//The play for the foal, and its benefits
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The play for the foal, and its benefits

Human beings in their development stage need the play. The same goes for horses in their first months of life. Play for the foal is essential for its development.

The difference with humans is that the foals are born and within a few hours they take their first steps. However, these creatures require thorough care to grow healthy and strong.

Usually on farms where they raise horses they have a multidisciplinary team. Among them, a veterinarian is vital because this is the most successful professional when attending a birth of an animal.

The importance of the play for the foal is that it contributes to the animal having a strong skeletal muscle system. Therefore, when they are adult horses, their bones will be in better condition.

The fact that these animals grow in an environment where they can play makes them stronger physically and mentally.

On the other hand the newborn foal, begins to interact with the environment directly through the play. Therefore that is your gateway to life.

In this article we will discover all the benefits that the play for the foal.

Foals playing together

Advantages of the play for the foal

  • The play for the foal makes these animals are in constant motion.
  • They will be exercising and having fun at the same time, so it will cause them joy, contributing to their good mood.
  • Avoid many diseases in the animal, as we can see it has multiple benefits.
  • It will be a cheerful and friendlier horse with the people around it.
  • The physical activity generated by the play for the foal will influence the weight on the bones. Thanks to physical activity it will have a stronger bone system.
  • In the play for the foal, it represents dramatic movements, intense and with great energy.
  • In order for the horse to have a healthy life, the play has a relevant role even for adults.
  • If horses are kept isolated, they can hinder their physical and psychological development.
  • The importance of the play for the foal, it is that undoubtedly directly affects their health and performance in their work.

Foal’s relationship with his mother

From the moment the foal arrives in the world, his relationship with his mother is the first one he experiences.

From there, that this affectionate bond with his mother be strengthened. It is with her who will experience affection and tenderness. Then he will gradually relate to the rest of the pack.

You can also experience closeness with the people who take care of your basic care.

It is very important that the experiences are positive. For this will directly affect their subsequent behavior in the stage of adulthood. In fact, he would behave like a docile and harmonious horse.

The foal with its mother
The foal with its mother

Memory as an important factor in foal behavior

Memory plays a fundamental role in the formation of animal behavior. Due to this, the play for the foal enters as a leading role in its development. Well, if you keep those pleasant experiences, they will make you a horse that is easy to handle and happy.

The memory of the foal is fundamental in its education, therefore the following elements must be taken into account:

  • You have to regulate your fears, these will vary depending on the environment where the animal is. The play for the foal will show you that some activities that might scare it do not pose a danger to it.
  • Another factor that can influence a foal to show fear is experience, and its genetic inheritance.
  • It is very important that the colt has the right conditions where you can have fun and play. This will stimulate a memory full of positive memories. Therefore the play for the foal must be a relaxing and stimulating activity at the same time.
  • On the other hand it is also necessary for the foal to exercise, count on the company of his mother, as well as the herd
  • The contact with the humans of their surroundings is vital, because in this way they will get used and their behavior will be more docile.
  • For the foal to adapt to the presence of humans, the mare serves as a mediator. Well, this example will help a lot in establishing a relationship between the colt and the man.
  • As the foal, observes the work of man in his environment, will adapt to live in the company of man.
Outdoor foal
Outdoor foal

Education through gaming for the foal and proper training.

If you have horses and you want them to be docile and harmonious you should take into account that there are factors that you must work on the animal. These activities should be done from the first days of birth.

But educating a foal should not be taken lightly. Well, knowledge of the behavior of horses is needed.

Therefore, few clear orders should be issued and no option to reply in order for the animal to obey. You must also maintain safety, patience and above all a lot of love for horses.

If you manage to combine these factors, you will surely succeed in raising healthy and happy horses.

The game for foals is a way to teach them. In this way they have fun and create a positive bond with the human beings that surround them.

The recommendation is to keep the play on the foal for you to gain confidence and your mental health is good.

Game for the foal - Health and joy
Game for the foal – Health and joy

Foal behavior and socialization

 The play for the foal:

it is one of the main factors that influence their behavior and socialization with their environment. That is why after its birth the foal only takes 30 minutes to walk.

It is relevant that the animal has adequate space to socialize with its mother. Well, this is the first affectionate bond that is strengthened,

In order for the animal to run, playing in a free space will increase the well-being of the foal. As we have mentioned before, this will have a positive impact on their behavior.

Then the first play for the foal will be to run and play freely with the proximity to its mother.

Later the play for the foal will be other horses of the pack or the group. These plays will strengthen your social ties, your musculoskeletal system and your mental health.


It is a method where the person interacts with the foal to establish a bond and improves its management. Ideally, in this case, it should be done by an expert in this technique or an ethologist.


The weaning of the foal should be done gradually so that it is as traumatic as possible.

Personality: Each foal has its own personality. Therefore, each foal should be treated properly. This also varies according to race and growth speed.


This term refers to the intake of excrement, in its first months of life. It should be noted that this is favorable for foals as it stimulates their intestinal flora.


The play for the foal as the key to get the best possible horse.

The play for the foal is one of the elements that positively influence the development of the foal.

As the development of the skeletal muscle system is stimulated, it develops a more docile and harmonious temperament and its immune system is also strengthened.

In short, a foal that plays is going to be a happy adult horse …





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