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Surely you have seen many horses with a shiny mane and you will wonder how do you do it? Well, here we’ll give you some advices and home remedies.

With these remedies you can make the mane of your equine shine.

How to Make Your Horse Shine In Only 10 Minutes Grooming A Day!

Home remedies

For no one is it a secret that the beauty of the horse or its majesty are found in its fur and morphology.

That is why with these tips you will achieve that your equine shine more than ever.

Mane purpose

But the mane not only aims to make the horse beautiful but also to be a protection mechanism.

The horse’s mane acts as a protective layer when it is in a fight.

The more abundant the chances are of saving the animal.

We know that cats and even dogs can be the worst enemies of horses.

Polishing the mane

The process of polishing your horse’s mane begins with two things: frequent bathing and daily brushing.

Frequent baths with special shampoos for hair care of these animals, is the start for a shiny coat.

The following is a daily brushing and then spray the animal with silicones spray that serve to make the hair to acquire strength and consistency.

Healthy horse's mane
Healthy horse’s mane

Daily maintenance

The first thing to get a shiny mane is the daily maintenance. The mane, tail and hair should be brushed daily, removing the mud, dirt and possible knots that can be accumulated. In addition, daily brushing stimulates the skin of the horse to produce different oils and fats that contribute to improve the appearance of the hair and to get a shiny mane.

If you complement the daily brushing of the mane, tail and hair with a spray with silicone, you will get consistency and brightness without much effort.

Limit exposure to extreme weather.

The sun can dry out your horse’s hair, making it brittle and more likely to break. Below freezing temperatures can likewise be damaging to your horse’s mane. To avoid environmental damage, limit the amount of time your horse spends outside during extremely hot or extremely cold weather.

This is especially important when you are in a hot, dry environment. Hot weather with little humidity can cause your horse’s hair to dry out and break faster than almost any other climate condition.

Remedies in action

Apple vinager:

Due to its high acid content, it has a high pH that contrasts with the low pH of fats. If your horse has a very oily and oily skin, instead of looking bright, it will do so under a caked and dirty appearance.

Spraying with a non-excessive amount of apple cider vinegar in water is the most effective solution to this problem.

Prepared mineral oils:

For the preparation of this remedy we advise you to have on hand a liter of mineral oil, known in some areas as liquid petrolatum, about 8 tablespoons of citronella oil and, more or less, 10 tablespoons of Terebene’s balsam. It is advisable to apply it only on the mane and tail, and not on other parts of the horse’s body.

Now, you know how make shine your horses mane with a few tricks and home remedies. Remember, a healthy mane is a sign of a healthy horse.







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