//Dr. Sue Dyson a great equine orthopedist
Dr. Sue Dyson specialist in equine orthopedics

Dr. Sue Dyson a great equine orthopedist

Horses demand not only attention from the veterinary doctor, but from a multidisciplinary team.

That is why experts emerge in different areas such as ethology, orthopedics, among others.

In this article we want to address everything related to Dr. Sue Dyson a great equine orthopedist

Orthopedics concept:

Treatment to prevent or correct mechanically or surgically the deformations or deviations of the bones and joints of the body.

This is a general concept, but the fundamental work of Dr. Sue Dyson is aimed at the attention of horses.

Throughout her career as an expert in equine orthopedics, Dr. Sue Dyson has excelled. In this sense, she has led the reins in clinical research and research on diagnosis in relation to the management of lameness and poor performance in horses.

"Recognizing Subtle Lameness"...TRAILER

Academic and professional career of Dr. Sue Dyson a great equine orthopedist

  • Sue Dyson graduated from Cambridge University in 1980.
  • After receiving a Thouron scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania, she completed an internship in Medicine and Surgery for Large Animals at the New Bolton Center.
  • She subsequently spent a year in private equine practice in Pennsylvania.
  • After completing training in the orthopedic area, she returned to Great Britain. There I took a position in clinical orthopedics at the Animal Health Trust Center for Equine Studies, Newmarket.
  • Dr. Sue Dyson is directed to the care of horses, she directed a clinical reference service for lameness and low performance. In this way, it attracted clients from all over the country. In addition to Ireland and continental Europe for almost four decades.
  • Since 2019, she has worked as an independent consultant.

More successes of Dr. Sue Dyson

  • Equine orthopedic expert Dr. Sue Dyson received a fellowship from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS). This achievement was thanks to a thesis entitled ‘The differential diagnosis of lameness of the shoulder in the horse’
  • Also the RCVS Diploma in Equine Orthopedics by exam.
  • She received a PhD from the University of Helsinki and is recognized as a “Specialist in Equine Orthopedics” by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.
  • Dr. Sue Dyson is an Associate of the European College of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging
  • She is also a Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation.
  • Sue is co-editor, along with Mike Ross, of Diagnosis and Management of Lameness in the Horse.
  • Lastly, she is co-author of Clinical Radiology of the Horse and Equine Scintigraphy. She has published over 300 articles in peer-reviewed journals on

We can see the great academic and practical career of this expert in equine orthopedics. Without a doubt, she is a woman who continues to empower herself and give her best for the welfare of horses.

Dr. Sue Dyson specialist in equine orthopedics
Dr. Sue Dyson specialist in equine orthopedics

Dr. Sue Dyson, specialist in Equine Orthopedics, is part of the Equitopia team


Currently part of the Equitopia team, this is a multidisciplinary team that provides advice and training on topics related to horses and riders.

Courses offered by Equitopia: Training, Equine Behavior, Balance and posture of the rider. In addition to other topics such as: Equine welfare, Equine nutrition, Helmet care, Saddle adjustment, among others

On the other hand, the Equitopia team offers monthly webinars and podcasts for members with membership.

The facilities are located in Thornton, California, with expansion in the world.

The multidisciplinary team is made up of experts in the following topics:

  • Equine nutrition,
  • Equine sports medicine and ultrasound
  • Horse behavior
  • Equine Educational Lawyer
  • Equine orthopedics
  • Farrier
  • Rehabilitation and training of horses
  • Body worker
Dr. Sue Dyson in the middle of medical practice with a horse
Dr. Sue Dyson in the middle of medical practice with a horse


  • Co-editor and main author of “Diagnosis and management of lameness in the horse”, “Equine scintigraphy” and “Clinical radiology of the horse
  • Awarded the John Hickman Orthopedic Award from the British Veterinary Association in 2000
  • Honorary member of the British Equine Veterinary Association
  • Awarded the Tierklinik Hochmoor Prize for his outstanding, innovative and long-lasting contributions to equine veterinary medicine worldwide
  • Awarded the Frank J Milne Prize of the American Association of Equine Practitioners
  • Honorary member of the Societa Italiana Veterinari Per Equini
Equitopia logo
Equitopia logo

In summary

Dr. Sue Dyson a great equine orthopedist is a woman who has dedicated her entire life to academic training and praxis to improve horse health.

In addition, she has surrounded herself with experts in other areas focused on horses, which is why she continues to accumulate a great deal of experience in the field of equine orthopedics day by day.






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