//Akruti Choksi: First Equine Dentist in India
Treating a horse

Akruti Choksi: First Equine Dentist in India

The teams responsible for ensuring the health of horses are generally made up of professionals from various areas. To this great team we add a very unique profession such as equine dentistry. For that, today we’ll tell you about Akruti Choksi, the first equine dentist in India.

That is why the equestrian world industry demands more professionals every day in very specific areas. In this particular case we will talk about the first equine dentist in India. This undoubtedly represents a milestone in the contemporary history of this country.

Akruti Choksi had the privilege of having the academic training that accredits her as an equine dentist. Therefore this Hindu is able to exercise his profession for the welfare of horses.

A woman who is conquering the equestrian world and is curious since it is a very particular profession. So Akruti Choksi is an example of empowerment for other Hindus.

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Meet the first formally trained horse dentist in India

Akruti Choksi is a milestone since the first professional accredited as an equine dentist and is also a woman. In this way, it breaks paradigms and sets a great example for millions of women on the planet.

So the equestrian world of India is decked out with the presence of a woman expert in the teeth of horses.

The great equine dentist Akruti Choksi made the right decision to pursue her career in her homeland. With this she had the opportunity not only to be an example but also to empower other women. Without a doubt, this is a fundamental role for women with knowledge, since their duty is to help other women get ahead.

Her role of empowerment was exercised in the community, because there she was able to teach matters related to equine dentistry.

After more than ten years of experience as a horse dentist in India, she has been able to see very closely the changes in the equestrian world.

Dr Akruti Choksi equine dentist
Dr Akruti Choksi equine dentist

Animal activist and her vocation for equine dentistry

Many people wonder how the idea of ​​studying equine dentistry came about and without a doubt this woman has a great love for animals.

Akruti Choksi completed her high school studies in California. Then she returned to her native country where her parents enrolled her in dental school. This decision was made considering that dentistry would be a suitable profession for a girl in India.

However, Akruti Choksi used her free time in an organized and intelligent way and for the welfare of animals. Well, she got involved in the noble work of animal rescue,.

She was also able to dedicate herself to writing animal rights topics in various newspapers in the region. This noble action in order to empower the inhabitants in relation to the welfare of the most disadvantaged animals, that is, of animals in a street situation.

She was also able to volunteer with animals and children. After graduating as a dentist, she practiced for three years to become a dentist with a specialty in children.

But, her curiosity made her inquire about equine dentistry that was practiced in other countries. After this it was time to make a decision.

To make this important decision, Akruti Choksi took into account two fundamental elements: love for animals and continuing to live in India, her native country.

Thereafter, she began that path to her training as an equine dentist. Furthermore, a great advantage is that Akruti Choksi was already a dentist by profession. Therefore this would further facilitate the process of becoming the first equine dentist in India.

Treating a horse
Treating a horse


Akruti Choksi Equine Dentist Training Phase

The training process as an equine dentist was carried out in New Zealand, however the proximity with the horses was little, so he had to learn from scratch.

One point that did not greatly favor Akruti Choksi’s experience in New Zealand was the winter season and an economic recession.

Although the unconditional support of her family helped her achieve her goal.

To be able to go deeper in relation to the horses, she had an approach to these animals. Also learn about horse riding and learn more about the behavior of horses, since being an equine dentist is a complex profession that requires a lot of patience.

In her training experience she met a teacher named Warwick Behrns, who guided her in everything related to this topic.

Akruti Choksi, the first horse dentist in India
Akruti Choksi, the first horse dentist in India

Akruti Choksi ‘s equine dentist career path

She has had the privilege of working with some horse veterinarians and dentists from India, Egypt, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom

This Akruti Choksi experience has nurtured that more open view of equine dentistry.

But Akruti Choksi does not keep what she has learned because she likes to innovate and be a better professional, so he has inquired about telepathic communication. This technique has allowed him to make the proper diagnosis and treatment as an equine dentistry.

To make matters worse, she has become the first ‘conscious rider’ practitioner in India. This she learned in the United States. This has facilitated communication with the horses. Therefore, equine dentistry sessions are more bearable.

For this professional of the equestrian world, her beginnings as an equine dentist in her country were not easy. As the years have passed, she has earned the respect of the horse owners as well as the team in charge of them.

Today they value the excellent work carried out by this great Hindu woman who has decided to give added value to the dental health of horses.

The fact of being a woman makes the horses feel comfortable and allow them to do dental cleaning.

For the subtlety, compassion and great love for animals make this great Hindu woman carry out her work with high standards of excellence.

Horse Dentist Akruti Choksi sarangkheda Horse fair show

In summary

Akruti Choksi is recognized today as the first woman to be accredited as an equine dentist.

This great woman has marked a before and after of the equestrian industry in India.

In addition Akruti Choksi has become an example to be followed by women …






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