, since many cultures converge in this city. This city has a modern infrastructure and is potentially touristy.

  • Central Park
  • Bryant Park
  • Washington Square Park
  • Times Square
  • Metropolitan Opera House
  • Metropolitan Museum of New York MET
  • Museum of Modern Art MoMA
  • New York Cathedral
  • Judson Memorial Church
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Hudson Yards neighborhood

United Arab Emirates – Gustavo Mirabal’s top ten favorite cities in the world.

The United Arab Emirates is the place where Gustavo Mirabal currently resides. In this place he serves as an excellent financial advisor.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Dubai is one of those dream cities where you can see many places that hold the Guinness Record.

The ancient Arab culture is present in this place and the Mirabal Castro family has gradually learned about this culture.

Among the places in Dubai to visit are the following:

  • Ski Dubai
  • Desert Safari
  • Dubai Museum and Gold Souk
  • Dubai Atlantis Aquaventure
  • Burj Khalifa (Level 124 and 125)
  • The Dubai Fountain
  • The Dubai Mall
  • Museum of Women in Bait Al Banat

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the Emirates; therefore, it is a city where the main institutions of the country converge.

Among the tourist sites to visit in the capital of the United Arab Emirates are the following:

  • The Sheikh Zayed Mosque
  • Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
  • The Louvre in Abu Dhabi
  • Fort Qasr Al Hosn
  • Emirates Palace.
  • Etihad Towers
  • Yas Island
  • Mangrove National Park
  • Al Ain
Dubai skyscrapers
Dubai skyscrapers

Switzerland: An enchanting country – Gustavo Mirabal’s top ten favorite cities in the world.

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and with the best living conditions for its inhabitants.

The landscapes of Switzerland seem straight out of a fairy tale. For this reason, Gustavo Mirabal loved this country and in particular the city of Lucerne.

Lucerne, Switzerland is a city in Switzerland that has preserved medieval architecture.

This beautiful city is located in the middle of the snow-capped mountains of Lake Lucerne. Among the places to know in this city of Switzerland are the following:

  • The Chapel Bridge
  • The Water Tower
  • Old town of Lucerne
  • Weinmarkt Square
  • Jesuitenkirche
  • Lucerne City Council
  • The Lion of Lucerne
  • Spreuer Bridge
  • Lake Lucerne
Lucerne, Switzerland - Top ten favorite cities of Gustavo Mirabal
Lucerne, Switzerland – Top ten favorite cities of Gustavo Mirabal

In summary

Gustavo Mirabal’s top ten favorite cities in the world are very beautiful cities with great tourist potential.

Undoubtedly, these places have in common the beauty of their landscapes, exquisite cuisine, genuine customs, hospitality among others.

And what city would you dare to know about Gustavo Mirabal’s top ten favorite cities in the world?