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Horse cleaning

Cleaning horse is one of the most basic needs of the animal. Mainly, so that he feels good about himself. Through cleanliness, the horse becomes familiar with us. Learn to respect us and we invite you to trust us.

On the other hand, keeping our horse clean not only improves its appearance, but also helps it stay healthy. Preventing certain parasites or insects such as lice from affect it. Likewise, skin hygiene stimulates its functions: it increases appetite, activates digestión and strengthens muscles.

Basic cleaning equipment

Grooming kit for horse cleaning
Grooming kit

The basic cleaning equipment includes various tools. The basic material is formed by a currycomb, a currycomb, a soft brush, two sponges, one Hoof brush, one hoof pick, and a comb. It is necessary to note that there are different sizes, materials and forms for most of these instruments. Below we will describe some of these implements

The curry comb

Rubber Curry Comb
Rubber Curry Comb

Its purpose is to remove dirt and is used only in the fleshy parts such as the neck, rump, among others. Oval models should be used in circles when rubbing. While those with handle are used with rectilinear movements.

Stiff Body Brush:

This brush has short, coarse bristles and is designed for removing dirt and loose hair.

Soft Face Brush:

A gentle brush for removing dust or stray hairs from sensitive areas.



Hoof pick
Hoof pick

Hoof brush


Root brushes are used to remove dry mud and manure. That is, the stains of the block.

Hoof pick

It serves to remove manure, mud, and stones that could have been embedded in the hulls. You can include a small brush designed to clean the hoof thoroughly.



Sweat scraper
Sweat scraper

Sweat scraper


It allows to eliminate the excess of liquids in the skin (rain, sweat or shower), as if it were a windshield wiper




A Sponge

It is used to clean the contour of the eyes, the nostrils, the anus and the genital area. It would be advisable to have two instead of one, and different colors. One color is used for the areas in the front, and the other for the areas in the back, and in this case, do not exchange them.

A comb (metal or plastic)

It is used, only, to untangle a little dense mane. The tails and the populated mane are combed with a brush.

Some advices to save Money on horse cleaning

Use baby shampoo. You can buy shampoo or soap that is specifically made for horses. However, these shampoos can be expensive. Using baby shampoo is a safe and effective replacement and cheaper

Use baby oil as mud guard. Keeping mud off your horse can require a lot of energy. You can save money by using baby oil instead of a store bought mud guard. Baby oil will help keep your horse clean, while saving you money.

Use vegetable oil as hoof guard.  Cleaning horses often using commercially bought cleaners can get expensive quickly. If you want to save some money, try using vegetable oil as a safe and affordable alternative

Maintain equipment. Improperly maintained equipment will require you to replace it more often. By properly keeping up your grooming gear, you can help make it last longer and save money in the long term.









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