//Kentucky Derby is postponed due to coronavirus
Churchill Downs in Louisville - Kentucky Derby is posponed

Kentucky Derby is postponed due to coronavirus

Horse racing in various parts of the world attract many followers. These have a history that dates back more than a century of history. In turn, these have been interrupted on very few occasions.

However, in this 2020 a coronavirus pandemic arose, which is why equestrian events are postponed for the month of September.

First of all, prevention is key not only for riders but for collective health in general.

That is why, due to the situation that has arisen with the Coronavirus pandemic, many activities have been temporarily canceled. There are even countries where the situation has been more serious than the general population is under strict quarantine measures.

Kentucky Derby being postponed due to coronavirus, reports say

Issue 146 of the iconic Kentucky Derby is postponed due to the coronavirus.

The Kentucky Derby, the first and most important race of the Triple Crown of the United States and that is going to celebrate its event number 146, is postponed. This is due to the Coronavirus pandemic that has wreaked havoc in some countries.

This news was given by the competent authorities of this important event of the equestrian of the United States.

However in the year 1945 when the Second World War broke out the equestrian events of the Kentucky Derby were also postponed.

At this time, the organizers of this important event made the decision to postpone the 2020 edition from May 2 to September 5.

Executive Director Bill Carstanjen expressed the following:

“During the rapid development of the COVID-19 pandemic, our first priority has been how to best protect the health and safety of our guests, team members, and community”

Kentucky Derby is posponed
Kentucky Derby is posponed

Prevention measures and recent events COVID-19

Without a doubt, this is a very important preventive measure to avoid crowds. For which the wisdom of this decision for the health of all is applauded.

“The most recent events have led us to make some very difficult decisions, but we believe they are necessary, and our hearts go out to those who have been or continue to be affected by this pandemic.”

Empathy is reflected in the relevant decision made by the organizers of this important horse race. That is why the relevance of the decision that the Kentucky Derby is postponed due to the coronavirus.

Well, there are countries that have been very affected such as China, Spain, Italy and the United States. The coronavirus pandemic has made us reflect and think about our neighbor.

Kentucky Derby officially set for September 5

The Kentucky Derby the most popular race in the United States

The Kentucky Derby is the first and most popular Triple Crown race, which makes up alongside those of Preakness and Belmont, scheduled for May 16 and June 6, respectively.

This horse race is known to the large crowd of spectators. The attendance is massive as the Churchill Downs racecourse has exceeded 150,000 people in recent years. For this reason, the Kentucky Derby is postponed due to the coronavirus.

Due to this dangerous virus in recent days the United States has seen most events suspended. This is because there can be no crowding of people. These events generally attract thousands of people. At this time, prudence and prevention must prevail.

It is noteworthy that the vast majority of sporting, cultural and other events have been suspended. This is due to the health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Kentucky Derby Is Postponed Until September because of coronavirus
Kentucky Derby Is Postponed Until September because of coronavirus

Prevention of Coronavirus in the three races of the Triple Crown of the United States

In view of the situation that has been presenting with the coronavirus on the planet. It was recently declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. Preventive measures have indeed been taken. Since the usual dates of these important equestrian competitions are approaching.

In this sense, due to the outbreak of Coronavirus in almost the entire planet, the organizers made a decision.

The Kentucky Derby is postponed due to the coronavirus until September 5. The purpose of this relevant decision is to prevent mass contagion as far as possible. This decision avoids the latent risk of the coronavirus pandemic.

This event is very popular, therefore it has a large audience in the country. Well, fans of American horse racing attend all Triple Crown races in a massive way.

Likewise, the second and third races were also postponed. The people in charge of these events will be in charge of evaluating the possible dates for such important equestrian events.

In this way, the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes will also have a new date to continue the Triple Crown.

Churchill Downs in Louisville - Kentucky Derby is posponed
Churchill Downs in Louisville – Kentucky Derby is posponed

A virus that spread throughout the world – The Kentucky Derby is postponed by the coronavirus.

The Kentucky Derby is postponed due to the coronavirus as the current measure is based on avoiding concentrations of people.

This condition of Coronavirus has a negative impact on men, women and children.

It should be noted that the elderly. Just as those with a base condition are more susceptible to this dangerous virus. Therefore, in countries where the situation has worsened, they have taken the measure of safeguarding the population through quarantine. Well, this works to prevent new sources of contagion.

After China, Italy is the second country with the highest number of infected and more than 2,000 deaths. Likewise, Spain is currently experiencing a strong outbreak and the entire country is in quarantine.

Countries where the quarantine measure has been taken

The Kentucky Derby is postponed due to the coronavirus. Quarantine in times of Coronavirus consists of staying at home, not leaving if not necessary. It is not a time to walk but to be protected so that the massive contagion is stopped.

However, there are prioritized sectors such as: food, health, security and telecommunications. Most of the population should be at home.

The role of social media at this time is of utmost importance. Therefore, we must be careful when reviewing the information. The most recommended is to follow official accounts of the countries and the World Health Organization.

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