//First aid for horses – Tips for owners and riders
Skin care for horses

First aid for horses – Tips for owners and riders

Health is paramount in humans and animals. If you are in good health you can carry out activities and routines without problems. In the case of horses, preventive measures must be managed. In this sense, first aid for horses becomes very important.

Horses are animals that due to their large size are often used as a means of transport. It should be noted that with the advances in technology this has been left behind. However, there are remote places where the use of the horse is necessary to move over long distances.

In other cases,  horses are trained and participate in the various disciplines of the equestrian world. Also we can see horses as co-therapists, as dancers, as policemen among others.

We can see that there are multiple uses that can be given to these wonderful animals. However, we must bear in mind that for preventive measures, a complete first aid kit will be needed in horses.

First aid for horses
First aid for horses


The first aid for horses and its importance in caring in an emergency

First aid for horses represents the immediate attention given to the horse when it is injured or sick. Then you should be attended by a veterinary doctor to evaluate you and prescribe the appropriate medications as appropriate.

The distance between the horse stable and the specialist veterinarian is a limitation when caring for the horse. For this reason the people who are there must be prepared and have a equine first aid kit to provide timely care to the equine when it requires it.

Horse first aid is the first step, and its primary objectives are as follows:

  • Relieve pain, especially when faced with equine colic or lameness.
  • Caring for or trying to recover your vital signs.
  • Calm bleeding and prevent wound contamination.

The person applying first aid must remain calm and serene when treating the animal. We leave you a video about first aid that any horse owner should know.

Ask the Vet - What first aid should all horse owners know?

Importance of skin care and injury prevention in the horse

Injuries in horses usually occur on the animal’s skin. For this reason, one must be very careful in the treatment of wounds that the animal has.

The skin is the layer that protects and covers the horse’s body. It also protects the internal organs from external influences and mechanical forces. For this reason, care must be taken to maintain a skin in order to prevent bacteria, viruses and parasites from entering.

The skin acts as an excretory organ, discharging body waste products through different glands.

It is also a significant sensory organ that transmits external stimulations.

Skin care for horses
Skin care for horses

Basic products that you must have in the first aid kit to attend to the horses

To provide safe first aid to an injured horse, you must have a complete kit. Without a doubt this will make a difference in your wound healing process.

It is of utmost importance that you have a complete first aid kit. For this, it must contain the following tools or devices: scissors, rectal thermometer, latex gloves.

In addition, it must also contain: Ductape roll, hemostats, clean towel, antiseptic scrub. Also to have wound cream, sterile gauze, elastikon roll, gauze roll

Do not miss the following elements: physiological saline, povidone-iodine, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, gauze and cohesive bandages, sticking plaster, anti-inflammatory ointment with antibiotic

The person responsible for this kit should make sure to store everything in a clean box with a secure lid.

On the other hand, you should regularly check the expiration date of perishable products.

This kit must remain in a visible place and where everyone can access these products. It is highly relevant that all staff are involved and have the basic knowledge of how to apply first aid to a horse at a given time.

First Aid For Your Horse

Steps to treat a wound on a horse

We must know that horses, despite their large size, tend to be very sensitive. That is why you must be very careful when applying first aid to horses.

For this you must follow some recommendations:

Cleaning is the beginning and the end of caring for horse wounds.

Nicole Beusker, a prominent veterinary doctor, expressed the following in this regard:

“Ideally, you should wear disposable gloves, or at least wash your hands before treating the wound.”

The solutions and compresses of iodine, are appropriate to sanitize with great care the wounds of the equine skin.

Another tip that Beusker gives us is the following:

“It is recommended that the hairs along the edges of the wound are carefully trimmed or shaved to prevent sticking”

It should be taken into account that if you finish disinfecting the wound, you should dried with a clean towel before applying a specific cream that serves as a barrier against germs and bacteria.

Sometimes applying a bandage can help you stay clean and safe from infection.

In case you do not know how to do it, do not hesitate to call your trusted veterinary doctor

First Aid for Horses
First Aid for Horses

First aid for horses, a priority

Maintaining a medicine cabinet with all the elements to apply first aid to horses is paramount. On the other hand, it is very important that people close to the horse know how to apply first aid at a certain time.

Well, if something happens in an hour late at night or weekend, be able to resolve an unforeseen situation with the horses.
Remember for a responsible horse owner his north must be the welfare of horses.

If we want to take care of our horse it is important to give it a balanced diet and exercises. But we must also ensure that we have all the implements and knowledge to attend an emergency while we get a veterinarian to attend to you.

First aid for horses is especially important to protect their integrity. Knowing them and having the right tools, we can save their lives. Become the hero your horse needs.

First aid kit for horses
First aid kit for horses




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