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Good treat and horse sensitivity

Horse sensitivity: Benefits of good treatment – Gustavo Mirabal Castro

The horse is one of the largest mammalian animals on planet earth. This great animal has been very useful to humans since time immemorial. Due to its versatility and great charisma it has become one of the favorite animals of the human being. That is why today we are going to talk about the great horse sensitivity.

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The horse is a living being that feels and suffers from physiological needs. The horse needs to sleep, eat, recreate among others. But it also has a high degree of empathy with its surroundings. Some horse breeds live in the wild and other breeds are domesticated. So high is their sensitivity that some horses are trained to perform artistic activities.

Horse Sense and Sensitivity

Horse sensitivity is an issue that should make us think a little about the way the horse is approached. So you should be treated in a respectful and kind manner. If the horse is in a training program, it should be tried in the least traumatic way possible.

Proper treatment of horse sensitivity

The owner or responsible for taking advantage of horse sensitivity is advised to practice natural dressage. In addition, in the measures of possibilities, the advice of an expert in ethology is advised.

A happy horse performs better. In addition its sensitivity and empathy connects the horse with the objectives of the owner. When the horse practices some riding discipline and must face competitions it is even more important. The key that the horse is relaxed and happy.

Therefore there are various techniques that serve to relax the horse such as acupuncture, hydrotherapy, bach flowers among others.

Horse sensitivity
Horse sensitivity

Horse sensitivity level

We can see that the horse has a huge size. In addition the horse transmits power and strength. However, the degree of horse sensitivity is enormous. That is why horses tend to be a little nervous about any stimulus.

If the least, like an insect, can get the horse out of focus. This gives us much to consider. Let us think that all those instruments that the horse deserves so that the human can ride are uncomfortable.

Due to the high sensitivity of the horse, it is important to avoid using the fuete as much as possible. We must be as comprehensive as possible and handle the hand to calm it down. What is intended is that the horse understands that it is not a punishment but is being helped to develop.

Therefore, it is required that they be sensitive to the hands and do not hit an iron impulse. You can also use wide movements. This is done taking into account that the most sensitive part of the equine is the mouth.

The horse is a living being and therefore requires a lot of tact and affection. For this reason the owner or head of the horse should focus on petting and giving confidence to the animal.

Horse sensitivity
Horse sensitivity

Effects of the good treatment of the horse

The good treatment that the horse has is fundamental for its physical and psychic well-being because this translates into a balanced horse. In addition, your performance in the activities you do will be positively impacted.

At first it will not be an easy task, but over time you will see the reward. The whisper of your voice or the contact of the horse with you will make me see you as one more of his pack, that is, as part of his own.

Hence, a magnificent human horse relationship will be established thus becoming a magic pair.

Horse sensititity facilitate emotions

Like every living being, the horse is an animal that responds to emotions. Whereas the horse is one of the few animals that humans ride. Well, we must know that the mere fact of wearing a clothing and if we add the rider’s weight is enough. So the human who has lived the experience of riding on the horse’s back knows the sensitivity that these beautiful animals have.

If the horse comes naturally towards you, it is already showing that you are inspired by confidence. This is an important element when riding the horse. So if these beautiful animals decide to stay by our side it is a great advance because it means that we do not represent a threat to them.

We must remember that the horse in its ancestors was seen as a prey so that fear has it in the genes. Therefore, its alert system is capable of discovering any powerful change that presumes danger.

We have already seen that we are going a little bit into the behavior of the horse. From there a starting point is generated to understand a little the intense horse sensitivity and the characteristics of the interaction we institute with the horse.

From the aforementioned we realize what it means to confront the great mammal and stamp of freedom. But also of the atrocious fear of being damaged, exhausted in a small stable and annulled from his pack by the human. In this sense, one must be aware that the horse remains in optimal conditions, this partly guarantees the welfare of the animal.

Despite its gigantic body, the horse’s sensitivity is full of skin.

Thoughts on Sensitive, Reactive Horses

Working with horses with excellent results

The great horse sensitivity is a fundamental element that allows work with humans. Leveraging your sensitivity can excellent results. So the horse helps us recognize the limiting beliefs we have.

Because of this, a lot of negative thoughts come up that annihilate self-esteem almost completely. For this reason the horse with his level of empathy and charisma can help us a lot on a psychological level.

That is why the horse returns us a lot since what the animal projects is extremely powerful. Among these attributes we can mention the following naturalness, nobility, freedom, sensitivity, leadership among others.

That is why on many occasions equine therapy is used to address psychological conditions. We can see this in the movie The Horse Whisperer.

It is a reflection of our positive aspects in the most sublime way. Well, we can see in him everything in ourselves. We connect with us through horse sensitivity so it is an advance in our personal work.

It is also a mirror to enter and find ourselves. From there happens the fact of marking my limits, as well as how to manage failure when the horse does not respond. All these aspects can be worked with the help of these wonderful animals such as horses.

Likewise, these animals can help us to cultivate emotional intelligence since it helps me manage stress.

As a result of personal work with horses, the person generates a state of serenity. In addition, the more the experience with the horse is strengthened, the greater the understanding of which brain route is being developed to reach these lapses of well-being and tranquility.

Respect and sensitivity: keys in the treatment of the horse

Sensibilidad del caballo
Sensibilidad del caballo

The sensitivity of the horse in principle shows us that we must be very respectful in dealing with them. On the other hand it is an attribute that allows human beings to work their emotional aspect by connecting precisely with that level of charisma, sensitivity and empathy of this beautiful and noble animal such as the horse.

Just as we can help them achieve their well-being, they can help us get to know each other and be better.







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